FOOTBALL: Q & A with Coach John Hevesy

"Obviously, coming here was because of Coach Meyer. I've been with him for four years --- two at Bowling Green and two at Utah…personally, the opportunity of coming to the University of Florida. Growing up in the northeast, always knew who the Gators were. So, it's pretty special to come to a place like this. I wouldn't pass it up."

On his squad in general

I met with the kids two or three times on their own. So, I've had a chance to meet them in person. I haven't had a chance to watch them a whole lot on film. We're going to adjust things to what we have. Nothing is set in stone. Once we set our personnel, we'll see what we have to be efficient on offense. They better be mean. They better be viscous. We've got to instill some ‘nastiness' in them. That's going to really start next week when they come in the weight room. As much as we can punish those guys across from us, they're going to get it. That's the whole deal…what's happened before…the accountability…in the off-season…everything we have. We'll take the time to find out."

On Center Mike Degory and the O-Line:

"I think you start right in the middle with Mike. That's the best thing you can start with. He's a guy that plays hard and has a lot of knowledge about the game. We're going to build the best five (linemen) on the field. No matter where---guard, center, tackle---we're going to put the best five on the field. Then, we're going to find ‘six, seven, eight'. Ideally, you'd like to have two starting tackles, a third tackle…two starting guards, a third guard…then, two centers. I really like to get eight, before I go to nine, ten, eleven, twelve."

The O-Line individual positions---what he looks for:

"To me, it's someone who defines toughness. That's why kids love to play football…kids that just know what they're doing assignment-wise…kids that love to play the game. Once you get that, techniques and stuff will come, obviously. We'll find out when our off-season program starts, and, go from there. They're eager to get after it."

On QB Chris Leak:

"Hellavu player…very intelligent…loves studying the game…very serious kid from when I got to meet him. I've got to loosen him up a little bit. Gotta get him to enjoy himself a little more."

On physical aspects of linemen---what he looks for:

"I want leaner kids. But, to me, they have to be over 300 pounds. To play at this level, that's minimum. I don't want kids that can't move. They've got to move. I want guys that are athletic. The bigger the better, obviously."

On the SEC being the toughest conference in the nation:

"Absolutely! That's proven year-in and year-out. The SEC is second-to-none."

On recruiting:

"The biggest thing for me in recruiting is relationships. Some people say that working in ‘sales'. If you're a good spokesman and know your product. I know what our product is going to be. If I walked in (to their home), they know I'm from Florida…building trust. You have to work a little harder to find things in recruiting that peeks a player's interest."

On The Swamp:

"Unbelievable! We got here last week and came here. There's not another place like this one…by any means. I have never seen more alligators in my life (laughter). I want to see them, but, just from a distance."

On the overabundance of the O-Line's penalties last year:

"Late hits are understandable. You push the limits of holding. False starts are just repetition. They'll get repetition when we go. Those will be eliminated. There are penalties that happen, because they happen. Then, there are stupid penalties…which won't be tolerated."

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