SPRING: "Insider Chatter" Practice Chat Transcript

Last night, over 100 folks popped into our very popular "Insider Chatter" to get the scoop from our insiders on spring practice so far. We've cleaned up the transcript from chat and posted it for those of you who missed out.

NOTE: The actual chat transcript ran over 30 pages, so we had to do some serious editing to bring it down to a manageable size. For the full scoop next time, make sure you join us next time!

 Solari:: Evening, folks.
ftballgenius:: Solari- how are you buddy
jpgator57:: Bob, who was in the Pit today? I heard it was a piece of cake
HollywoodBob: I was in the pit today, I dont see what the big deal is. ;)
ufla5220:: your wife nailed you again Bob?
jpgator57:: lol, i hear ya bob

Gators83:: Bob or Franz, which place kicker has stood out in practice...
ufla5220:: none of them 83
ufla5220:: Phillips is coming in to kick
ufla5220:: 83, I haven't seen Phillips kick yet but the guys we've got now aren't anything to write home about
BocaGtr66:: Phillips Kicking coach was at Fla Kids camp and said he will be ready for KO and PK duties he is that good.
cbreezeinsider:: Shawn Hill K for Seabreeze has been offered to walk on this year.

GatorTom:: Hollywood bob- in your opinion who will be the backup QB this year Dickey or Portis?
jpgator57:: Dickey, is my guess
HollywoodBob:: Tom, Im betting on Portis, but we will see
debgator:: franz...i think i saw where you answered this but mommygator called....who will be our back up QB?....I still think Dickey
ufla5220:: Gavin will be the backup unless he gets a baseball contract and signs... and the way he'splaying left field and hitting, that's something I might expect to see happen

montygator:: Bob, who has impressed you the most this spring
HollywoodBob:: monty, good question, I think Chad Jackson is the best player out there, although Leak may really be the most impressive

PerdidoKeyGator:: First Question:  How does the shovel pass/option look?
HollywoodBob:: Perdido, it is looking better all the time

gatorjackie:: Haven't heard much on J-Corn.  How's he doing?
ufla5220:: Cornelius is very good... he'll do a lot of things in this offense
HollywoodBob:: Cornelius looks great, I wanted to interview him yesterday, between he and Jackson, they have been the best receivers

acelaw:: Bob-do you expect to see meyer put an emphasis on the return game and who do you see returning punts and kicks?
HollywoodBob:: Yes, Meyer will put an emphasis on all special teamas ahnd has done so a lot already this year

DieAGator:: Is it clear yet that we will be a tougher, sturdier team ???
HollywoodBob:: Yes we will be tougher, but we will also be older, which helps

gators802:: So, Bob, hows it looking with Grace? Have you seen any improvement with him?
HollywoodBob:: Not a lot with Grace, but he is fending off the twins, who have played well IMO

cbreezeinsider:: Bob is there anyone at the Lb position pushing Siler, Earl or TMac?
HollywoodBob:: CBreeze, I think Crum is pushing hard

GatorTom:: For any of the GC crew, How is Reggie Lewis doing at CB?
ufla5220:: Reggie Lewis is going to be a player... got the speed and they love the strength he shows in jamming people at the line
EricEsteban:: he's got the speed and the hands

PerdidoKeyGator:: Bob - Why do you hate the new punt alignment
HollywoodBob:: Perdido, mainly because  have seen so many punts blocked in practice, but it also has two olinemen on the field that have to chase down guys with the ball

DieAGator:: we use four WRs in our base set?
ufla5220:: Die, four wide and one back
ufla5220:: usually with one man in motion

jpgator57:: Q, of the backups lb's who's consistent
PhoneCheck:: Eric/Bob...how are the backups LBs looking?
DieAGator:: Bob, does it look like we will find a solid two deep at LB?
ufla5220:: Latsko of the backup LBs
ufla5220:: Rutledge looks like the lights are starting to come on though
EricEsteban:: macullough finally shookoff the injury bug it seems....he will provide excellent depth
ufla5220:: Butler is looking decent lately too
DieAGator:: no surprise there Franz, Latsko is a player
HollywoodBob:: Die - I think getting a fouth guy out of what we have on hand is very important
HollywoodBob:: I think we are doing that
rajinGator:: Wonder if Rutledge is a little heavy at 242
DieAGator:: Rutledge is that big rajin?
HollywoodBob:: and Latsko is pushing to be helpful and doing a good job
HollywoodBob:: and I think that we may get a fifth in Latsko
HollywoodBob:: I think the fourth is Crum right now
ufla5220:: Rajin, no problem with the way ERut runs... he's very fast
rajinGator:: Franz, Meyer made the comment the other day Rutledge is a little slow
ufla5220:: he's starting to pick things up now
DieAGator:: I was hoping we'd pull together an SEC level two deep...

gatorjackie:: I know the players are working very hard.  Do they appear to be having FUN?  Do they seem miserable, or are the eating this up?
ergator:: jackie my source tells me that Zook is no longer mentioned and the playres have totally bought in
acelaw:: how do ingram and portis compare??
Solari:: Er, they've all moved on and ready for Meyer to take them to the promised land.
ergator:: Solari and that is the best thing that could happen

GatorTom:: Is McKenzie Pierre moving up because of his play or because people are getting injured?
ufla5220:: Pierre is showing some ability.... rajin he was talking about slow in terms of picking things up not in terms of running

cbreezeinsider:: Bob I think Urban is high on both Gutherie and Casey at TE.  What seperates the two as far as ability on the field?
HollywoodBob:: cbreeze, Casey is the height and speed guy, Guthrie has power and would be a good blocker  but can move also
Gatorfan5220:: Im thinking Guthrie may be a Quasi Fullback in certain formations

acelaw:: Franz-will reggie nelson be able to beat out herring in the fall? meyer seems to really like herring
ufla5220:: ace, Reggie will be on the field somewhere... and right now I wouldn't be surprised to see him at CB

mrhogtown:: Bob - have heard very little about Joe Cohen.  How is he doing this spring?
HollywoodBob:: hogtown - it has become clear that we shouldnt harp on the pass rush too much because of the style of offense they are facing every day.  Cohen has maintained his starting job with a bunch of guys behind him
Gatorfan5220:: Meyer said Cohen is coming on

GatorTom:: for anybody on GC, Are the players talking about the PIT?
ufla5220:: yeah, they are Tom... they don't want to be there

PhoneCheck:: Franz/Bob/Eric......Jarvis Moss?
ufla5220:: Haven't seen Jarvis Moss do much of anything yet check

gatorjackie:: Any guesses how Ray Mc will respond to Meyer's criticism?
Gatorfan5220:: Jackie, word is he already has
ufla5220:: Ray Mc is buying into it
Gatorologist:: I think RMAc will thrive playing 50 playes agame
HollywoodBob:: Ray Mac has had criticism in the past, but not this public, it will be hard to know until we see what happens

lurkingator:: Franz, does Carter have a chance at safety?
ufla5220:: Carter should have been at S two years ago lurkin

jpgator57:: Bob, do you see any sign of the team getting tougher as a result of CM calling them out?
HollywoodBob:: jp, I think it will be a matter of get tougher, or leave due to not handling it

GatorTom:: for anybody on GC, Are the recruits visiting practice more this year in the spring than recent years?
Solari:: It does look like it, what with Junior Day, etc.
HollywoodBob:: I think they are visiting more right now, the recruits

Solari:: Any thoughts Marcus Thomas??
ufla5220:: Marcus is in The Pit
HollywoodBob:: Marcus Thomas should be ready by fall
tngatr:: We have had quite a few players have back surgery and never make it back.  Are they worried
ufla5220:: tn... with Marcus is was a bulging disk from what we've been told... not the serious rupture of a disk like we heard with Kenny Parker

montygator:: Ray, or Bob, how many times has Hornsby been at practice
HollywoodBob:: Ive seen Hornsby twice myself, I believe

sfgator:: Marcus better watch out for M. Hill
ufla5220:: Michael Hill is going to be a player

GatorTom:: For any on the GC, Has the first lady Shelley Meyer been to many practices?
ufla5220:: Shelley's been to two or three
Solari:: At least a few.

gators802:: Bob, All indications Reggie Nelson makes it in? and if so, when will that be? Summer B?
HollywoodBob:: Nelson should be here
HollywoodBob:: summer A I believe

debgator:: franz or bob.....charlie strong...whats his role in practice?
ufla5220:: Charlie is the DC, coaches the LBs
HollywoodBob:: Stronbg calls the plays and oversees the linebackers, he is letting his assistants coach their players

GatorTom:: Any of the GC, How is Eric Wilbur doing and could he be also the Kickoff Specialist, and if not who will be In your opinion
ufla5220:: Wilbur is inconsistent as ever in practices... he kicks in the games well... he also nails the kickoffs... I think he'll get that spot
HollywoodBob:: wilbur is somewhat incoonsistent but should still win the job

cbreezeinsider:: Bob or others,  how much notice have the players taken to all the old Gators at practise and of the ones on hand which seem to command the most respect from the players
HollywoodBob:: I havent seen a lot of old players interact with the younger, actiually they mostly come out and watch practice
ufla5220:: lot of players were very excited about Neal Anderson being there cbreeze... and I was pretty amazed at how many of them recognize Kerwin
acelaw:: sounds like the old players were just itching to be more involved in the program. i really see that move as a stroke of genius by urban.
acelaw:: is neal anderson on kerwin's staff this year?
ufla5220:: no Ace.. but they remain good friends... I think everyone else from the 84 team is an assistant for Kerwin though

gators802:: Bob, how is Joiner looking and do you see him getting alot of PT?
HollywoodBob:: Joiner is getting better and better, to coin an old coach
HollywoodBob:: he will play this year

BocaGtr66:: BOB Will Meyer's spring game be a game or a scrimage type outing?
HollywoodBob:: I think it will be a real game maybe with all of the special teams as opposed to years past

GatorTom:: for any of the GC, Is Coach Addiazo the most vocal coach at UF in some time or has does he remind you of any former UF coach?
ufla5220:: Addazio and Heater are the two loudest

lurkingator:: Bob, how is McIntosh looking at WR?
HollywoodBob:: McIntosh isnt uite doing hat I thought he would
HollywoodBob:: he hasnt looked bad, but I expected a little more from him

KODAKGATOR:: If wilbur is doing the punting who is battling for kickoffs and field goals
gatoriniowa:: Bob, Franz, who would you say has been the most improved player, overall, since Meyer has been here?
HollywoodBob:: iowa, i think it is probably Tavares Washington or DeShawn Wynn

PerdidoKeyGator:: GC Staff:  What is the estimate for attendance to the game?
Solari:: Peridido, I wouldn't be surprised with 50,000.

tngatr:: Do you think we will see 1st string offense against 1st string defense some in the spring game?
ufla5220:: they haven't said how they'll divide the team up for the O and B

gators802:: Bob, if Boateng is healthy, do you see him getting into the mix?
HollywoodBob:: I wont thinnk Boateng is ready until I see it, heshouldnt have played in san Antonio

GatorTom:: For any of the GC staff, Do the former players ever coach some of the players or talk to them before or after practice?
ufla5220:: Haven't seen that Tom but Meyer has said he's all for it

GATORSSWAGGER:: BOB, what's up with D. Grace? Is he just not getting it done?
HollywoodBob:: Grace is the fourth corner right now
HollywoodBob:: he makes some plays in practice, not a bunch

McDonoughGator:: How has he access been between GC and the new staff???
HollywoodBob:: McDonoiugh, it has been great, but I cant tell all

gatorjackie:: To anyone at practice: what (or WHO) has been the biggest disappointment this Spring?
ufla5220:: disappointment? I think that would be Morant and Jarvis Moss.... I expected them to step it up
DieAGator:: Moss still too small?
ufla5220:: Moss is 238 now but still skinny... doesn't seem to make plays yet
DieAGator:: unreal Franz because he blew up entire plays in HS

GatorinNYC:: bob/franz...how bout Manson....is he a slipperly little speed demon to change up from Wynn's smashmouth?
HalleyGator:: Manson looks like Bo Carroll right now.  Not too great yet.
HalleyGator:: Bo Carroll - as in has speed but falls down too easily
HollywoodBob:: Manson's best practice was yesterday, before then I wasn't impressed too much

gators802:: Bob, what about Louis Murphy? I know Meyer LOVES physical WR's!
HollywoodBob:: I like Murphy a lot and he does have the size

acelaw:: Franz- how close is ingram to portis? is he making up any ground since getting back out there?
ufla5220:: Ingram is just getting back to throwing the ball with a natural motion... he hasn't had enough time to catch up

cbreezeinsider:: Understand Degory had Mono.  Is his loss of weight noticable.  And who looks to be the backup center.
sfgator:: bob, is Haupt going to be our future center?
HollywoodBob:: Haupt looks real good.  Rissler will likely start as the second center though
ufla5220:: I think Meyer is pleasantly surprised with Haupt, but I think Rissler will be the #2 at C even so
rajinGator:: Haupt whipped Riley once in the Ring

acelaw:: franz-is ingram the fastest qb?
ufla5220:: Ingram and Portis are both seriously fast... so is Gavin
ufla5220:: Ingram is 220 pounds of very fast qb though

McDonoughGator:: Bob, with you being really close to the former staff, what the biggest differences in coaching philosophies??
HollywoodBob:: McDonough, tough question, almosst have to go through it per person and too hard to do here
HollywoodBob:: buy me a beer and we'll talk about it
McDonoughGator:: Okay, Bob, I'll be more specific. What the biggest difference between Heavessy and Wick??
HollywoodBob:: great McD - hmmm - they are similar in that they get after their guys.  I think Wick may ve been over technical with every move he wanted them to make, I think Hevesy wants them to get to their man and destroy them
ergator:: McD my source ont he team tells me that the OL loves Heavessy and his philsophy

zdgator:: I bet Nelson is the only Fr WR to play this yr
ufla5220:: Nelson has put on seven pounds of muscle... he's 206 now according to Roy
ufla5220:: and David is running three times a week with a speed coach

BocaGtr66:: Bob besides Chad jackson who looks best at H-Back?
HollywoodBob:: Boca, I think Jemalle or Casey right now

saltygator:: Bob..will any of the LB crossovers contribute?
HollywoodBob:: salty - I think theat Crum and Latsko will contriubute alot

GatorinNYC:: Bob...Does Leak look like he has the wheels to run the option as well as the other guys?
HollywoodBob:: Leak can run every part of this offense

gators802:: Bob, how much improved is Leak? Is he starting to check off those safeties and all that stuff?
HollywoodBob:: we have a story coming up on Leak and checking and stuff, that is the last thing that will come once he gets all the plays down

acelaw:: Any impressions of hevesy and mullen as coaches. they are really the most unproven of this staff? HollywoodBob:: Hevesy and Mullen are really smart and will do good things here

sfgator:: franz, is Michael Brown going to be better off on the O-line?
ufla5220:: can't say sf... haven't seen him do anything

Gatormann:: I am very curious about our passing attack.  It didn't look to me like our last staff really knew how to put together a top flight passing game.  What can you tell us about the new sysem in the passing game?  Timing routes? options routes?  Runa and shoot?  west coast?
ufla5220:: we led the SEC in passing last year.... I think the last staff had a decent passing attack.... but the passing game has a lot of deep balls thrown in it and they like to get the ball quickly to WRs in stride

gatoriniowa:: Ray, how's the recruiting DVD coming along?
Solari:: Iowa, Mark says he has just the Miami boys left to interview and then we produce.
Solari:: Was going to do it last week but the Miami boys were on spring break.

GatorTom:: for the GC staff, Does Urban Meyer interact with the fans at practice?
ufla5220:: Tom, not during but after he'll talk to a few
gatorfan2004:: hollywood are they having a scrimmage again this aturday?
 far as being in shape.
ufla5220:: Saturday will be a scrimmage
ufla5220:: in The Swamp

sfgator:: bob, who has been the best blitzer in the new D?
HollywoodBob:: sfgator, probably Herring or Lewis

GatorTom:: For the GC staff, Did any of the players come into camp out of shape ala Mo Mitchell?
ufla5220:: nope Tom
HollywoodBob:: Tom, only Marvin that I saw
ufla5220:: Saw Mo today... I'd say he's a couple of biscuits under 380

cbreezeinsider:: Bob or others, how will Urban prepare our defense against a grind it our, right up the middle offense like we might see against UT?   I doubt any of our opponents will have our style of wide open offense.  Please dont answer scout team.
HollywoodBob:: cbreeze, not sure what else he can do?

Gatormann:: Is the option game the biggest difference from last year's offensive scheme?
rajinGator:: What time is the scrimmage this Sat?
ufla5220:: 1010 Rajin
rajinGator:: thanz
Solari:: 10am
DieAGator:: 10 am wow
DieAGator:: i thought in the afternoon

gatorfan2004:: for the gc staff are you going to do anything for the spring game next weekend? if not how can we follow the game live if we don't live in Fl.?
GatorGamer:: 2004, the game is going to be broadcast onthe radio this year
HollywoodBob:: we wont broadcast it live, it is supposed to be on radio though
JAWS:: I believe the game is live on GatorVision
HollywoodBob:: try am850.com
JAWS:: You can register for GatorVision on Gatorzone and the cost of the O&B game is minimal

GatorTom:: For the GC staff, Does Josh Portis look like a normal true freshman or is he ahead of the game in the way he has ran the offense?
ufla5220:: Tom he has his moments when he looks way ahead of every freshman and others when he looks typical as a freshman

GATORSSWAGGER:: Bob/Franz- Who's been your surprise players so far this spring?
ufla5220:: Wynn is my big surprise... he's stepped his game up
DieAGator:: is he running hard Franz?
ufla5220:: Die he was a destroya Wednesday
debgator:: wynn as allways been my fav on rbs
DieAGator:: WOW
DieAGator:: but won't Meyer use at least two backs during a game?
HollywoodBob:: swagger surprises are Reggie Lewis on defense for picking it up so fast and Wynn maybe because of his work lately, of course tartt for being first team

Solari:: Folks, how has our coverage been of spring practice so far? Satisfactory? Areas of improvement?
Gatorologist:: Coverage has ROCKED
JAWS:: Ray the coverage has never been better.....ever
akaijenkins1:: this will be my only post. COVERAGE HAS BEEN AWESOME. THANK YOU!
DieAGator:: I mean, being the #2 back still means a lot of PT, right?
DieAGator:: Yeah, I feel very well informed
Solari:: Thanks!  Any areas we can improve on?
mrhogtown:: Solari - Live video feeds of the scrimmages would be nice.
mrhogtown:: Just kidding
Solari:: If they'd allow it we would
gatorjackie:: Coverage has been AMAZING.  Best year ever!  One little thing: Bob's tidbits are wonderful, but hard on the eyes (massive paragraph with only "..." in between tidbits.  I'm nitpicking though. GREAT JOB!
McDonoughGator:: Ray, the coverage has been great along with the fantastic interviews
Gatorologist:: Solari, more indepth caption, names numbers ativities, under photos would be nice
Solari:: Jackie, I did tell Franz to start breaking Bob's  observations into paragraphs so he'll do that.
HollywoodBob: For the record, I do send them to Franz broken up, he combines them all.

acelaw:: Franz-do you see junior day making much of a difference in recruiting/ will be get more early commits than usual?
ufla5220:: Ace the way the staff recruits now, I doubt we'll see any commits prior to camp...they like to eyeball kids before they offer

McDonoughGator:: Bob, Franz, what do yoy guys think of the final decision on TC??
HollywoodBob:: McD - I agreed with it

GatorTom:: For the GC staff when we line up goaline offense do we use a FB and if so who lines up at FB?
HollywoodBob:: Tom - no fullback, we will run the H-back probably a tightend as a lead blocker

PhoneCheck:: Franz/Bob....Skyler Thorton?
HollywoodBob:: Thornton was the best back all spring until the last two practices
ufla5220:: Skyler looks like the most complete back although Wynn is running harder

gatorfan2004:: Hollywood have you been to every practice so far?
HollywoodBob:: yes fan2004

gatoriniowa:: Franz, did you say David Nelson has a younger bro who might end up a good recruit?
ufla5220:: David has TWO younger bros
ufla5220:: David has a 6-3, 290 pound brother ...guard named Daniel who will be a senior this year... and Patrick 6-3, 190 WR who will be a soph

DaGatorFan:: Bob how much of an impact will AA make when he gets here?
HollywoodBob:: DaGatorfan, I think Grace will have to worry about that

DieAGator:: Bob, our top 2 RBs will both get a lot of PT, right?
HollywoodBob:: Die, yes as of now Thornton and Wynn will play alot

gatorjackie:: Fan question: How much (if at all) do the coaches (especially Meyer) interact with the fans at practice?

OklahomaGator:: Bob, with the intensity level Meyer brings, how long would the offensive lineman be able to play in a long drive without a break?
HollywoodBob:: Oklahoma, these OLine guys continue to shock me with their perseverence, and they are all seniors now

DieAGator:: Does Manson show signs of being good Bob?
HollywoodBob:: Manson had his best day of practice Wed

cbreezeinsider:: Bob etc.  I see the TN game as our bellweather game. We win that one and we could win 11 on the year.  Do you see it as the pivotal game next year?
HollywoodBob:: cbreeze, yes as far as going undefeated, UT will be good, but it is in our house

acelaw:: bob-is kyle jackson the best safety at uf since will white?
HollywoodBob:: ace, that's a tough one to pin on him, I told someone at practice yesterday, I think he is the best player on defense right now

rEFFINc22:: Don't judge MM by the ring drills - ever hear :yukyuk: of Larry Brown?
Solari:: How has the kicking been, Bob?
Solari:: With Leach gone.
HollywoodBob:: kicking has been fine, it is hard for us to judge being on the sidelinbe though

GatorTom:: For the GC Staff how does Jason Watkins look?
HollywoodBob:: Watkins looks so much stronger now, he needs to still work on his foot speed

ckgator:: Did Manson RS last year?
zdgator:: Manson did redshirt

OklahomaGator:: Anyone who has been to a practice:  Does Meyer ever talk to the fans?
Solari::  OK, I remember hearing that Meyer said they'd practice as much as they can near the fans so they can see what's going on.
Solari:: Said if they come out there, might as well give 'em a show.
ufla5220:: Meyer talks to fans after practice
Solari:: Nice.

gatorfan2004:: ufla how fast is Chris Leak? is he as fast as Alex Smith?
ufla5220:: I have no idea if Leak is as fast as ASmith, but he's fast enough to run the offense

DaGatorFan:: bob from what you have seen from the coaches and players what is the attiude and does anyone seem like they want to quit
HollywoodBob:: DaGatpr I havent seen a quitter yet, have been expecting it

PhoneCheck:: Alex Smith seems faster IMO
gatorfan2004:: why didn't Zook let him run last year?
Solari:: If you remember, Leak ran and got hammered - landed on his head.
ufla5220:: Zook didn't want our QB to run, these coaches do
Solari:: Scared everyone,.
Solari:: Can't remember which game that was in?

acelaw:: is earl everett noticeably bigger this spring?
HollywoodBob:: ace - I dont think he i a lot bigger
HollywoodBob:: should be better

sfgator:: Bob, if Chad is #1 wr , who is #2 and what is the difference on a scale of 1-10?
HollywoodBob:: I'd say Chad-JCorn - Dallas is 1-2-3, Chad has made all the plays that come his way, his problem is running the right play
ufla5220:: Tookes has really stepped it up

gatorjackie:: I figure our players have GOT to be tough after getting through the last 3 years!
ufla5220:: the thing that separated us from winning more last year was a certain #7

gators802:: Bob, whats the deal with Andre Caldwell? He should be stepping up and being a leader and so far, it sounds like Tookes has been out playing him.
cpp1745:: caldwel needs to grow up
DaGatorFan:: yeah what is up with Caldwell
HollywoodBob:: Caldwell is dropping too many balls
gatorjackie:: From reading comments, I'm disappointed in Caldwell.  I've had such high expectations for him
ufla5220:: Caldwell's about where his older brother was at the same stage
Solari:: When the light comes on around the same time, he'll be just fine.
McDonoughGator:: Reche was redshirted
ufla5220:: lights went on for Reche midway through his junior year
gatorlynch:: i expect Caldwell to be a major player in this offense next year
sfgator:: Reche had a redshirt...
ufla5220:: Caldwell's no bust
xxEHxx:: It's clear Caldwell was given the benefit of the doubt by Zook
PhoneCheck:: Caldwell is tough
HollywoodBob:: get on that CJ soapbox EH
gatorjackie:: EH has been right about CJ all along!
xxEHxx:: Caldwell was given early playing time as a Frosh without earning it. The bar was much lower for Caldwell to play than for CJ
xxEHxx:: Having said that, I still expect big things from Caldwell

acelaw:: do you guys see derrick harvey being a major contributor this fall?
HollywoodBob:: ace, I believe so

cbreezeinsider:: Bob etc.  one final question, Is Urban the kind of coach that really does reward the guys who produce now , and if so who has stepped up and got his attention.
HollywoodBob:: cbreeze, I think Urban ois one of the smartest coaches I have ever seen.  He plays mind games all the time and I really on't know what he expects and when
jpgator57:: Bob, what asst coach have you been most impressed with?
HollywoodBob:: jpgator, havent had a ton of interaction, but Heater is always close to us during practice and I think he is a hell of a coach

GatorinNYC:: Franz....Do you think Meyer has that same "go for the jugular" instinct that Spurs had?
sGatorologist:: NYC, I think he has it in spades
ufla5220:: I think Meyer goes for the kill every time out.... one of the things I like about him
ufla5220:: Meyer has no problem whatsoever running up the score either and I like that

acelaw:: Franz-have you talked to taurean since foley's decision?
ufla5220:: ace, I talked to TC on the phone today but haven't seen him

PhoneCheck:: Will Meyer sit on leads?
ufla5220:: NO
Solari:: Nope.
ergator:: Phone Meyer does not sit on leads...I watched all of the Utah games last season and the only time he stops is when time runs out
AParktheGator96:: i like meyer most of all cause he actually tells me exactly what the hell is up
TheOriginal14and0:: Meyer will go for it on 4th down with a sizable lead IMO
ufla5220:: Meyer likes big scores ... Urban told Channing a few weeks ago... how would you like to play defense knowing that our offense is going to score 99% of the time we have the ball?
cpp1745:: "we wil crush them" Urban the 3rd

BocaGtr66:: Bob Have not heard Much about Dallas Baker what up with him?
ufla5220:: Dallas Baker is having a GREAT spring
Solari:: Got some great photos of Baker.
Solari:: Check them out in the galleries.
HollywoodBob:: Boca, FDallas has had a good spring, quietly the number three guy in my book, Chad has just stolen the how from the receivers

Otis80:: Bob, are we huddling again on offense?
HollywoodBob:: yes otis, huddle, but.............................option
Otis80:: lol...I will have to learn to love the option

turn1200:: WHAT time is practice Saturday?
Gatorologist:: 10 a.m.

BocaGtr66:: Does Bubba have the dropsies or is he just nervous with new staff?
HollywoodBob:: I think Bubba is hjust thinking and not playing just like his first year when he was tripping over hhis feet

cbreezeinsider:: Bob etc.  just one more question.  Does Urban spend as much time with the defense as with the offense or does he spend the majority of his time and coaching on one or two positions.
ufla5220:: cbreeze... he lets his coaches coach and he praises/chews out players mostly

GatorinNYC:: Bob....Does Mullen/Meyer design plays for certain players? Will we be able to run plays for Chad?
HollywoodBob:: NYC, I dont know that but I think that is why they do a ton of motion

alphaOmegator:: Gc staff. Do you think Doc H. will get the Marshall job?
Solari:: One game at a time.

gators802:: Bob, you think Jackson has the H-back locked down or does Caldwell still have a shot at the position?
HollywoodBob:: I think there will be four or so guys as H-back
HollywoodBob:: look for Kestahn Moore there when he gets in
xxEHxx:: How is Crum doing?
HollywoodBob:: Crum is doing better than expectations in my book

alphaOmegator:: Any new reads on crowd expected at O& B game? I went ahead and ordered my tickets for the game. came yersterday. Hate to stand in line,
Solari:: Im guessing 50,000.
xxEHxx:: 50K, wow
ufla5220:: expecting well over 40K... and I wouldn't be surprised to see more than 50K
Solari:: How many showed up for Zook's first OB?
ufla5220:: 30K
Solari:: there's just a lot of buzz now about Meyer.

JMOliver:: Thanks Insiders, good job
KODAKGATOR:: Enjoyed the chat comments while working on tax returns. Good job
McDonoughGator:: KILLER!!!
BocaGtr66:: Thnx ffor the chat tonight Franz Bob Ray Major see u guys next week

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