Chad Jackson Q and A

Chad Jackson had 4 touchdowns today in the red zone scrimmages, he took a few minutes afterwards to talk to Gatorcountry about his performance, where he stands this year and the direction of the team…

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On putting on the pads:

"It feels great and I got to get used to it because I was a little tired out there today, but after a while I started getting used to it and the feel of the pads on today. Aside from that it felt pretty good to get back out there."

On his emergence at the H-Back position:

"Yeah they have us all different positions right now and I'm the H, Andre is the X and Jemalle at the Z, but we all switch around. I'm trying to learn all the positions out there right now."

On the field vision aspect of the position:

"It's a lot because especially on the inside, you have to watch out for the big linebackers coming at you trying to press up so there's a lot of stuff to keep up on the inside."

On his four touchdown practice performance:

"It's part of the offense and I'm kind of liking the offense right now. It's wide open, spread and everybody gets to touch the ball, but it's a good offense and it's going to be good this year."

On Coach Meyer's intensity:

"It makes you feel good in the back of your head the way coach is talking and the way he motivates. He thinks we can go 12-0 and I think we will."

On how much more exciting the practices are compared to Zook:

"He's more into it like Zook is and he is more fired up when it's time go and in a chill mode at times. When it's time to go he wants intensity."

On scrimmaging so early:

"He's ready to see the offense and the defense go at it so he was anxious, especially goal line. He wants to see the guys go out there and play, and the guys that don't go home he told us."

On his emergence up the depth chart:

"It feels great everybody looking at you and you got to live up to your name. I just go out there and play my game without getting a big head."

On the receivers:

"We got great receivers and everybody is getting in the mix. I think we might have the best receivers in the country."

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