RECRUITING: Demps impressed, signing day decision

Gator Country caught up with Jon Demps Sunday afternoon about 170 miles from Pensacola as he was heading home after his official visit to the University of Florida.

GC: Jon, how did your visit to UF go?

JON DEMPS: "I really loved the trip. It was all real good. I was very impressed with the great team atmosphere among the players and coaches, the academic center and the support they provide…"

GC: Who was your host?

JON DEMPS: "My host was Brandon Siler. He showed me everything and what I can expect at Florida. He told me he really wants me to be a Gator and play right next to him."

GC: Who did you hang out with while you were there?

JON DEMPS: "I hung out with my cousin, Avery (Atkins), Brian Ellis and RJ (Jackson). We had a real good time."

GC: How did Avery, Brian and RJ feel about the visit?

JON DEMPS: "Oh, man they loved it, too. We all had a great time."

GC: Are you guys going to be wearing O&B next year?

JON DEMPS: "Yeah, we just might have to. That would be cool." (Stated with a laughing, enthusiastic tone)

GC: Other than those you have already mentioned, what other recruits are you close to?

JON DEMPS: "Matt Hardrick is probably one of the best ones I've gotten to know. He's thinking about going to Florida…"

GC: What was the highlight of your trip?

JON DEMPS: "Just the whole trip; it was really good. I really like the academic support program, the team atmosphere and what they can do for me (in terms of playing time) right away."

GC: Did you make a commitment to UF this weekend?

JON DEMPS:"No, I didn't make a commitment yet. I'll be making my announcement at a press conference at my school on National Signing Day."

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