Meyer Wows Sold Out Atlanta Gator Club Gathering

Tonight was stop number three on a twenty-city tour of Gator Clubs for new Gator Coach Urban Meyer. As was the case in the two previous stops, Coach Meyer did not disappoint and a record crowd of over 650 Gators (many more were turned away due to capacity limits) cheered him on. <B>COMING: PHOTOS FROM GATHERING</b>.

After signing footballs, magazines, and posters for well over an hour, Coach Meyer finally took the podium to continue his quest to win over and unite a previously fractured Gator Nation.

The talk went on for nearly an hour so I will hit the high points and skip the stories, as we have heard them in prior reports.

  • Gavin dickey will see the field in some fashion. The way Coach talked it sounded as if it would definitely be at wide receiver.
  • To continue on that line, it seems that Josh Portis may have settled himself into the number quarterback spot. However, Meyer said it was not set.
  • He rated wide receiver improved from a grade of D at the beginning of practice to an A- by the end. He singled out Dallas Baker as someone he expects to perform this year. Obviously, Chad Jackson, Andre Caldwell, and Jemalle Cornelious rounded out the group. Meyer also mentioned that he wanted Gavin Dickey out there as the 5th receiver.
  • It sounds as if Brian Crum is the number three linebacker. Coach Meyer talked as if that position may be interchangeable with Todd McCollough. Either way, with Latsko and Rutledge the position seems much more secure.
  • Coach Meyer also stated that at least two of the incoming freshmen linebackers will play this fall. He wasn't specific with which two, but did mention Darryl Gresham Jr., as his father Darryl Gresham Sr. was present tonight and recognized in front of the audience.
  • On the defensive line, it will look like this: Jeremy Mincey, Ray McDonald, Marcus Thomas (with a mix of Steve Harris and Derrick Harvey. Joe Cohen, who had his corrective hip surgery this morning, will play.
  • Meyer also talked about Jarvis Moss and said he has a lot of little injuries and they are trying to determine what exactly is going on. He also mentioned that he does not believe that he will be ready to play this fall.
  • The secondary is pretty set except for the corner opposite Dee Webb. Jackson and Herring are the safeties. Coach Meyer also talked about Deshawn Carter and Terrence Holmes and the overall great depth at the safety position
  • It sounded as if he expects terrific things from the defense. Meyer commented several times about the defense we played in the Peach Bowl and expects we will have a solid squad on that side of the ball.

As usual, Coach Meyer was full of funny anecdotes and made the estimated crowd of over 650 people laugh regularly. However, he gave a quote from one of his mentors, Lou Holtz, and I will leave you with that as my final thought:

"Everybody is worried about their rights and privileges…what about your responsibilities and obligations?"

This is the credo by which Coach Meyer lives and manages this team. It's easy to see his determination to succeed and perform without excuses. Is it September yet?

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