Scrimmage Play By Play

Day three of the Gators showcased some controlled scrimmage to an enthusiastic crowd of Gator fans. Coach Meyer notched up the intensity as the Gators went head-to-head.

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GROUP ONE OFFENSE: Chris Leak, Deshawn Wynn, varied receivers, Tavares Washington, Drew Miller, Mike Degory, Steve Rissler, Randy Hand

1-10@ 12: Chad Jackson in motion as the H- Back, Leak keeps for 1 yard 2-9@ 11: Jackson again in motion as H-Back, DeShawn Wynn straight ahead for 4 yards 3-5@ 7: Leak pass incomplete to Tate Casey, broken up by Jarvis Herring. Defense Win (O-0, D-1)

GROUP TWO OFFENSE: Josh Portis, Markus Manson, various receivers, Jason Watkins, Carlton Medder, Eddie Haupt, Jim Tartt, Phil Trautwein

1-10 @ 12: Manson straight ahead for five yards. 2-5@ 7: Haupt, bad snap, fumble ball recovered by Portis. Meyer calls defense win Defense Win (O-0, D-2)

ONE GROUP WITH THORNTON 1-10 @ 12: Chris Leak throws over the middle to Jackson in the middle of the end zone, TD Jackson. Offense Win (O-1, D-2)

TWO GROUP WITH MANSON: 1-10 @ 12: Manson carries ahead for ix yards. 2-4 @ 6: Portis keeps around the end for two yards. 3-2 @ 4: Thompson moves in motion to -back, reverse to Jemalle Cornelius.for TD. Offense Win (O-2, D-2)

ONE GROUP: 1-10 @ 12: Thornton for (-1), tackle by Herring. Should have been off-sides by Herring. 2-11 @ 13: Five wide set, Leak to Chad Jackson for four yeards. 3-7 @ 9: Leak throws incomplete to Chad Jackson, Earl Everett broke up the pass. Defense Win (O-2, D-3)

TWO GROUP: 1-10 @ 12: Manson straight ahead for nothing. 2-10 @ 12: Manson fumble, recovered by the defense behind the line of scrimmage. Defense Win: (O-2, D-4)

ONE GROUP: 4-6 @ 6: Jackson in motion as H-back, Leak keeps the ball for two yards. 4:4 @ 4: Leak passes I the middle of the end zone to Jackson for touchdown. Offense Win: (O-3, D-4)

TWO GROUP: 1-6 @ 6: Portis keeps around the end for three yards. 2-3 @ 3: Thornton up the middle for three yards and a touchdown. Offense Win: (O-4, D-4)

ONE GROUP: 1-6 @ 6: Reverse to Chad Jackson, key block was Tavares Washington on (gulp) Vernell Brown. Offense Win: (O-5, D-4)

TWO GROUP: 1-6 @ 6: Portis complete to Cornelius for five yards. 2-1 @ 6: Manson for (-1) , tackle Billy Latsko. (maybe fumble) (O-5, D-5)

ONE GROUP: 4-8 @ 8: Leak complete to Chad Jackson for a touchdown. Offense Win: (O-6, D-5)

TWO GROUP: 4-8 @ 8: Portis complete to Dallas Baker for a touchdown. Offense Win: (O-7, D-5)

ONE GROUP: 4-6 @ 6: Leak overthrows Andre Caldwell in the corner Defense Win: (O-7, D-6)

TWO GROUP: 4-6 @ 6: Portis incomplete to Cornelius, broken up by Grace.. Defense Win: (O-7, D-7)

ONE GROUP: 4-4 @ 4: Vernell Brown holds Jackson on a sure TD pass from Leak. 1-2 @ 2: Skyler Thornton for two yards and a touchdown, tough running. Offense Win: (O-8, D-7)

TWO GROUP: 4-4 @9: Carlton Medder jumps off-sides, penalty. 4-9 @ 9: Shovel pass to a motioned Mike McIntosh for six yards, over on downs Defense Win: (O-8, D-8)

ONE GROUP: 4-2 @ 2: Leak throws incomplete behind Kenneth Tookes. Over on downs Defense Win: (O-8, D-9)

TWO GROUP: 4-2 @ 2: Portis, under center hands off to Manson for two yards and a touchdown.. Offense Win: (O-9, D-9)

ONE GROUP: 4-1 @ 1: Thornton is tackled in the backfield for (-1). Ray McDonald and Todd McCullough on the tackle. Defense Win: (O-9, D-10)

TWO GROUP: 4-1 @ 1: Portis fumbles snap, gains composure, makes the pitch and Manson squeezes in the right corner of the end zone. Offense Win: (O-10, D-10)

ONE GROUP: 4-1-1/2 @ 1-1/2: Leak fakes the handoff and keeps for bootleg touchdown. Offense Win: (O-11, D-10)

FINAL Offense: 11; Defense: 10

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