Hollywood Bob's In-Depth Spring Practice Report

<b>WHAT'S NEW:</b> Not exactly new, but it was a good sight to see Tony Joiner out there today practicing. Joiner missed the last three practices due to personal issues. The issues haven't seemed to put Joiner in the doghouse as he was running with the first team during some drills…Steven Harris started out on the first unit at defensive tackle during team drills. We commented Monday that it may be during passing downs, but it looks like it may be a permanent switch…

Drew Miller moved to first team right guard while Steven Rissler was moved to back-up center. I am not sure if the first move was made to get the second move to happen to give the Gators an upper classman as the back-up at center…It appears the second team offensive line today was Jason Watkins at left tackle, Carlton Medder at left guard, Stever Rissler at center, Jim Tartt at right guard and Phil Trautwein at right tackle…During defensive drills when the Gators were in a three linebacker set, Brian Crum joined Brandon Siler and Earl Everett on the field at the same time for the first team defense…There were at least three new drills that I noticed today. One was a pass protection drill with the running backs. Nat Moore was on hand and commented on the drill. He liked it and said it is something he hasn't seen before. He said, "Coaches complain about running backs not being able to pass block, but they don't ever practice it." Great point Mr. Moore…Another drill was something I believe they called an "Inside Drill." Simultaneously in two different areas, a running back vs. linebacker and a wide receiver/tight end vs. defensive back took their stances. The offensive person would receive the ball and the defender would have to try and tackle them one on one. The offensive player has a four-yard boundary. They have to stay inside and they have to advance the ball ten yards. More often than not, the defenders win because they can tackle or use the sideline…The third drill was something opposite of what I have been calling the five-yard fight, I will call it the "DB pursuit drill." In this new drill the idea is for the defensive back to fight through the block of the wide receiver. They line some three yards apart and have to fight through to get to a certain point on the field. Unlike the defensive backs in the five-yard fight this DB pursuit drill was mostly won by the wide receivers. It looks like it is a drill focused on helping the DB's as the five-yard fight is more focused on helping the wide receivers…We watched Cornelius Ingram throw his first passes in drills against the defense today. He spent all of the one-on-one and pass-skel time over with the running game, but finally when the team offense and defense met up, he threw some.

Tony Joiner (#19) back in action after missing almost a week of practice

THINGS I LIKED: The intensity is still ratcheted up with these combat and hitting drills all over the place. Seems like something new along these lines every day…The stars of the inside drill (see above) included Deshawn Wynn on offense. He completely laid out Todd McCullough on one collision. Earl Everett was the surest tackler among defenders and he made the drill look easy…Reggie Lewis has some speed. On two separate occasions he was covering Chad Jackson and Bubba Caldwell on deep patterns and ran toe to toe with them all the way down the field. Everyone was going all out and there was serious speed on the field…It is hard to gauge, but looking at the kickoff return unit and what they seem to be trying it looks like it may be a very successful unit. Coach (Steve) Addazio plays a big part in coaching the back part of the return team if not all of it. Nick Fleming put a couple of high kicks on the goal line. That was good to see.

The Inside Drill in action...

HIGHLIGHTS: In the Inside drill, Bubba Caldwell absolutely threw Tony Joiner to the ground before completing his ten yards… Tate Casey used a spin move to get by Crum, to the delight of the crowd… Tremaine McCullom jumped inside and intercepted a Dickey pass to Chad Jackson. Both twins are fighting very hard out here everyday and the coaches are noticing. The next time out he almost did the same exact thing but Tate Casey fought him off for the completion….Mike McIntosh seems to be coming out of his shell. He made more of those plays we haven't seen in a few days. A couple of over the shoulder diving catches and a picture perfect come back for the ball highlighted the receivers day today.

LOWLIGHTS: Nick Brooks wasn't playing well today. I have seen better of him out here already this week. He needs to step up his game if he wants to get involved.

PLAY OF THE DAY: In the offense vs. defense team drill, Dee Webb picked off a short outside pass intended for Dallas Baker. Webb dropped back on the offensive right side and seemed to bait Chris Leak into throwing his direction. Like a shark on a baby seal, Webb swarmed in for the kill and took the ball to the house in the opposite direction. .

PLAYER OF THE DAY: I am going to go with Tremaine McCullom today. The defense seemed to get the best of the offense and it is hard to pick one player, but Tremaine really stood out in the one-on-one, making life miserable for receivers in a drill designed to be easier for the offensive players. He hasn't gotten much pub, so he deserves it today.

DB Pursuit drill in action...

THINGS HEARD AND SEEN: Ray McDonald limped off during team drills, but it didn't look serious…As we mentioned Monday Kenneth Tookes was on the first snap on offense at times. Today he started again with Dallas Baker, Jemalle Cornelius, Tate Casey, and Skyler Thornton. The major thing is, they rotate completely on every other play right now with the second group consisting of Deshawn Wynn, Chad Jackson, Bubba Caldwell, Mike Mcintosh, and Kyle Morgan… The kickers in order today were Chris Hetland, Brandon Abbaspour, and Eric Nappy…Coach (Stan) Drayton at the Inside Drill "You're not gaining any yards, attack." …Coach (Chuck) Heater remains very vocal and was rooting on the offensive players during the DB pursuit drill. He climbed all over another player later in practice and yelled at him to "Get out, no more. That is a waste of effort. No more for you!!" …The crowds are getting larger and they are having to repeatedly ask the people in the crowd to stay behind the white line leading to the field.

In Pass-skel the quarterback passing lines read: Leak: Attempts: 15, Completions: 10
Portis: Attempts: 9, Completions: 7
Dickey: Attempts: 7, Completions: 6

FACES IN THE CROWD: There were some ex-Gator players in attendance --- Nat Moore, Terry Jackson, Willie Jackson, Shane Matthews, Gerard Warren, Ricky Nattiel, Mike Nattiel.


They had full hitting today during the team session, but it couldn't really be described as a scrimmage. Still, it was full contact (except on quarterbacks) and the referees were there to call penalties. The ball started on the thirty yard-line every play and seventy yards from the end zone. Here is a play-by-play.

1st Unit Offense vs. 1st Unit Defense

Chris Leak incomplete to Dallas Baker.
Draw play to Skyler Thornton for 43 yards..
Leak option keeper for about eight.
Dane Guthrie in at tight end, DeShawn Wynn off of right tackle for four yards.
Leak incomplete deep ball.
Leak delayed screen to Baker for zero

2nd Unit Offense vs. 2nd Unit Defense

Markus Manson around right tackle, reverses field and goes for five yards, clip on the play.
Manson over right guard for two yards.
Josh Portis sacked by Michael Hill.
Bad snap, Manson gets tackled behind the line after late handoff.
Portis screen for negative yardage.

3rd Unit Offense vs. 3rd Unit Defense

DuJuan Lawrence run up the middle for zero.
Cornelius Ingram overthrows John Curtis 30 yards down the field.
Gavin Dickey throws incomplete deep, just off the hands of receiver.
Ingram option keeper for minus yards.
RB Gay runs for ten yards over the right guard.

1st Unit Offense vs. 1st Unit Defense

Joe Cohen comes from the backside and tackles Thornton for minus yardage.
Leak pass incomplete, Interference call on Tony Joiner defending Dallas Baker.
Leak pass incomplete.
Leak pass intercepted. Intended for Dallas Baker, Dee Webb jumps the out route and scores.
Deshawn Wynn for five yards over the left guard.
Leak has the ball punched out of his hands on an option and turns over the ball.

2nd Unit Offense vs. 2nd Unit Defense

Dickey incomplete pass, underthrow to Andre Caldwell.
Manson up the gut for one yard.
Dickey complete to Chad Jackson, nice catch by Jackson for seven.
Manson squeezes up the middle for six yards.
Dickey shovel pass for two yards.
Manson dips inside then heads outside for 27 yards.

1st Unit Offense vs. 1st Unit Defense

Thornton on a draw for one to the right side.
Leak incomplete as Jackson trips over Webb's feet on a deep ball.
Thornton gets zero on a quick trap inside.
Skyler to the outside right and has to cut back in where he weaves his way and goes for 70 yards and the score.

2nd Unit Offense vs. 2nd Unit Defense

Portis fakes handoff and bootlegs outside left where he has one receiver blocking one defensive back.
Wynn draw for zip.
Portis stopped in backfield on an option left.
Portis sacked by Mackenzie Pierre
Manson takes the option pitch left from Portis for 25 yards.
Chad Jackson for negative yards on the reverse.

1st Unit Offense vs. 1st Unit defense

Dickey incomplete to Caldwell deep, ball was knocked away at 25 yards.
Dickey incomplete to Caldwell deep, pass went 40 yards.

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