NFL DRAFT: Reynaldo Hill drafted by Titans

Reynaldo Hill's impressive showing at UF's NFL Pro Day helped turned heads, including the Tennessee Titans who drafted him in the seventh round in today's NFL Draft. Here's quotes from Hill.

(on where he was drafted)

I'm not disappointed at where I was drafted at all. I'm just happy and I'm ready to make Tennessee happy.

(on the interest the Titans had in him)

I never really heard from them other than them just telling me that they hoped I would be available when their time came and it happened.

(on his speed and what he needs to work on)

I run in about a 4.32 to 4.36 range. They told me that I've got the speed and technique and all the things I need to be a good corner. Everybody said since I really only played my senior year I was getting overlooked and I was a sleeper but there was no guarantee that anyone would draft me. I'm just going to come in there and work on getting a little tougher and work on man to man situations and just try and go from there.

(on not being invited to the combine)

It bothered me a little bit. I worked out down in Sarasota, FL I just kept telling myself that since I didn't get invited there I was just going to work hard and when the scouts show up at Florida's Pro Day, I was going to turn some heads and I worked really hard at doing that.

(on whether he was surprised at how fast he ran for the scouts)

No, I really wasn't surprised. I've always been fast, you know. I've always run in the 4.35 and under range. I've even run faster than that.

(on his relationship with Ben Troupe)

Yeah, he and I are real cool. Me and Ben have been friends for a long time. I haven't talked to him since he came down for a weekend about 2 months ago.

(on what he thinks of the Tennessee Vols)

They were on of our big rivals at Florida. I like the Vols though, because when I was coming out of Junior College the recruited me and I had committed to them at first, but then I had a chance to go back to my home state and that's the only reason I came out of my commitment with them. I love the Vols though. I really don't hate anybody. They were just our rivals.

(on former Gators who have played for the Titans)

I realized that there has been a lot of Gators play for them. That's all I do is watch football. I'm looking forward to have a good career there and hopefully be there for all of my career.

(on the competition in the SEC)

I think play playing in the SEC you play against many receivers instead of just one or two receivers you play against 15-20 receivers who are great players. It gets you well prepared for things because you don't just get speed receivers, but the tall ones and the physical ones too. It really helps out.

(on playing with Pacman Jones)

I've seen him play a lot. He's a very good player. I look forward to playing with him. Hopefully, we can both can make an impact with this team.

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