RECRUITING: The latest on a wild and wooly night

I've made a few calls at this late hour in an attempt to shore things up as far as what's going on on the eve of Signing Day for the Florida Gators. It's been a wild and wooly night what with a flurry of activity - both good and bad for the Gators. Here's the scoop so far:

If you recall from our report earlier on the Insider Den we stated that Vladimir and Gerald had not received their Letters of Intent from Florida according to their coach/mentor.

As of this late hour, the latest from the coach is that the letters are on their way and will get there in time. The question now is what will Vladimir and Gerald do? Will they sign with the Gators? We'll find out tomorrow morning and let you know.

Now, onto other matters...

Miami is getting real antsy about Randy Phillips and the word is they now applying pressure onto Dorian Munroe, a Gator commitment. Munroe would not confirm that they are calling. Guess this will be a anxious signing day decision for the Gators once again for Munroe.

The news on Jon Demps was a huge shocker in Gainesville and other parts. A whole lot of discussions are taking place while I type with Demps and family.

I am worried as are others about the Demps news and what it also means for Matt Hardrick. They are good friends. Avery (Atkins), where are you? Time to apply the full court pressure, kid!

Derrick McPhearson may go to the Illini.I am trying to get him desperately after talking to his dad earlier tonight but am having no luck. Again, this will come down to the wire tomorrow.

As I said in my column a few days ago, I expect O.J. Murdock to don the Orange and Blue in two years despite who he signs with tomorrow. He'll be a sign and place prospect.

I've heard from pretty reliable sources that Jared Gaither deciding between either Penn State or Maryland. He is another that has never answered his phone.

The story on Darryl Gresham is momma wants him close but daddy wants him in Orange and Blue. The possible key here is Darryl will be signing with daddy in Atlanta tomorrow. You figure out what you want from that.

On a closing subject, I will be really shocked if we don't have at least one big shocker tomorrow go the Gators' way. This is nothing I know but just from getting general feels from people in the right places, that is what I think. Granted, I have been a little off.

The bottom-line: Let's love the guys we do get and we'll have a good class, especially with just one month of recruiting under our new coaches' belts.

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