Chevon Walker Is Gators First 2006 Commitment

The Florida Gators got their Class of 2006 off to a big start with a commitment from Fort Myers Riverdale running back Chevon Walker. Walker committed to Florida Coach Urban Meyer in his office on Wednesday after watching the Gators during spring practice. <b>ALSO: See highlight video!</b>

Walker has good size at 5-11, and 190 pounds. Riverdale Head Coach Scott Jones reports Walker runs the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds and 10.5 seconds in 100 meters. Jones says Walker benches 345 pounds, squats 450 and power cleans 265. He has a 3.0 GPA and has already passed the ACT, so he is fully qualified and ready to be a Gator.

Coach Jones says Walker is an outstanding athlete who is totally fearless on the football field.

"He is not afraid of anything," Jones said. "He will run between the tackles or he will run outside. He likes contact a lot but we are going to work on that so he knows when to go out of bounds, too. We don't want to get him hurt. This will only be his fourth year playing football. He is just a great athlete that could play soccer too. He runs track, of course."

Walker is competitive and composed, but he doesn't let the athletic success get to his head nor is he a big talker.

"He is very humble," Jones said. "He went to the track meet two weeks ago and false started. One guy said he (Walker) was scared of him, then the next week he ran against him again and beat the same guy by five yards and didn't say anything."

Coach Jones has appreciated the Florida coaching staff and the job they are doing in recruiting. He said the excellent work they are doing is helping coaches and players like Walker really look at the Gators.

"Florida has been real receptive to me and my coaches," Jones said. "Chevon got his top five down to LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, and Michigan. He went up there (Florida) two weeks ago for Junior Day and really liked it."

He said that Coach Steve Addazio (recruiting area coach) and Coach Stan Drayton (position coach) really did a great job selling the coach and then the player to Florida.

"He liked the coaches and their personalities," Jones said. "He was one of the few guys that was dressed up like he should be, not all thugged out. He caught their eye right then. When he talked to Coach Meyer in his office the other day, Coach Meyer said he was the kind of player he wanted.

"Chevon looked him right in the eye the whole time Coach Meyer was talking. He gave him his full attention; he showed class and everything like that. He dressed up nice when he came back on Wednesday, too. Coach Meyer is doing a good job as far as discipline and everything and I think he wants the kids to know exactly what is expected of him. I think Chevon likes that, too, because that is what I do here."

Coach Jones was really impressed with the presentation that Meyer brought to the table and his star running back. Coach Scott likes to thinks Meyer's example is one every coach should emulate.

"The thing I was impressed the most about was he talked about how the University of Florida is going to do things," he said. "The kids are going to be respectful. They have four main rules and they will follow those rules. He told us up front what they were. He asked Chevon about his family and different things about him. He of course talked about academics and what is expected of him."

Coach Jones says Walker feels like he is a good fit for the offense at Florida too.

"Chevon was up there to watch their offense and he likes that double option thing," he said. "He would be one of the fastest kids up there. He talked about returning punts and kicks."

The commitment was an excellent beginning for Meyer's first full recruiting season. Coach Jones shed some light on what happened.

"What was kind of cool was Coach Meyer gave his talk and then a couple of seconds to think about it," said Jones. "Then he looked at Chevon and said 'what do you think Chevon?' Chevon said, 'Hey, I want to come here.' Coach Meyer paused for about 5-6 seconds. I am not sure he knew he was going to commit right then. Then Coach Meyer got up and gave him a hug. It was kind of cool."

The recruiting Class of 2006 began with a resounding bang with the commitment of Chevon Walker to the University of Florida. He has the academic background to go with the athletics, so Walker and the Gators appear to be a perfect match.

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