RECRUITING: Oviedo's Hobbs The Total Package

Every major college football coach in the country knows where Oviedo High School is. That's because it's where Corey Hobbs straps it on for the Lions, who are expecting to make a big run in the state playoffs this year.

Hobbs is a dominating defensive tackle, listed at 6-5, 320 pounds. He's already getting letters on a daily basis and it is no wonder. Not only does he have the size and speed to excel on the football field, he has his academic priorities in order as well.

"I have a 3.8-4.0 GPA and got an 1150 on the SAT already," he said. "I plan on taking another SAT in April and thinking about taking the ACT as well."

He comes from a football family, so his love for the game comes naturally.

"My dad played at the University of North Carolina for two years before hurting himself," Hobbs said. "I think my grandpa played at Florida. He went there and I think he may have played there."

Oviedo is coming off a disappointing season. No strangers to the state playoffs, they tanked this year to a 1-8 mark, something that is a burr under the collective saddles of this team. Behind Hobbs and some of the other seniors, Oviedo's players are working very hard in the offseason to make sure there is no repeat of last year's disaster.

"Our chances are really good [to improve last year's record]," he said. "Me, Andy (Lark), and Jordan (Dalrymple) are the premiere guys I guess. We have others that are right up there."

Oviedo Head Coach Greg Register will rely on his star pupil this year. It didn't take him long to figure out he had a special player in Hobbs.

"I am not a big guy on playing freshmen and Corey Hobbs was the first freshman I pulled up to varsity in my eight years," he said. "He played fifty percent of the downs that year and we were 9-1."

Hobbs is a weight room warrior who likes to lead by example when it comes time to work out.

"I am doing 350 on the bench and squatting 460 right now," he said.

Although he could do double duty if necessary, he'll see the majority of the snaps this season with Oviedo's defensive line.

"My main position is defensive tackle/nose guard," he said.

If required, he'll play on the O-Line, but he said that probably won't be necessary because "we are pretty deep at that position." He will, however, take the field with the offensive unit inside the five yard line

"Usually in the goal line package I will play right tackle," he said.

His Oviedo teammates will need him to play at his best if they are planning on getting to some of their team goals this year. Hobbs lists his strengths as "tenacity, speed, and quickness off the ball."

He said, "I try to be quick and get past the lineman before he can get me. When I need to, I can bull rush, hold my own and make a pile."

He's already thinking beyond high school and beyond football. He's thinking seriously about what he wants to do when he hangs up his cleats.

"I will major in either pre-med or political science," he said. "I am looking to go into CIA or the FBI, or the secret service, that kind of thing."

He is already laying out criteria for his collegiate destination. The colleges recruiting Hobbs will have to bring their A-Game to impress this central Florida star.

"Definitely number one is education," he stated. "I want to go to the right place with the right kind of major and classes I want to take. Number two, I want to go to a successful program. I want to go somewhere that well established and respected. Three is location. I want my parents to come see me play as much as possible, because they love to see me play. If I have to go far, I will. I am looking to try and stay southeast, driving distance."

The distance thing hasn't kept some of the premiere schools on the west coast from calling on Hobbs.

"I have gotten two written letters from USC, and some from Oregon and UCLA," he said.

In the state of Florida, he has one definite favorite and the school colors are orange and blue.

"Of course, mostly I'm a Gator fan because my dad was born on the Florida campus and I have a family of Gators," he said. "Two years ago, I went to the Orange and Blue game and that was cool. I went to the Gator camp this summer. I am going up to the junior day on March 26. They actually offered me like a month ago, so I am planning on taking a visit later in the year when I am able to."

Is there a chance that he may decide early on his collegiate choice?

"I don't know about early, because I want to see what I get, see what my options are," Hobbs said. "I really want to decide on where I go based on what I want to do. In no means am I degrading Florida because the offer is great. I am highly interested in going there but I do want to see what else is out there. I want to enjoy the recruiting process and reap the benefits. The way I look at it is: if I commit, that is where I am going to go. I am not going to back out of it. I kind of work on my morals here."

The fact that he's a Gator at heart hasn't stopped Florida State and Miami from trying to persuade him to take a long look at their schools and football programs.

"Miami and Florida State haven't offered me yet, but I get mail from them every day," he said. "I actually got invited to the Miami/Louisville game and went down there to watch. I hope to get offers from them and take it by ear."

He is looking forward to camping this spring and summer at some college campuses.

"I haven't been to a junior day yet, but I am looking forward to them," he said. "I have been invited out to Oregon and UConn junior day but I really can't afford to travel that far."

He is especially prepared for a certain junior day in March.

"I am looking forward to whatever they are going to do (at the Florida Junior Day)," he said. "I am looking forward to meeting Coach Meyer. My buddy, Clint McMillan, he was here when I was a freshman. He put me on my butt a bunch. I talked to him yesterday and he is real cool up there and said I should like it a lot of I went there."

With his size, speed and academics, Corey Hobbs will be one of the nation's top defensive line prospects. By the time the recruiting process is through, he will probably have heard from every top program in the nation so he will have the luxury of picking and choosing.

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