Murdock will trip to Florida

All-American wide receiver OJ Murdock of Tampa Middleton and his family will indeed be visiting the University of Florida this weekend. Murdock confirmed the visit with me early this morning.

"Yeah, we're coming" Murdock confirmed. "We'll be leaving around 3:30 this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to it. It should be a great trip".

Murdock said that he was surprised about conflicting reports which are circulating regarding a cancelled trip. He addressed the issue of potential academic concerns as well.

"No, I'm coming. Where's this stuff coming from? I haven't even spoken to anybody about anything like that. The coaches haven't said anything to me about it either. There was some paperwork that wasn't completely filled out properly, but that's been taken care of. Academically, I'm fine. I'll be visiting this weekend".

I also spoke to Middleton High School Head Coach Harry Hubbard, who led the Tigers to an 8-4 record this past season, about the latest concerning Murdock.

"Unless something has happened since last night, I don't know anything about it" Coach Hubbard said. "He's visiting Florida this weekend. I had somebody call earlier and ask if the Florida trip was cancelled because he's going to Alabama. I had never heard anything about Alabama. Nobody has said anything to me other than he's visiting Florida".

Murdock is expected to choose between the Gators and South Carolina this weekend. I told him that as a wide receiver, he's really sitting in the cat bird seat with these two coaches.

"Yeah" Murdock said laughing. "Either way things would be pretty good for a receiver. It's a good decision to have to make".

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