Hollywood Bob's Projected Recruiting Class

I've been a little leery of posting a mock class for all to see, and I don't know why. The fact is these kids can change their minds on a whim plus there are always those that think recruiting is one big game. After spending weeks upon weeks of phone calls, emails and talking to kids, coaches and recruiting experts, this is my first mock class complete with kids who are already committed and those that I think will commit.

If the Gators land this class, it should put them squarely in the top 10 and perhaps push close to the top five. That, my friends, is a heck of a start to the Urban Meyer era.

QUARTERBACK (Wanted 1, will sign 1) Committed:

Josh Portis (Woodland Hills, CA) **** --- Scout,com's number five rated quarterback in the country. He was born to play in the Meyer offense.

RUNNING BACK (Wanted 2-3, will probably sign 2-3) Committed:

Tony Wright (Fort Valley, GA) **** --- Wright is dynamic with ball in his hands. He has good size and blazing speed. The number 12 running back in the nation has already told Gator Country that he will be headed to JuCo after signing with the Gators.

Kestahn Moore (Arlington, TX) **** --- A big back with speed and power. I have heard he would have a separate role than the other backs we are recruiting.

Most Likely:

RJ Jackson (Houston, TX) **** --- Dual purpose back and perfect for the Meyer offense with his running and catching ability. Scout.com rated number 10 running back in the nation.

Close But Probably Won't Happen:

Antone Smith (Pahokee, FL) ***** --- The number one rated back in the nation. I think he spurns the Gators for the Canes in the end.

WIDE RECEIVER (Wanted 5-6, will probably sign 5-6) Committed:

Louis Murphy (St. Pete, FL) *** --- Early commitment to the Gators. Tall and strong receiver that isn't afraid to go over the middle for the ball. Relentless when the ball is in the air.

Nyan Boateng (Brooklyn, NY) *** --- Stock dropped after US Army Game, but was injured and shouldn't have even been there. His junior highlights are really good and should be a player.

David Nelson (Witchita Falls, TX) **** --- Very impressive at the US Army practices and is deceptively fast. Ran open the entire game but hardly got the ball. He is the number 24 rated receiver in the nation.

Eric Sedge (Apopka, FL)*** --- Will most likely move to defense but wants to start at receiver and will get his chance there first. Tall and rangy (6-3, 192), he should be able to put on weight and possibly bulk to linebacker size. Good athletic ability to play either side of the ball.

Most Likely:

Brandon La Fell (Houston, TX) **** --- La Fell is another tall receiver with great moves excellent hands and serious attitude going after the ball. The number 35 rated receiver in the country may be a bit underrated.

OJ Murdock (Tampa, FL) **** --- The fastest guy on the board outside of Pahokee. He is a sharp route runner and strong after the ball. He is the number 10 rated receiver in the country.

Derrick McPhearson (Fork Union, VA) **** --- The number eight rated receiver and another burner. He signed with the Gators last year and has gotten himself qualified with a year in prep school.

Probably Not So Close:

LaVar Lobdell (Syracuse, NY)**** --- Rumored to have committed to Miami over the last weekend and even with his visit here, has never shown a great interest in Florida.

OFFENSIVE LINE (Wanted 5-7, will probably sign 3-5) Committed:

Eddie Haupt (Merritt Island, FL) **** --- The number 24 rated offensive lineman in the nation, Haupt is already enrolled in classes and will participate in Spring ball and compete in the depth chart.

Ronnie Wilson (Pompano Beach, FL) **** --- The number 19 rated lineman. Like Haupt, he is already enrolled and will compete right away for playing time.

Most Likely:

Simon Codrington (Miami, FL) *** --- The Miami native is a beast to watch. He may be a little of a project in that he needs to put weight on, but he will be a player in time. UF is closer to Miami than Tallahassee, so I think the Gators win this war.

Brian Roche (Ramsey, NJ) **** --- His film shows him adept at run and pass blocking. The number 25 rated lineman nationally hasn't shown a clear favorite yet, but lists Florida and Louisville as co-favorites at the moment.

Close But Probably Won't Happen:

Matt Hardrick (Orlando, FL) **** --- The nations tenth ranked lineman, Hardrick has really talked up Florida lately. The Bowden full court press is about to be put on a kid that has been an FSU lean for quite some time.

DEFENSIVE LINE: (Wanted 2, will probably sign 2) Most Likely:

Richard Gordon (Miami, FL) **** --- The Gators would love to get this physically developed specimen. The nation's 15th best defensive end would be a great get in a year when the Gators can't push the depth chart at the position.

Brian Ellis (Daytona, FL) *** --- He wants to be Gator, and probably will after this weekend. He is big, powerful and very underrated. He wants to play offense but he is destined to rush the quarterback.

Close But Probably Won't Happen:

Jared Gaither (Chatham, VA) ***** - Signed with Maryland last year but needed a year in Hargrave Academy prep to get qualified. The rumors are out there that the Gators still have a chance but I am also hearing Penn State is putting the heat on. The Hargrave people usually push their kids to sign with their original schools.

Jeff Owens (Plantation, FL) **** --- The state of Florida's best defensive lineman in my book. Owens had a great trip to Gainesville and came away with tons of positive rumors. He is visiting FSU this weekend and I think that's where he'll end up.

James McKinney (Louisville, KY) **** --- I think it will be the Michigan Wolverines when all is said and done. The Gators are the longest of shots right now despite his fondness McKinney has of Coach Greg Mattison (UF co-defensive coordinator).

Probably Got Away:

Lawrence Wilson (Akron,OH) **** --- Wilson liked his visit here but the family maintains the distance is too far from home.

Vlad Richard (Sunrise, FL) **** --- I finally gave up on him and Gerald Williams this week when I found out they weren't visiting Florida over the weekend.

LINEBACKER (Wanted 5-6, will probably sign 5) Committed:

Kalvin"Pig" Baker (Columbus GA) **** --- The Gators first commitment of the class, he has stuck with the orange and blue through thick and thin. He may be rewarded with a spot in the two deep next fall. The number 35 linebacker in the country has recently moved up the charts.

Ryan Stamper (Jacksonville, FL)**** --- Stamper recently changed his commitment from Auburn to Florida to the delight of Gator recruitniks. The number 42 nationally ranked linebacker has good size and athletic ability. This is a great pickup for the class at a huge need position.

Most Likely:

Quentin Taylor (Apopka, FL) *** --- The teammate of Eric Sledge, it is almost a formality that he will commit to the Gators. He is one of a few in the class that may end up being very underrated. He has a chance to play early and a lot.

Darryl Gresham (Roanoke, VA) *** --- Lots of good vibes coming from different places on this one. I really expect Gresham to announce for the Gators on national signing day. He is another one that is imperative to the class and probably underrated.

Jon Demps (Pensacola, FL) **** --- Maybe my longest reach in the projected class. Scout.com's number 32 rated linebacker hasn't really considered Florida until recently but now the Gators are in the thick of it for him.

Close But Probably Won't Happen:

Jerome Hayes (Bayonne, NJ) **** --- Something just tells me Penn State on this one. The Gators had a good shot early and lots of variables have given him reason to look elsewhere. He still says the Gators are in it but I think he decides to stay closer to home. .

Probably Got Away:

Gerald Williams (Lauderdale Lakes, FL) **** --- See Vlad Richard above. Too many variables and just lost interest over time.

Brian Cushing (Ordell, NJ) ***** --- The Gators got in really late on him. His visit to Gainesville was all too short and not when there were other recruits. We haven't heard much since his visit except that he liked it here. Southern Cal is the school he loves, but his family loves the proximity of Boston College. SC looks like it gets him but I wouldn't be surprised if it was BC.

Defensive Back (Wanted 5-6, will probably sign 3) Committed:

Reggie Nelson (Palm Bay, FL) ***** --- I know what the network says but it's a technicality until we get a quote. He originally signed two years ago and he will sign here again. I can't quote what won't talk. A top five rated junior college player, he and Avery Atkins may be the best players in the class.

Avery Atkins (Daytona Beach, FL) ***** --- The multi purpose player will get one position in college and excel. He is currently the number five cornerback in the nation. He played both ways and special tams for Mainland, a state semi-finalist.

Dorian Munroe (Miami, FL) **** --- One of my favorite players in the class. He came to Florida's camp in the summer and should have had an offer then. He can play with the best of them and may get a shot at cornerback himself although he played safety in high school. He is truly a under appreciated recruit in the minds of many. He is rated the number 11 safety in the country by Scout.com.

Close But Probably Won't Happen:

Randy Phillips (Belle Glade, FL) **** --- Surprise visitor this weekend and will split the weekend with Florida State. Phillips has been on again and off again about Florida. I don't see it happening. He is currently committed to Miami.

Jordan Hemby (Morganton, NC) *** --- The Gators haven't been very lucky winning the battles against parents. Hemby appears to want to come to Florida but his dad wants him to honor his original commitment. Dads usually win.

Kicker (Wanted 1, will sign 1) Committed:

Jonathan Phillips (Wellington, FL) **** --- Phillips was a surprise when he committed. No one got word that the coaches were even visiting him until his commitment came out. He is currently ranked Scout.com's number two kicker in the country.

There ya have it folks. That's my projected class as of Friday night, January 28, 2005, and it comes complete with near hits and a few big misses. For those of you who keep track of things by the stars, the class breaks down to 26 players for a star average of 3.96.

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