RECRUITING: Call Kendall Mason "The Natural"

Kendall Mason isn't your typical high profile high school football player. For starters he was born in Brazil and he only came to the United States two and a half years ago. So perhaps this defensive tackle from Boca Raton is just a natural football player, born to play American style football instead of "futbol" as it's known in Brazil.

He has started for Boca Raton for two years. With the exception of a short stint at linebacker at the beginning of last season, he has spent the rest of his days playing nose up on the opposing team's center. Last season he helped account for 45 tackles, six knockdowns and six sacks in a hurricane-abbreviated eight-game schedule.

He lives in Boca Raton with a guardian while his parents and all of his brothers and sisters are back home in Brazil. He speaks fluent English and is quite advanced academically.

"I have a 3.6 GPA," Mason said. "I take English honors but besides that it's tough because I have workouts after school and track and stuff. I decided not to overload myself."

Mason actually lost a year of eligibility when he was advanced a grade after his freshman season.

"Yeah, because we were on a box schedule," he said. "When I came into school I didn't know how that worked so I played my freshman year, lost my sophomore year and played my junior year. I just turned 17."

A couple of heady subjects are his favorite past time when he isn't working or taking classes.

"I like law and business and stuff like that. There aren't any classes I can take, but I just like following it," he said.

He stays busy in the offseason, too, so there's not much time to just hang out with friends.

"I also have a job, so it gets to be a little too much," he said.

His favorite personality is one of the big stars of this age.

"I like Will Smith," he said. "He's humble. He came from a hard beginning and he is humble about it.

On that note, he wanted to share something about himself that people don't realize.

"A lot of people think that I'm not humble," he said. "They just think I am naturally strong but they don't understand that it is hard to be like that and with hard work you really can accomplish something. People here don't really understand that and how much effort really goes into it. People don't really see it, but it (the effort) is there."

Along with his Boca Raton teammates Mason expects a good season for him and his comrades.

"I think we should be able to go out and win the state championship this year," he said. "We have a few very good D-1 players and we are working very hard compared to before. We are putting a lot of effort in, so I hope it pays off."

If that championship is going to happen the Bobcats are going to need to him to play up to his capabilities. He already has a good idea what he can do to make the next season special.

"Stop the play from really happening, I think I am disruptive," he said. "I am quick off the ball. I am not tall, but I have my speed. I keep on going until the play stops."

Mason, who also throws the shot-put on the track team, grew up a fan of the Miami Hurricanes. He only plays on defense in high school and he informed us that his future home is at defensive tackle at the collegiate level.

He has already garnered some interest from some of the major schools out there.

"Florida is talking about offering, but nothing set yet," he said. "I am getting letters from Miami, Pittsburgh, NC State and others. But, you know, letters are letters. They don't really mean anything until someone calls you and says something else."

He definitely has a feel of how the recruiting game works even though he hasn't been around it for a long time.

"I had two friends of mine that went to college and they are filling me in on the process," he said.

Kendall Mason is one of those relentless defensive players that knows how to get to the ball. He is still growing but a little undersized for a collegiate defensive tackle. Still, he is powerful and quick off the ball. He will garner a lot of collegiate interest before he is done with his senior season.

KENDALL MASON: (DT) 6-1, 270 LBS. Boca Raton High School, Boca Raton, FL Bench: 370 / Clean: 295/ 40/ 4.96

Kendall started every game as a freshman at DT. Last Season we moved him to LB for about 4 games but realized he is a true 1 technique DT. He is originally from Brazil and was accelerated academically and now is classified as a senior 2006. He recorded 31 tackles and 14 assists with 6 knockdowns and 6 sacks.

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