SPRING: Ray McDonald Q and A

At the end of Friday's practice Ray McDonald shared with Gator Country some brief thoughts on spring practices so far.

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What is the emphasis on right now defensively?

"We've worked on the schemes. It's not all new. There are a lot of things that are the same from last year, but the coaches have added some stuff. It's all fundamentals. We have to get everything down."

So, you're ready to don the pads?

"We're definitely looking forward to getting out there and playing. (grins) Let's see who the man is out there."

It sounds a little different from the past?

"It's up tempo. Everything is competitive now."

The backs said they're going to have to get out here and prove something in practice?

"(Smiles) They can say what they want. We'll see who wears the pants out here."

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