Hollywood Bob's In-Depth Scrimmage #2 Report

<b>WHAT'S NEW:</b> The chain gang was painful to watch. Mike McIntosh, Terrance Holmes, Branden Daniel, and Ronnie Wilson were all walking stadiums today for the entire first half of practice. The kicker was they were carrying heavy objects like a large rock, a large chain, or sand bags the entire time. It doesn't pay to be injured around here these days. You don't get a day off…

Junior Day is new and huge for UF this time... Larry Vettel said it was definitely the most high school junior football players in attendance in over 20 years for a spring practice…Jarvis Moss and Jeremy Mincey showed off a little at linebacker when the defense went to a three down lineman set. This was in a third and long passing situation.

THINGS I LIKED: It is just fun to watch Coach (Steve Addazio) get after it on special teams…Kyle Jackson has had about ten chances this year in practice to take people's heads off. Well, he held up a little and still almost took Jemalle Cornelius head off. Jackson will be a star before he is done at the University of Florida…On the offensive side, I don't remember even a chance at an interception. The quarterbacks rarely threw into double coverage. The athletic ability among the quarterbacks was on stage today. All four of these guys can make something out of nothing if they have to…The offense was fun to watch and it will only get better. I personally love the shovel/option combination and it is hell fire on defensive ends and linebackers. When the offense puts it all together, it will be something. Bubba Caldwell had this to say, "Things are starting to come along. Stuff isn't clicking the way we want to but we're progressing and getting better every day. Chad had a big day and there'll probably be another person next scrimmage." … DeShawn Wynn ran extremely well today. He did a little bit of everything, running it inside and outside with equal success. He was most impressive breaking tackles. He is also the best so far at taking the shovel pass and getting up field quick.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: Markus Manson never got the hole to get yards all day. He was constantly trapped behind the line of scrimmage and didn't get yardage. His one yard per carry bore that out…Thornton didn't do too much better than Manson. It wasn't a great day for the running game, which does bode well for the rush defense… Still no Markell Thompson showing up on the stats but Tate Casey was probably under-utilized too…I didn't see a ton of pass rush until we started blitzing… I mentioned this for offense, but for defense, there weren't many chances for interceptions even though the ball was thrown 43 times…Bad snaps due to the weather. OK, it was a scrimmage, so I won't complain about an indoor practice facility on this one. Yes I will.

HIGHLIGHTS: Kyle Jackson's hit on Jemalle Cornelius got the most ooooohhh's from the crowd…Jarvis Herring had the second best hit of the day as he caused Bubba Caldwell to cough up the completion… Gavin Dickey had a string of three plays in a row where he hit for 34 yards, 34 yards and 17 yards and almost two touchdowns. He got one. He also had a nice scramble for 26 yards… Two nice shovel passes to Deshawn Wynn were executed beautifully.

PLAY OF THE DAY: Leak threw a picture perfect bomb to Chad Jackson over the top for a 65 yard touchdown. The ball flew 30 yards in the air before easing into Jackson's hands and he just had to out race Reggie Lewis for a touchdown.

Chad Jackson lead the scrimmage with 160 yards in receptions and two touchdowns.

PLAYERS OF THE DAY: Unofficially we had Chad Jackson for eight catches, 157 yards and two touchdowns on offense. More so even than Leak, Jackson has been the star of spring practice this year. He didn't dull that star at all today. I'd say this was a little understatement for himself after the scrimmage. "Everybody is getting used to the offense right now." Jackson said. "It's a brand new offense for us, a different offense for us and it's wide open, so everybody's coming together… quarterbacks and wide receivers just coming together."

On defense I will go with Kyle Jackson. I am not sure if he was to blame on Jackson's 65 yard touchdown catch, but other than that he seemed all over the deep balls flying around.

THINGS SEEN AND HEARD: Kenneth Tookes left the field with an injury. He walked into the locker room…Like all contact days they started off with the "Bull In The Ring" square off. First up on the day was Lance Butler vs. Joe Cohen and they battled to somewhat of a draw. Brandon Siler and Deshawn Wynn squared off next and Siler got the best of that one… They practiced kickoff coverage, kick returns, punt coverage, and punt returns. I'll be honest and say the punt team worries me. They line up in a five up and three back protection package. In practice a few have been blocked and it seems like there are more offensive linemen on this team than most that may have to go downfield and cover…Coach Meyer after some special teams: "Return team I want to see you after practice!! Return team, one's and two's! I want to see you after practice!! That's awful!!" Then he pointed directly at Markell Thompson and gave him some more…I didn't get a great look at too many prospects, but the photo journal includes Sam Young. We also recognized Jeremy Ricker, Jamar Hornsby and Toryan Smith. We'll have more for you over the weekend.

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