RECRUITING: Jamar Hornsby on UF Junior Day

Jamar Hornsby is one of the best prospects available in the south for the class of 2006. This past weekend he decided to stay in-state and visit the SEC powerhouse Florida Gators. What did he think of the new regime in Gainesville?

"I liked it a lot. The best part about it was just watching his offense. I love that five wide attack. They passed the ball a lot and really didn't run it that much at all," Jamar Hornsby said.

The Jacksonville star received plenty of attention from the Florida staff.

"I think some of the other players may have been getting mad with all the attention the coaches were throwing at me. I talked to Coach Meyer, Coach Gonzalez, the running back coach, the DB coach and Coach Mattison.

What all did he get to do on his visit?

"I arrived over there at about 8:10 to 8:15. I stood in line for registration for a while. After that Coach Meyer came in to talk to us and we met with our position coach. Then we ate and after the scrimmage Coach Meyer brought me up to his office and talked to me."

What did the new head ball coach have to say?

"Coach Meyer wanted to know where I had them on my list and that I had a good chance of coming in to start. He said they only had 4 or 5 receivers and they want like 9 to 10. He told me that I'm like one of one percent. He just wanted me in his program."

What did Jamar think of the quarterbacks currently in the Gator program?

"Oh man. All of the quarterbacks looked real good to me. Chris Leak looked like he improved a lot, but #7 was really showing out for a while. He really impressed me."

How did this unofficial trip compare to his visit to Georgia Tech a few weeks back?

"At Georgia Tech I got to do more stuff because at Florida it was raining and all. In Atlanta I did get to hang out with my brothers, but I'd say overall that Florida was a little bit better. However, I'd say GT was funner because I got to do more stuff."

Does Hornsby have any plans for more visits in the near future?

"I might take some more. I may go check out Florida again or go over to Florida State. I don't really want to be driving no 4 or 5 hours for anymore unofficial trips."

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