Hollywood Bob's Spring Practice Report, Day 3

<b>WHAT'S NEW:</b> We found Michael Brown. After I never spotted him for the first two days, he was seen today wearing a blue jersey and participating with the offensive linemen…Bull in the ring: The players made a complete circle around two players at a time and the two grappled until someone was down.

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The players made such a tight circle, we could barely see any of what was going on inside…Later in the practice they did the same thing, only it wasn't as closed up and more or less right in front of the crowd. It was somewhat reminiscent of the Oklahoma drill in intensity. A quick play by play… Cohen over Hand. Herring and Chad were about even. Dee Webb and Caldwell, Dee in the end. Tookes drove Kyle Jackson to the ground. McMillan got the best of Rissler and then even on a do-over.Tavares Washington got the best of Mincey. Brandon Siler and Deshawn Wynn, Wynn by a hair. McCullough and Wynn were too close to call. Crum planted Skyler Thornton. He must have thought he was hog hunting. Carlton Medder got the better of Tree Morant twice. Jim Tartt got the best of Lutrell Alford. Drew Miller beat Michael Hill. Earl Everett put Manson on his posterior. Coach Addazio was all over Tate Casey to "finish it , finish it, until the whistle!!" Dallas flipped Dawayne Grace like a pancake. Haupt did well against Mincey…The defense worked on the full house blitz and bringing everybody for a great deal of time today…The defense also lined up in a three-man front and had the weak side defensive ends drop back as linebackers. In the first group it was Jeremy Mincey and in the second it was Jarvis Moss…Eddie Haupt was the center on the second unit. I don't know how the rotation and the line ha been altered since Lance Butler was out today (attending his brother's wedding). Meyer hinted in a press conference a couple of weeks ago that the true freshmen linemen would red-shirt, but one has to wonder.

THINGS I LIKED: The intensity was very high with the drills they were doing to get the players jacked up… The offense looked like fun already with the motion running game and the receivers and tight ends getting in the mix in the running game. They were much more polished looking than I would have ever thought… Reggie Lewis seems to be getting better at corner. He had the best play on Jemalle Cornelius in the one-on-one drill that I have seen all week… DaWayne Grace was in on at least three pass breakups that I can remember … Leak was 12-14 in the pass-skel drills with seven of the completions coming on passes past 10 yards. Josh Portis was 6-8…. We saw a lot, but probably just a glimpse of what the H-back is going to mean to this offense. It really looked like Chad Jackson has already stepped up and will have a real chance to play there.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: The punt protection needs some help, but it is very early. They line up five linemen and three back in front of the punter, with two gunners. Although I only saw one blocked, the heat was there the whole time. Drew Miller was one of the back line players and the guy barking out the snap… The defense was every bit as cold as the quarterbacks were hot in the pass-skel.

HIGHLIGHTS: Caldwell put a sweet out and up move on Nick Brooks and smoked him for a would-be touchdown in the one-on-one drill. Leak hit Tate Casey in stride for a thirty-yard bomb that would have gone the distance on the first play of pass-skel…The Bull in the Ring "was worth the price of admission," as I heard one Gator fan say … On Chad Jackson's reverse in the scrimmage, the pulling tackle was Tavares Washington. Poor Vernell Brown was engulfed when the lumbering giant tracked him down as the last man standing between C-Jax and the goal line.

LOWLIGHTS: Manson fumbled the ball twice.

PLAY OF THE DAY: I will go with the first of two reverses that went for touchdowns. With Portis at quarterback, Markell Thompson went in motion and planted himself in the backfield as the H-back. On the snap, Thompson runs a toss route and Jemalle Cornelius from the same side, cuts across Portis who hands off for a touchdown.

PLAYER OF THE DAY: Chad Jackson gets the nod two days in a row, although Chris Leak had a stellar day also. Chad scored four touchdowns in the short scrimmage today. Three by air and one by land.

THINGS HEARD AND SEEN: Ryan Stamper, future Gator linebacker, was in attendance and we have a picture of him in today's gallery… Zep Augustine, reserve DB on last year's team, was in the crowd … Reggie Lewis was back with the first team nickel defense today… Two walk-ons have caught my eye so far. WR John Curtis and CB Lamont Sheppard (Lito's brother) have stood out from the group of walk-ons. Kyle Morgan, a walkon who played special teams last year, is a player and will see some time on the field this year at wide receiver ... Meyer, evidently wanting to make an early impression on Haupt, screamed, "Get out! Get out! That's you!!!" He was referencing the bad snap on the second play from scrimmage for the second team. He made the offense forfeit their third down for the miscue… Aubrey McFadden was watching the practice. Most Gator recruitniks will remember him as signing with Florida State two years ago. He is now attending junior college in Mississippi.

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