RECRUITING: UF Visit Wows Atkins, Family

Daytona Beach Mainland's five star defensive back, Avery Atkins, thoroughly enjoyed his visit to the University of Florida campus, as did his family. The Gators have been the leaders for Atkins services since his commitment last summer after Florida's Rising Seniors Camp.

Atkins official visit also included his mother (Melissa Williams) and Aunt Essie. They were seemingly as impressed as the superstar corner/safety prospect.

"The visit was just great," Atkins said. "The facilities were great, the staff was great, and the academic program was what left me thinking…Boom!"

Melissa Williams emphatically stated, "I'm very concerned about his education. He needs a quality education. All of these kids do. The entire academic program really sold me on the University of Florida. The tutoring program was just incredible. They have a program that guarantees success".

This was the first trip Mrs. Williams has taken with Avery. His Aunt Essie tripped with him to the University of Miami earlier this month. She too left Gainesville with strong feelings for the Orange & Blue.

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this trip," his Aunt Essie said. "This is a fantastic school. Everything was first rate. I'm so excited for him, and all of us".

As you can probably ascertain, Avery Atkins is in good hands. He came to Gainesville ready to be impressed and left impressed, but equally important, family members he loves and trusts came away with the same feelings.

"I met Coach (Charlie) Strong and Coach (Chuck) Heater first," Ms. Williams recalled. "I was thinking, that these men are just wonderful. But, when we met with Coach (Urban) Meyer, that was the icing on the cake. Things were good before [under Coach Zook], but I think they have some coaches there who are all on the same page, and will work toward the same result. I don't know how to explain it, I just got a very strong family vibe from these coaches. They are close knit, and you can see where they want the entire program to be close knit."

"My mom (his grandmother) is a Gator. She's always been a Gator. But, now I'm sold on what they're doing in this program. We went into the Gators store after the visit and the clerks were asking if we were there on an official visit. We told them yes and who we were, and the young man said, ‘Avery Atkins, number 6.' They knew who we were because they're fans".

Atkins was hosted by former Neptune Beach Fletcher graduate Kyle Jackson, who will certainly see plenty of time with Avery roaming the Florida secondary.

"It was a great trip," Atkins said with a laugh. "I think that a lot of Florida fans are going to be really happy with my decision. I hope they're happy!"

"I had such an incredible time there,"he continued."I've been talking to Jon Demps and Antone Smith, Randy Phillips, and Jeff Owens since shortly after the CaliFlorida Game. It was good to see a couple of them here. I don't see why anybody would rule Florida out".

Apparently neither would the rest of the family.

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