FOOTBALL: Offense - Who's Lost or Gained Weight

Most observers were always under the assumption that Coach Rob Glass and his strength and conditioning staff were all about speed and endurance, but as we are finding out, Glass was about the weights. Under the new strength and conditioning system being implemented by Coach Mickey Marotti and and Coach Matt Balis, we're discovering that this staff isn't looking necessarily for bulk but for dense, lean muscle mass.

The new staff emphasizes strength training that comes from using many types of lifting and bending, working all of the muscles.

With new workout regimens, Gator Country decided to compare the listed weights from the updated spring roster with the listed heights and weights from last season to determine who's up and who's down in the new system. As you go down the list, it's easy to see that most of the drastic changes have come from the freshman class of last year. Of course, that is to be expected with most of them having done their first full year of weight training at the college level, plus eating right via the training table. There are very few "bad bodies" this spring, less than can be counted on one hand.

Here are the offensive players and the changes that we see. Defensive comparisons will be made tomorrow.


12 Chris Leak 6-0, 205: Leak is +10 pounds from last year's weigh in back in August. This weight can only help him with the running he will be asked to do in the offense.

17 Gavin Dickey 5-11, 203: Dickey is +7 pounds from his last weigh-in. It is really surprising to think that Dickey weighs this much and can move that well.

7 Cornelius Ingram 6-4, 209: I am guessing that they haven't weighed Ingram lately. Over at basketball they listed him at 219 which would be a +10 from last year.

4 Josh Portis 6-3, 202: Portis is +14 pounds from his reported weigh-in during his visit here in December. Hard to believe all the quarterbacks are within seven pounds of each other.


21 DeShawn Wynn 5-11, 228: Wynn is listed as the same weight he was last August and that is actually a good thing. He does look good right now. I would say leaner, let's hope he is meaner.

25 Skyler Thornton 5-11, 208: Skyler is -2 from last year's August weigh in. He was much bigger than that last spring, somewhere around 220, and too big. This is a good weight for him.

2 Markus Manson 6-0, 205: Manson is +16 from his weigh-in last August. He looks very good with the added weight which should help him run between the tackles. I haven't noticed a drop in speed.


81 Dallas Baker 6-3, 200: Dallas is -5 from last year. I heard he has been busting it in the weight room. He really looked good the first couple of days doing the five-yard-fight drill, seemed quicker.

5 Andre Caldwell 6-1, 198: Caldwell is reportedly the fastest Gator and +3 pounds over last years weight.. He was big enough to pulverize the Tennessee safety at the end-zone last year. He looks rock solid now.

6 Jemalle Cornelius 5-11, 188: Cornelius is up +8 over last years reported weight. He and McIntosh are in a race to stay ahead of each other on the scale.

8 Chad Jackson 6-1, 204: All the Gator Country fans ogled over Jackson's body last year He is +2 pounds over that. He looks as good as ever.

3 Kenneth Tookes 6-2, 205: Tookes is +8 pounds over and has the frame to carry it. He hasn't seemed slowed by the added weight as he has been running many deep routes and getting wide open.

1 Michael McIntosh 6-0, 184: McIntosh is +7 pounds from his report weight in August last year and 184 sounds great for him. He looks a lot better. He is playing well, but hasn't had that breakout practice yet.


84 Tate Casey 6-6, 234: If there was one thing Casey lacked last year it was the necessary weight for his position. He's added +15 pounds to his frame and that is great news. He is flying down the field now and toasting linebackers and safeties. He really looks good.

86 Dane Guthrie 6-3, 257: Dane evidently grew +33 pounds and +1 inch since August. With Meyer's talk of him playing a little running back, it is a good sign that it is positive weight. A hammy pull the first day has limited him but he was running well and looked good until then.

89 Markell Thompson 6-6, 264: Markell is down (-1) pounds and not a significant change. My impression is that he is moving faster, others don't feel the same. He has always looked physically gifted.


72 Lance Butler 6-7, 309: Lance is up +11 pounds from his playing weight last year. The offensive staff wanted him right around 300 last year and this one wants him at 310. He looked good the first day and still runs like a gazelle.

68 Mike Degory 6-6, 296: Degory is down -10 pounds from last year more likely due to a bout with mononucleosis in January and February than anything else. In the new offense, he will need to be quite mobile so it's possible he won't gain back too much of the weight that he lost.

74 Randy Hand 6-6, 310: Hand is up +5 pounds from last year's playing weight. Really like most of these huge linemen, five pounds doesn't mean too much. He looks as good as ever.

79 Steve Rissler 6-3, 303: Rissler is up +3 pounds and not a great deal of change in appearance. He has always looked very strong and continues to.

76 Tavares Washington 6-4, 311: Tavares is up +4 pounds and apparently +1inch in height. He is unusually quick for his size and has displayed his mobility often for the crowds at practice.

73 Carlton Medder 6-5, 315: Medder is only down -5 pounds but he is one of the younger players who has lost fat and gained muscle. It's quite noticeable. He is looking better with age.

67 Drew Miller 6-5, 302: Miller is up +10 pounds and really looks like a man. He will be a significant part of the future of Florida football and may be in the present.

75 Phil Trautwein 6-6, 305: Wow!! Trautwein is up +25 pounds and his upper body is filling out huge. He has quick feet and needed more upper body mass. He is probably five pounds away from being where the staff wants him to be. He should continue to get better.

63 Jim Tartt 6-3, 315: I haven't had a solid look at Jim Tartt yet but he is up +10 pounds on last year's weight. The current staff likes the guards to be maulers. Jim's a serious weight lifter so you know he has the strength.

77 Jason Watkins 6-6 300: Another Wow!!! Watkins is up +20 pounds and I think all of it is in his biceps. He lacked upper body strength last year but should be able to handle bull rushes this year.

45 Michael Brown 6-4, 284: Brown was a defensive lineman last year when he redshirted. He is very quick and down -4 pounds from last year. He has the frame to really bulk up and I am sure they want him in the 300 range. He looks good.

63 Jonathan Marvin 6-3, 340: Marvin is supposedly up +5 pounds although I don't think he looks 340. Still, he has a long way to go to be a player for the Gators.

69 Eddie Haupt 6-4, 298: Haupt has put the weight on fast since his September visit and is up +18 pounds. He is a true freshman early enrollee, running second team center right now and looking to get some early playing time..

70 Ronnie Wilson 6-3, 318: Wilson is down -32 pounds and -1 inch in height from his reported numbers on his visit in October. Wilson will need some work in the weight room and probably need to shed another ten pounds while adding muscle.

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