DEFENSE: Who's Lost Or Gained Weight

The offseason is when players go hard on the weights to make their gains in strength, but it's also a time when they add muscle weight and drop fat. Earlier this week, we gave you the the weight and height changes for the offense. Today we look at the defense.


20 Joe Cohen 6-2, 280: Cohen is reportedly up +10 pounds, but I know he played at or near 280 last year. He looks the same, but does seem to be able to run more.

57 Jeremy Mincey 6-4, 263: Mincey is up +5 pounds, but he has always been bulky and fast. The added weight hasn't seemed to slow him down.

97 Tranell Morant 6-5, 276: Morant is up +21 pounds but looks lean. At 276 he may get more time inside than he bargained for.

85 MacKenzie Pierre 6-3, 258: Pierre has always looked like an athlete which is why he was signed in the first place. He is up +5 pounds from last year, but hasn't been able to translate that to promising playing time yet.

91 Derrick Harvey 6-4, 254: Harvey is up a whopping +27 pounds and he looks it. He has a much more solid build than last year and that should let him get on the field faster.

48 Javier Estopinan DE 6-1, 263: Estopinan looks a little overweigh with the +22 pounds he has added. He is out this spring with a torn ACL, so we can't see any progress on the field at his new position.

94 Jarvis Moss 6-6, 238: Moss is up +13 pounds, and looks it. Still, the frail defensive lineman could use more weight and it may keep him off the injured list.


93 Steven Harris 6-4, 266: Harris is down -1 pound from last year's weight. Harris is on of the more solid looking bodies on the defensive line and plays inside on passing downs.

95 Ray McDonald DT 6-3, 283: Ray is down -2 pounds, but I think it is a good thing. It means he is working in the offseason which has been a problem in the past. He needs to be the Gators best player on defense.

44 Marcus Thomas DT 6-3, 287: Thomas is down -3 pounds right now. He is out for the spring with a back injury and needs to stay in shape as much as possible.

90 Michael Hill DT 6-2, 285: Michael Hill looks solid, up +5 pounds from last season. Hill is my darkhorse for surprising player in the spring on defense, but he can't get ahead of Clint McMillan just yet.

98 Clint McMillan DT 6-1, 280: McMillan is up +6 pounds over last season. He has kept his starting role on the defense with the loss of Thomas for the spring. He is a workout warrior in the gym and I am sure any bulk he added was muscle.

59 Julian Riley DT 6-3, 278: Riley is up a reported +11 pounds and +1 inch. The added weight and height has pushed the injury riddled defensive lineman to defensive tackle for now.

66 Todd Bunce DT 6-3, 284: Bunce is up +16 pounds and like McMillan, he is a weight lifting fiend. I believe he is the strongest player on the team.

50 Branden Daniel DT 6-3, 301: Branden is down -1 pounds from last year. He is not practicing right now due to a shoulder injury, but probably should keep his weight down until he is able to work out and put muscle on.


47 Todd McCullough LB 6-5, 232: McCullough looks solid at +2 pounds over last season. He has always been in great shape as a player.

30 Earl Everett LB 6-2, 228: Everett is up +4 pounds. Any added weight to Everett is a bonus as he is plenty fast as a linebacker.

40 Brandon Siler LB 6-2, 235: Siler is up +5 pounds and it can be seen in his legs. He has always had a big upper torso, but he had very skinny legs. He's showing better development in his legs now. He plays just as well as he did last year.

Brian Crum LB 6-3, 234: Crum is up +2 pounds last year. He has been really aggressive in the combat drills and the added weight can't hurt that.

42 Billy Latsko LB 5-10 227: Latsko is down -3 pounds from last year. He looks solid and has made some plays already this spring. I am not sure of the weight was needed to come off for speed purposes.

29 Eric Rutledge LB 6-0, 242: Rutledge looks really solid. He is up +1 pound but replaced some baby fat with muscle.


46 Jarvis Herring 5-11, 201: Jarvis is at the same weight but looks a little more ripped than I have seen him. The added muscle could be used as he will be asked to play a little more inside and rush the passer than he has ever done.

49 Terrence Holmes FS 5-11, 197: Holmes is down -3 pounds and looks solid. He could be a cover guy in a pinch if they aren't happy with the production of the corners and he can be spared at safety.

3 Kyle Jackson FS 6-1, 194: Someone said last year he was too small to play. It wasn't me. He is up +3 pounds and reportedly +1 inch in height. Kyle Jackson is a natural free safety and just knows how and where to get to the ball.

19 Tony Joiner SS 5-11, 197: He is up +7 from last year. He was only out there one of the first four days but he looks solid as ever. With is frame, if he were taller he could help out at linebacker, but he is a solid looking strong safety prospect.

24 Deshawn Carter SS 6-0, 210: Carter is down -4 pounds and has needed it. He is in a new position and a solid size for that position. Hopefully he has the instincts to play strong safety that he couldn't find at cornerback.


15 Demetrice Webb 5-11, 187: Webb may have lost a little due to track and is down (-3) pounds from last season. He has played solid out there.

16 Vernell Brown 5-8, 165: Everyone wants to put more on Vernell but he just can't add it. He is at the same weight he was last season but a monster in the weight room according to Coach (Mickey) Marotti.

22 Reggie Lewis 5-10, 196: Lewis is at a new position and is up +1 pound from last year. He has a rock solid build and is playing himself into some good playing time.

26 Jermaine McCollum 5-9, 184: Jermaine is the bigger of the two twins and is up +4 pounds over last season. Both twins are very solid looking and are good athletes. I think both would surprise most people with their strength.

18 Tremaine McCollum 5-8 176: Tremaine is up +3 pounds from last year. See his brother above for more. .

23 Dawayne Grace 6-1, 185: Grace is up +10 pounds and is another one of the true freshmen that seem to be up +1 inch in height from last year. Grace is working with the second unit, and the added weight is noticeable in a good way.

36 Nick Brooks 6-0, 199: Brooks is up +5 pounds over last year. He is one of those guys that gets lost in the shuffle sometimes and to be honest, I thought he may have to lose some weight to be productive as a cornerback. Still he is a solid looking athlete.


10 Eric Wilbur P 6-1, 205: Wilbur is up +13 pounds from last year. I have to admit not paying much attention to Wilbur's build in the past, but he did play some safety in high school and is asked to tackle in an emergency.

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