RECRUITING: Coach Heater talks about signees

Coach Heater, somewhat bleary eyed from a very long signing day process, spent a few minutes to talk with the media about the Class of 2004 Florida Gator Signees. Here's a few of his quotes:

On the linebackers…

"I think you look at the genetic disposition of Jon Demps and he's a really big kid who we can get a little muscle on. Gresham is a big kid also. Physically, those guys are there and might be able to get on the field a little quicker, but Demps was a guy who looked like he had the ranginess to step in immediately."

On tweeners Sledge and Ellis…

"Only time will tell when these kids start eating three square meals a day and start training. Their bodies take on different sizes, but we are going to give every kid a shot on each side of the ball and see where they stand skill wise. Then we will see how it evolves, because needs occur, but usually in time you can tell."

On Avery Atkins

"Avery has speed, quickness, size and getting a guy in the 5-11 range is really kind of nice. He loves to play and has done so at the highest level of competition winning a state championship a year ago. He's got a wonderful family and they are a special group of people."

"Absolutely [on him and Reggie Nelson possibly starting], but they got to get here because the ones that have the greatest opportunity to see the field early. If they have the skill, they will play early."

On Dorian…

"He was one of those 11th hour guys, but it is great that he came. He is a great kid, a wonderful kid with smart parents…his dad is an engineer. He had originally committed to another school so that's always an issue, but we got him."

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