MEN'S HOOPS: Coach Donovan Q and A

"We're going to take today off. Playing on Friday will be a good thing for our team just to recuperate and deal with any bumps and bruises they may have. We'll start back up Tuesday and hopefully have three good days of practice and then get prepared and ready to play Georgia or Mississippi State Friday afternoon."

On Sunday's game vs. Kentucky:

"Yesterday, as a coach, you experience a lot of heartaches over a period of time. I was just happy for our kids because when you see a team as excited as that it's nice. Those guys did a very good job. Both teams played really, really hard. It's one of those games that could have gone either way, but I was just happy for our kids. To see them that happy in the locker room, as a coach, makes you feel real good."

On bench support:

"I think most of the time bench-play gets evaluated by how they score. Not only did we good minutes out of Chris Richard in the second half, we got good minutes out of Adrian Moss post-defense wise. Taurean Charles, when Anthony Roberson went out, was really good defensively. I think sometimes when you go to bench points as a factor, it looks like our bench didn't have a contributing factor to the game, but our bench played well. There's no question if we get point production from our bench that helps us. I thought our bench played a pretty good game, although they lacked in scoring, they came in and did a good job for us."

On the emphasis he places on the SEC Tournament:

"The SEC Tournament is an important tournament for us because you're dealing with a four-day tournament to try and win a championship. I think it's good for our league because we've spent 16 games in the regular season playing either on the road or at home. This will be the first time as a conference that everybody is going to compete on a neutral site where the tickets have been evenly distributed. There's no home-court advantage, so to speak. It's good for teams that maybe need a couple more wins to get to the NCAA Tournament. It's something that's important, but I do think that when you play three games in a row, I don't think there's any question that it takes something out of your team. If you're a team that's going to go to the NCAA Tournament and you're playing in the SEC Tournament on Sunday, I think there should be something for the players that's put in there so that those kids don't play until Friday so that they have an extra day. I think that's important because you always have to go there a day earlier because you have a mandatory practice. So, if you play on Sunday in the championship game and then you play on Thursday, you're home one day and then you've got to leave on Tuesday. It comes quickly. I think for any conference, those teams that make the finals should not play until Friday. There should be some consideration for those teams."

On winning the SEC Tournament:

"It's something that's important. It's not been done here. It would be a great accomplishment that I would be very, very proud of for our players and our program. I think any time you lace them up and put that jersey on - every game is important. I know some coaches and many people have different views of the conference tournament, that it's no big deal. I don't know if I feel that way. I feel like the tournament is important and I hope our team will go out and play to the best of our ability."

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