RECRUITING: Q And A With Donsay Hardeman

Donsay Hardeman is one of the state of Florida's top three safety prospects (along with Jamar Hornsby and Brandon Heath). The 6-2, 210-pound Jacksonville Raines product could also play linebacker at the next level although he prefers to bring his hard-hitting style of play from the safety position.

Gator Country had a chance to spend some time with Hardeman during a break at the Combine in Jacksonville this past Sunday. Here is what he had to say.

GC: How is recruiting shaping up for you and what are your feelings about the process in general?

DH: "Recruiting has been pretty fun so far. There are lots of things you have to do to get to this point and it's hard work. There are a lot of schools looking at me and basically everybody is sending letters. I have two (written) offers so far from Illinois and Middle Tennessee. Some of the other schools told me they plan to offer me in the spring."

GC: How are you preparing for your senior year?

DH: "My overall job is to just get better in all areas. I have a summer job at a pool so I'll be doing a lot of running and exercising in the pool in addition to my normal workouts in the summer."

GC: What is your best position and what position do you envision yourself playing in college?

DH: "I've played wide receiver some but ever since I was young I've played straight defense. I've been playing at safety but if they try to put me at linebacker I wouldn't mind playing there. But I prefer to play safety. I'd like to play a little receiver, too."

Donsay running the 40 in Jacksonville at the Scout Combine

GC: Do you have a list of favorites at this point?

DH: "I don't have a group of favorites. I just have a few that I like to watch on TV. I've been to some Junior Days and some scrimmages and stuff like that but I don't have favorites. I like all the schools 'cause I like football. I went to the Junior Day at Florida…I also went to the Junior Day at UCF. I was going to try to go to some others like Georgia and Miami but they were too far away to go at the time. I liked going to Florida cause they are only 45 minutes away from Jacksonville and plus my brother, Torean Wiggins, is going to Florida, too. He made the team by walking on".

GC: What will be the most important factors you will consider when deciding where you will play college football?

DH: "Well, first I want the school to give me a good education but then I want the school to be able to put me in the NFL, teach me how to be in the right position to make good plays so I can go to the NFL."

GC: Who from the local area do you compare your game to?

DH: "Some people tell me that I remind them of (Philadelphia Eagle safety) Brian Dawkins. They say I'm a "Baby Dawk". Other people say I remind them of a train because I never stop when I hit somebody."

GC: Whom from the Gator coaching staff do you hear from?

DH: "I talk to my recruiting coach, Coach (Greg) Mattison. I also talk to Illinois recruiting coach, Coach (Dan) Disch, the recruiting coaches from UCF, Middle Tennessee and Georgia. I call them every now and then to see how they're doing and how things are going with the program and stuff like that."

GC: Tell the fans what Donsay Hardeman is all about.

DH: "Donsay Hardeman is all about being a leader and making good decisions. I mean, you know, my strong point is that I know the game. I have the ability to avoid distractions and get in the "zone." I have a hard time if my teammates give up on me and the clock hasn't said zero, zero, zero yet across the scoreboard."

We'll keep you up to date with the latest info on Donsay Hardeman and all the other Gator prospects as the recruiting process kicks into gear.

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