Brian Roche: No Commitment Yet

Brian Roche of Ramsey (NJ) Don Bosco Prep, a former Rutgers commitment, was in Gainesville this weekend visiting the University of Florida. His visit went well, but he's not ready to pull the trigger on a commitment to the Gators.

"It was pretty good," said Roche of his visit, noting that the best moment was Saturday night in The Swamp. "Going in to the big stadium and we watched a highlight video, that was cool. It was big. Real big."

Although by Gainesville standards, the weather was bad (light rain on Saturday, cooler temperatures down in the 40s on Sunday), it was great weather compared to New Jersey.

"All I know is they have about two feet of snow this weekend," said of the prospects of returning home Sunday afternoon.

Roche was accompanied on his visit by his father, who was quite impressed with Florida. "My dad liked it," Brian said. "He thinks it is a good place to play."

Apparently, several others thought Florida's a good place to play. Brian said, "A lot of kids committed this weekend."

Asked if he was one of the commits or close to making his decision, Roche responded, "I don't know I am just trying to work things out."

While he wouldn't name other schools, it sounded as if he is trying to come to some final conclusion about where he is going to play college football.

Brian Roche was one of sixteen visitors in on this weekend and the general feel has been very good. Roche came off as a tired young man, but one that was generally happy about his visit. Still, Gator fans will need to be patient waiting to hear his decision.

GATOR COUNTRY'S TAKE: He sounded like it was a good visit but wasn't giving up much. Still, I think the Gators stand a decent chance to land the services of this big offensive lineman.

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