SPRING: Coach Meyer Q and A on Orange and Blue

"That was a great day for Florida football, I really enjoyed it. It was the first time I was ever nervous before a spring game. I was nervous just because I knew there would be a lot of people watching. Was I surprised at the level of passion from the fans? If I was, I wouldn't have moved to Gainesville and taken this job. Was I surprised there were over 50,000 fans out there today? No, and I'd like to have that become a tradition out here."

"Something you should know, we handcuffed the defense today for a reason. I've been doing this 20 years, and two things can happen. You can leave with a bunch of defensive coaches hanging their heads, or you can let them go and end up at 3-0, and the coaches are happy, but 58,000 people are unhappy because nothing happened. The first thing you need to know is that we limited what we could do on defense for a reason."

On Chris Leak:

"I think for a veteran quarterback, Chris Leak made some great throws, throws non-experienced QBs simply don't make. I think Chris did a nice job, a really great job. One thing about Chris, he's a tireless worker when it comes to watching film."

On Receivers:

"Our receivers, I thought, had their best day of the spring. And they played. They played when they were covered. They went up in the air and got ‘em. We had one turnover by a receiver today, and I thought that if you had to say, ‘What were the positives?' I would answer that the receivers were the positives."

On talent and youth:

"We're young, we're an immature team, but that will change. I don't trust this team yet, which is fine. If I said I trusted them, I'd be lying right now. Talented teams that don't get developed aren't very good. I'd much rather have an untalented team that was developed. Right now we're a talented team that's undeveloped, but we're going to change that."

On Josh Portis:

"He's as explosive on his legs as he is throwing the ball. I was very impressed with him today."

On Markus Manson:

"Markus did a great job; he looked explosive on a lot of carries. People questioned his toughness, but he's really shown that this spring. He's going to be a great player here."

On the mystique of Florida:

"It really hit between the third and fourth quarters, when I kept hearing "Boys of Old Florida" and about the traditions here. It's a little humbling."

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