SPRING: Hollywood Bob's Spring Practice Report #8

<b>WHAT'S NEW:</b> Gavin Dickey lined up at receiver for the entire practice today. Dickey had to be told his routes on every play. Just two days after a pretty good scrimmage, one has to wonder what is in store for the junior from Tallahassee…Derrick Harvey got a lot of work with the first team defense after he had a great rundown of DeShawn Wynn during the last team session of practice.

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It earned a high five from the head ball coach and also earned him the spot with the first unit following that play…The whole team left for the opposite field early in practice away from the vision of the fans to practice the running game.

After a little bit of that the quarterbacks came over to the near field to practice throwing the ball on the run…Finally, there was a bit of the scout team vs. the defense. The scout team offensive line, which at the time consisted of Jason Watkins, Ronnie Wilson, Eddie Haupt, Jon Marvin, and Doug Pokorny went with the scout running backs against the first and second unit of the defensive front.

Gavin Dickey lines up at wide receiver - visual proof of his versatility!

THINGS I LIKED: Bubba Caldwell had a more active day. He must have run the reverse thirty times. He also made some catches he hasn't been making. Kyle Morgan continues to look like he is going to be in the rotation at wide receiver… At one point there were five coaches yelling during the kickoff return drill. I think they are taking it seriously… You can see it sometimes but not all the time when Leak decides to hum the ball in there to the receiver. There are definitely some changes being made to his throwing style. When Leak ran the option, he showed some speed that most people don't know he has …Dickey is one of the best personalities on the team. Playing exclusively at receiver today the crowd could tell he was having a great time. When the offense went to the team drill he was at linebacker firing up the backup offensive players to make plays on defense. He drew several laughs from the crowd for his spirited talk during the session. He was particularly jawing with his baseball teammate Tate Casey. On a pass pattern he was in coverage on the tight end that stands seven inches taller. He kept Casey from making the catch and told him, "I've got you D'ed up baby.!!" Later Casey stiff armed him nicely and told him "I've been working on that stiff arm." …I finally saw the tight end get the ball as the H-back in the backfield. Tate Casey went into motion as the H-back and lined up in the backfield at the snap. He cut under Leak who moved to option the ball to the right to Skyler Thornton. Leak shoveled the ball underneath to the wide open Casey… Josh Portis continues to show great speed when running with the ball.

More Circle of Life (Bull in the Ring) today - it's done at every practice now.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: Caldwell while playing a little better, is still dropping some balls…Kyle Morgan came up limping after a catch in pass-skel drills…Cornelius Ingram seems to be falling behind in the quarterback derby.

HIGHLIGHTS: I guess Ronnie Wilson had a remark in the local paper about "The "Pit." I guess you could say he went from the Pit list to the &^%$ list, he was called to be the first in the "Circle of Life" today and beat Todd Bunce pretty handily. They ended up having to go twice. Andre Caldwell and Chad Jackson absolutely whipped whoever they faced in the "Circle of Life." … Caldwell had one of the best moves of the spring in the one-on-one vs. Tremaine McCullom. He had McCullom spun around so much he didn't know where he was. One heckler in the stands said, "If you're going to undress me, at least buy me a drink." … The screen passes so far this spring haven't been too fruitful for the offense. Without the full hitting going on, it appeared that Caldwell took one for a touchdown just using his blazing speed…Leak got an ovation when he faked an option pitch to DeShawn Wynn and took it underneath himself as Kyle Jackson totally bit on the fake pitch. Leak could have gone for 20 yards or more… I saw Phil Trautwein really ride Derrick Harvey down on one particular play…Todd McCullough busted up a shovel pass and jumped on the loose ball…Reggie Lewis ran down Chad Jackson on the reverse for no gain.

PLAYS OF THE DAY: In Pas-skel, Dallas Baker ran a skinny post down the left side, beating Vernell Brown just enough for Chris Leak to put the ball in there for what would have been a long touchdown… Tremaine McCullom made a huge play during team drills. He jumped on a Josh Portis pass to Dallas Baker and batted the ball slightly up in the air, scooping it up with one hand before it hit the ground. This drew a high five from Coach Meyer.

PLAY OF THE DAY: On offense, I will go with Chris Leak. Unofficially I had him at 20 for 26 (one pick was a dropped pass and counts as a completion when grading the quarterback). He ran the option well and one of the biggest cheers of the day on an option keeper… On defense I'll go with Derrick Harvey. We have been on the defensive ends for a couple of days so it was good to see him use his speed to make a play that got noticed by the head ball coach.

THINGS HEARD AND SEEN: Lutrell Alford was at practice on crutches. It doesn't look like he will be practicing any time soon… Terrance Holmes was still out, as was Mike McIntosh… Kenneth Tookes was wearing a yellow jersey. We mentioned he left the field early in the scrimmage Saturday and he evidently had his bell and was supposed to have minimal contact today… Jim Tartt was limping a little bit near the end, but stayed in and finished practice… Kyle Morgan left with some kind of ankle injury… Joe Cohen seemed to be limping some near the end of practice. He came down awkward on a pass thrown high and yelled as his foot hit the ground…Coach Chuck Heater got excited then mad when Reggie Lewis jumped on an Ingram pass and should have intercepted it, only to drop the ball…Faces in the crowd included Dwayne Thomas, Channing Crowder, Kerwin Bell and Neal Anderson... Reid Fleming's part of the strength team now.

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