FOOTBALL: Top Fivers for Spring Football

Body makeovers, position changes and a need for good spring practices are among the immediate needs for the Florida Gators as they prepare for the first spring practice under Coach Urban Meyer. Here are some Top Five lists for the next two months.

Top five Body Re-Shapers

A list of players that need an over-haul in the shape and makeup of their bodies, so they contribute more on the field:

  • 1. JARVIS MOSS --- He is the Gators most prized pass rushing recruit in recent memory. He came in woefully underweight and has been trying in vain to add some weight and muscle. He also has a problem with tendonitis, but his speed makes him a quality rusher if he can avoid getting tossed around.
  • 2. DESHAWN WYNN --- If he gets down to about 215 pounds and hardens up he could be an all-world player for the Gators. I keep seeing that 65-yard touchdown run against Miami two years ago and thinking, are we ever going to see that man again?
  • 3. CARLTON MEDDER --- He is huge, there is no doubt about that. He has toned up his body somewhat but he still needs to drop a few more pounds and work on his quickness and agility. He has the great long arms which coaches like in offensive tackles. Improve the feet and he could be a great specimen.
  • 4. VERNELL BROWN --- If we could only add extenders to his legs. Vernell plays as hard as anyone but he just is so light that he gets thrown around at cornerback. Where is Jose Canseco when you need him?
  • 5. JAVIER ESTOPINAN --- Did Coach Meyer rally say he was up to 275 pounds now? As bad as the Gators need linebackers, this is one we would love to reverse. Still, if he is putting it on, the wrestler in him should make it a good, solid 275 pounds.

Top five Position Changes (current roster)

Are Gator fans ever happy with their current roster? Isn't there always someone else that should be playing that isn't? Well, here is the way to make that happen. My top five list of players that should change positions and the position they should change to.

  • 1. GAVIN DICKEY --- Anywhere. I think he needs to get on the field, wherever that might be. Just get him out there and watch him go. Then again, he may be the perfect quarterback for the Meyer offense. What a quandary.
  • 2. JEMALLE CORNELIUS --- Cornerback. The Gators desperately need another cornerback with some tools opposite of Dee Webb. Cornelius hasn't wanted to make this change and he has excellent play making ability on offense. His size, speed, and flexibility would seem to make it an easy transition.
  • 3. REGGIE LEWIS --- Cornerback. Notice a theme here? The Gators need cornerbacks and Lewis is another with the size and skill to play the position and make a statement at it. He has better size than Cornelius and his flexibility is great, too. This would seem to be a rather seamless transition.
  • 4. BRIAN CRUM --- Linebacker. Although I think it is a hopeless want of mine, he has the speed ad size to be a dominant linebacker. It is amazing that someone who hunts hogs by hand (and he is the original, not Crowder) could lack the instincts and menacing nature on the defensive side of the ball.
  • 5. MARKELL THOMPSON --- Offensive Tackle. Simply because I think he will be a waste at tight end this year. He stands a chance to make something of himself and help the team if he makes a move to offensive tackle or even defensive end where he played in junior college.

Top five position changes (signees)

Same as above, but I have the audacity to switch these guys before they even show up on campus.

  • 1. ERIC SLEDGE --- Linebacker. He wants to be a receiver, but he will be bogged down by depth and experience trying to get on the field on offense. He is a little light right now at 6-3,195, but he could easily be 210 by the time he arrives and make himself into a very quick linebacker at a position of need for the Gators.
  • 2. DORIAN MUNROE --- Cornerback. Back to the trend with the current roster. He is coming in as a safety but I think he has the skills to play cornerback at the next level. He has better size than most freshman cornerbacks and wheels to burn.
  • 3. BRIAN ELLIS --- Defensive End. He is another guy that wants to play offense but is a menace when running into people. I think he cold be a slow footed offensive tackle's worst nightmare. He could be equally as devastating against a faster but weaker offensive tackle. He just likes to hurt the opponent.
  • 4. RONNIE WILSON --- Defensive Tackle. OK, if you want the plugger defensive tackle that we don't seem to have on the roster, this is the guy. He plays mean like Ellis, but he comes with 350 pounds right now too. He completely manhandles his opponent on the other side of the line.
  • 5. REGGIE NELSON --- Cornerback. I know you guys want to see him roaming the field and taking heads off. I have seen his
highlights and I think he could join the other 20 kids I have moved to cornerback and beat them all. Nelson is that special of an athlete and will actually be dynamic wherever he plays.

Top five most important players for February and March

  • 1. CHRIS LEAK --- He needs to provide leadership. He has started for the better part of two years and some of the offensive players are looking to him for leadership. He also has to worry about the new offense but he managed that as a freshman pretty well. He was also the team's Iron-Gator recipient last year as the workout warrior. He needs to keep that up during this training time.
  • 2. JARVIS HERRING --- He stepped up the noise after the last staff was fired. He needs to show some leadership as one of the only starting seniors on defense to make this transition smoother than it started. Herring is very capable of doing this.
  • 3. JEREMY MINCEY --- He is a work-out stud and this is one of the times he shines. He was constantly battling Crowder last year in the weight room and conditioning reps. He isn't very vocal but he is a senior and can push some of these guys.
  • 4. DESHAWN WYNN --- I always had the idea that he was complacent because Ciatrick Fason was his friend and he was the starter. Well, C-4 is gone and that is no more. This is Wynn's time to shine and will be given the chance. He has never been one to love work outs but he has only two more off-seasons in college to prove he can do it
  • 5. BRANDON SILER --- Last year he listened to Crowder and he listened well. This year he will be the quarterback of the defense. The things that make Siler special other than his physical attributes are his intelligence and leadership qualities. He took it upon himself to help recruit half of this year's recruiting class. The man likes a challenge and once he sets his mind to something, he usually accomplishes it. The other guys undoubtedly look up to him already.

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