RECRUITING: Mikell Simpson Says Visit Was "Great" spoke with four star running back <b>Mikell Simpson</b> last week to get some background on the new prospect. Coach Meyer and his staff have been pulling some rabbits out of their hats with some fresh names like Nyan Boateng, who just committed to the Gators at Saturday's Army All-American game. The staff got Mikell in for a visit this weekend, but will they get him to join the new Gator party?

"It was great. I loved it" Mikell said. "My meeting with Coach Meyer made me feel like I fit his style. In the offense, he brings a wide open attack. He creates mismatches and he says I fit the description of what he wants on his team." This is a very positive point for Mikell as he has had little time to speak with Coach Meyer until now.

Comfort level is always a big deal, but that is especially true for players coming in from out of state. Tate Casey was Simpson's host for the weekend, but he had some very positive things to say about some others on the Gator roster as well.

Simpson continued, "[I met] the linebacker, Brandon Siler and some others...the players they were real cool. Most of the players were home because of the three day holiday. I didn't get a chance to meet all of the players, but the players I did get to meet seem like real cool guys. They questions that I had from a players perspective, they [the players] really answered everything and the details. It was very informative as far as the coaching staff. I really can see myself fitting in down there no problem. I liked the environment, everything was perfect for me."

Academically speaking, Mikell sat down for some time reviewing the academics and support that the university offers its players. In our previous interview with Mikell, he stated that academic support was crucial factor in making his determination. "We met for about two hours. They took it step by step from when you first get there to graduation. They showed me the help support they was really great. If you don't graduate on time, it's really your fault because they make sure that you have the help you need."

Mikell said that this trip really made things a lot tougher for him in his decision making. The staff really hit on all points that Simpson was interested in and was able to fully answer everything he wanted to know. His schedule now is to head home and talk things over with his parents and make a decision fairly soon. After he decides, he will notify the coaching staffs, and then make his decision public on National Signing Day.

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