The Nation's Best Offensive Line?

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. - St. Thomas Aquinas made it to the State Finals on the backs of what might have been the best offensive line in the country. The scary thing for the three best linemen on the team, Left Tackle <b> Sam Young</b>, Right Tackle <b> Marcus Gilbert</b>, and Center <b> Daniel Wenger</b>, were just juniors. The Raiders look to have the best offensive line in the country this year headlined by these three blue chip prospects.

St. Thomas Aquinas is going to have a revolving door this year for college coaches looking at three of the top linemen in the country. The Raiders have two bookend tackles and a center holding the line together, and each of them is big time.

Sam Young is the headliner of the group right now. At 6-6+ and 280+ pounds, Young is everything a coach is looking for in a player. He is smart; he works hard, and athletically, he is a prototype left tackle. He smothers pass rushers, and he punishes them in the ground game. He is agile enough to pull around the right side of the line, and he makes a lot of secondary blocks downfield with his hustle. Young is looking at teams from coast to coast including the likes of Penn State, Michigan, Florida, Ohio State, USC, and more.

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Marcus Gilbert mans the right tackle position, and he is a tremendous prospect himself. He has a great frame at 6-5 and 260 pounds, and like Young, he is extremely mobile. He gives the Raiders a lot of options on the line with his agility, and when he locks onto an opponent, it's over for that player. Gilbert looks like he could end up staying in state, but he will get looks from across the country as well.

#79 Right Tackle Marcus Gilbert/Season Highlight

Daniel Wenger might not get the acclaim that the two tackles do yet, but it's coming. Wenger is a nasty center that has the quickness to get out on linebackers just after the snap. Like his linemates, the Raiders use Wenger's agility to their advantage pulling him and trapping the defensive line. Wenger looks like a sure bet to leave the state at this stage of the game with offers from the likes of Duke, Nebraska, Northwestern, and Iowa State

#50 Center Daniel Wenger/Season Highlight

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There is a long way to the State Championships next year, but St. Thomas Aquinas has to be considered one of the favorites for the game in 2005, thanks in large part to what can be considered the best offensive line in the Country.

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