VETTEL: David Lee Talks About Last Home Game

David Lee takes a look back at his career at the University of Florida with Larry Vettel. He talks about the upcoming Kentucky game being his last one at home as a senior, how fast time flies by, and how excited he is about the future. Coach Donovan and Anthony Roberson also offer their thoughts on Lee.

LV: Well David, it's been four years and now you're facing your last home game in the O'Connell Center, what are your thoughts?

DL: I'm excited. I'm very excited about our chances and our season to this point and the growth this team has made. I think we got some great momentum heading into Kentucky here and we'll just let it all hang loose.

LV: Is it hard for you to believe it's really the last home game of your college career?

DL: Absolutely, I couldn't believe walking off the court (in Athens) that this was my final SEC road game. It's unbelievable to think about. I've heard everybody before, Udonis Haslem, Matt Bonner talk about how it goes by so fast you never can really believe it until you're in that position. To think that Roberson and Walsh are just ending their junior seasons and I'm ending my senior year --- it seems like we just got here, that it should be the end of our sophomore year or something like that. It really flies by and I've had some great times but I'm really looking forward to the future here. I think we have a great chance to do some things in post-season.

LV: Has there been a highlight moment?

DL: There have been a lot of highlight moments, a lot of big games we've won in the SEC. I think last Sunday wasn't bad, to come back from down 17 in the second half, but I think the most satisfying thing is the number of wins we've gotten on the road. Anytime you get a win on the road in this conference it really says something. But I'm looking forward to being able to say the most satisfying thing of all was my senior year when we made a big run (in the NCAA Tournament).

LV: What do you want Gator fans to say when they talk about David Lee?

DL: Just a guy who really plays hard. I hope they know I've put my heart into this program and this school for four years. I'm excited to have been a Gator and I want to thank everyone that's around with the program because I've really enjoyed school here.

LV: Guys talk about trying to make the most of their senior year. You've had ten double-doubles this year. Have you done that? Or can you only make the most of your senior year come tournament time.

DL: In the regular season I feel like I have taken my game up and been the kind of consistent player that Coach Donovan was looking for. But I think that a lot of it comes down to post-season, though. We gotta make our run here because that's what you're judged on so we gotta step up to the plate.

Roberson and Donovan Discuss David Lee

LV: What are your thoughts about David's final home game Sunday?

AR: Emotional, man. I know it's been a long for years for David and he's had some great moments in the O'Dome. I'm happy to have been part of his career and the good moments that he's had and we're gonna fight it out in the O'Dome, it's going to be a war, man I mean a real war. It's his last game and we all got to feel like we have to give our heart and our soul to David. It's going to be fun.

LV: Talk about the senior season David has had with all the double-doubles and the way he's dominated the boards in the SEC.

AR: It's been big. I think David has played big his senior year and we really needed it. He knew what was expected of him this year and he performed. He stepped up to the plate and now we gotta keep it moving forward.

LV: Billy, four years ago you brought David Lee from St. Louis to Gainesville. What are your thoughts as he gets ready for Senior Day in the O'Connell Center?

BD: I think it's going to be bittersweet for me because I've enjoyed coaching David. I think David has grown up so much as a player and as a person since he's been here. I'm really proud of the kind of season he's been able to have this year, to come out and average a double-double in our league and just what he's done here lately --- his sacrifice, his leadership. The biggest thing about David is for me he's been an easy guy to coach because he's never been a selfish kid. He's always been about the team. He's about the relationships with the coaches, the players and wanting to do something special. I really think that David has had an outstanding career here. He's played very, very well. When you look at the way he's performed this year, you know David put some weight on last year and people were maybe expecting a little more from him. I really respect the commitment he made and the effort he put in during the off-season to put himself in position he's in right now.

David Lee has had three straight double-doubles as the Gators have won three straight low-scoring SEC games-two of them on the road.

For his career, 1,350 points, 808 Rebounds, 102 blocked shots, 238 assists

He is one of just ten Gators to top 1,000 points and 800 rebounds

The Gators are 86-and-35 in Lee's career

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