RECRUITING: The latest on signing day plans

Our gaggle of writers have been in touch with many prospects today and this evening to find out their signing day plans. The coaches have asked the recruits to send their Letters of Intent in by 9am if possible so that they don't have to wait on them. Read on for the latest -- it'll be updated continously. Latest update: 12:30am.

Here's the latest on who we're in touch with as far as their signing day activities and decisions. See our Insider Den thread on signing times for more updates... Newest updates are posted on top.

Vladimir Richard and Gerald Williams: Letters of intent are on the way now - we'll see what they decide to do.

Avery Atkins: "I think I'll make a lot of people happy. Be sure to watch me on CTSD." Mark McLeod will be reporting live from there.

Jon Demps: Recently announced to that he is a Seminole and informed the coaches there of his decision. This is a surprise. LATEST: Mom says it's not true, but we'll see.

Louis Murphy: Louis Murphy had a basketball game tonight. Mark McLeod called, but wasn't able to reach him, probably in part because he's getting up well before daylight so that he can be at the church to sign his LOI at 7:30am. He'll be signing with the Gators, of course.

Brian Ellis: "I'm looking forward to signing day. I ready to get on with everything. I'll see you (Mark McLeod) there."

Eric Sledge: McLeod was unable to get ahold of him, but earlier he told him he would contact him on National Signing Day and Sledge said, "Sure."

Richard Gordon: Stunned the Gators by switching his commitment to Miami on television today. Academics may be an issue, according to a Miami source we talked to.

Jerome Hayes: He says it's still up in the air between Florida, Miami, Penn State, and Rutgers. He'll make an announcement Wednesday.

David Nelson: Will be signing his letter of intent and faxing it in to the University of Florida at 7:15 CST. The 6-6, 198-pound wide receiver from Wichita Falls (TX) Rider says, "I'm ready to be a Gator!"

Reggie Nelson: His mom wouldn't say much, but from prior reports he'll be joining his teammates at Florida in the summer.

Jonathan Phillips: Told us he is ready to be a Gator tomorrow. "Yes sir, I have my papers right here," he said. "I will sign and fax it over to coach before 7:30."

Ryan Stamper: He'll officially announce the signing of his N.L.I. to the University of Florida at an assembly tomorrow at 9:00am in the school gym. Stamper said his N.L.I. will be faxed to Florida at 7:00am as soon as he gets to school.

Tony Wright: Peach County Coach Rance Gillespie told us tonight, "Tony Wright has a LOI from Florida sitting on my desk and will sign it tomorrow and eventually enroll at Coffeyville Community College in Kansas."

Kestahn Moore: "I'm still going to be a Gator," Moore said. "I have my LOI already. I'll have a big role in the offense. I'll be hitching (routes) and running and I fit the offense really good. Our offense here (high school) is very similar. The type of practices we run are very similar to college practices. Coach Meyer said I would be the slot back."

Nyan Boateng called us to say: "I'm signing tomorrow with the Gators at 7:30. I'm supposed to do a radio show tomorrow night."

Derrick McPhearson: His father, Mr. McPhearson said, despite reports to the contrary, "Well at this point in time, he hasn't really solidified anything. We are waiting to hear from him tonight after school." We'll find out tomorrow who he signs with - think it's still Florida.

Dorian Munroe: Signs tomorrow 8:45am and says, "Most likely, I will be signing with Florida tomorrow. You never know till it's on the dotted line [laughing], but right now I will be signing with Florida."

Jordan Hemby: Will sign at 11:00am and it's totally up in the air. He de-committed from the Tar Heels but now the Tar Heels have made a serious push for his services. Dad doesn't have a problem if he signs with Florida, so it's up to Jordan.

Bryan Evans: Hollywood Bob talked with him today about rumors that he might go to Florida after all and they're false. He'll sign with Georgia.

Matt Hardrick: Mom says it's all up to him now - his uncle wants him to go to Florida, Mom is a FSU fan, but says academics come first.

Josh Portis, Eddie Haupt, and Ronnie Wilson are already enrolled in school.

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