RECRUITING: Gator Country Q & A w/ Jon Demps

Four star linebacker Jon Demps is in Gainesville this weekend to visit the University of Florida. Gator Country caught up with Demps Thursday evening for this question and answer session:

What are you looking for when you head to Gainesville this weekend?

I am looking for my opportunity there, the atmosphere, the team and their chemistry. I am looking at the academic center and how good the facilities are. I am looking to see if I can have a good time there for the next four or five years of my life.

Who is coming on the visit to Gainesville with you?

My Moms and my Pops

What do you want to do when you graduate and are done playing pro ball?

My parents own a business right now, so I am going to major in business administration and organization. I also want to minor in teaching because they run a school and I want to take it over when I get older and wiser.

What schools have recruited you the hardest?

LSU, Auburn, FSU, and Florida. Florida has been coming at me real hard lately. I saw Coach (Charlie) Strong yesterday and I talked to Coach (Urban) Meyer.

What does Coach Strong say on his fourth visit to see Jon Demps?

He just shows me why I should be a Gator. Show me how we can win SEC Championships. Around the third or fourth time it's the same ole same ole. They used to last about three hours, but the visits last about an hour and a half now.

Outside of the schools recruiting you, what person or persons will be the most influential on your decision?

It will be up to me, but I am definitely going to take the advice of my parents.

Who will you tell first about the decision?

My parents.

What recruit, regardless of school affiliation, do you talk with the most?

Matt Hardrick, the offensive lineman down there at Edgewater. Avery Atkins, he is going to be up there visiting with me this week. My boy, Chris Barney, from Miami. I also keep tabs with Dajleon Farr, the tight end form Houston. They call me to see what I am going to do and what I am thinking every now and then.

Is the process tiring or not, you seem to be taking it well?

It's a once in a lifetime chance, and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am just thankful that the Lord has blessed me to even be put in this situation. I know a lot of my friends they don't get any calls, and I am here getting blown up. It makes you feel better about yourself about being wanted.

When the decision is over what will that feel like?

It is going to feel like 5,000 pounds I just squatted off the rack and put it back on. It is going to feel good. It might be a little weird without getting all of the phone calls from the recruiters and coaches. I am used to dealing with all of the girls that call. It's just the other people that won't be calling that will be strange. It will be alright.

When will the decision come?

Either Monday, Tuesday, or signing day.

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