TAMPA: Scout.com All-American Combine Report

TAMPA --- With scouts from Division I schools such as South Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Maryland, Southern Cal, and South Carolina watching closely, the Scout.com All-American combine was center stage for about 50 of Florida's finest football players Saturday.

Players from as far away as Miami came to the University of South Florida campus where they were measured, weighed, timed and put through some paces to show their physical abilities. While 40 times were a bit slow, perhaps due to field conditions, conditions seemed close to ideal for the shuttle, vertical jump, 3-cone drill and standing long jump.

Here are a few positional highlights from the day:

QUARTERBACK: Robert Love of Pahokee measured in at 5-10.5 and 183. He had a 4.82 in the 40, which is impressive considering the condition of the field. His shuttle time of 4.29 seconds was lights out for the position. He also threw extremely well and could hit all the passes. He made completion after completion to receivers on deep or shallow routes and he showed he can make the tough 20-yard out throws.

Jarrod Fayson of Tampa Hillsborough came in at 6-0, 185. When it came to speed, he was lights out. Fayson beat the next fastest player by .15 in the 40 yard dash when he clocked a most impressive 4.42. He showed excellent arm strength with his deep throws and some touch on the shorter passes. He showed some real precision on the 20-yard out passes, a very difficult throw to make. He is the complete package.

RUNNING BACK: Tampa Jesuit's back Anthony Allen showed up at 6-0.5 and 214 pounds. He clocked one of the higher 40's at 4.76 but was outstanding in the shuttle with a 4.12. His 7.25 in the L-cone drill is also one of the best on the combine tour so far. He also had a 33-inch vertical jump. Allen showed speed and awareness coming out of the backfield. He has great body control and made some nice catches while being covered.

WIDE RECEIVER: Bruce Brown of Tampa Middleton improved his stock with a solid combine. He measured in at 5-10.5 and 174 pounds. He also had one of the better 40 times on the day with his 4.71. He showed the will to go after the ball and come down with it against defenders. He has very good hands.

Donald Bowens of St. Petersburg High was probably the biggest receiver at the combine at 6-2.5 and 192 pounds. He had a 4.79 in the 40, respectable given the conditions. His 4.23 in the shuttle was also one of the best. Bowens was another receiver who showed a willingness to fight for the ball, using his size to fend off defenders.

Bobby Rauh of Orlando Edgewater ran a 4.66 40, one of the better times of the day. He measured 5-11 and 168 pounds. He had a nice 4.38 in the shuttle and a good 7.22 L-cone. He has deceptive speed and can work his way behind the defender. He also has good hands and looks natural out there as a receiver.

TIGHT END: Caz Piurowski of Land O'Lakes is most likely the top tight end in the state of Florida. He is 6-7.5 and 236 pounds. On a tough field for heavier players he ran a 4.85, in the 40. His 4.22 in the shuttle is pretty unbelievable for a man his size and his 32-inch vertical jump with his huge frame was quite impressive. Piurowski showed aggressiveness to get the ball and the defenders had to work very hard against his huge frame. He is a bear who can move extremely well for a player that size. He made catches of every kind when the ball was thrown to him including comebacks, leaps, and over the shoulders. He is a beast to defend.

OFFENSIVE LINE: Daron Rose of Tampa Jefferson showed up at 6-5 and 317 pounds. I didn't get a chance to watch Rose and reports on him will be coming up later. Needless to say, he was one of the better specimens at the combine.

Jarrod Holt of Clearwater HS showed up at 6-5.5 and 312 pounds. Like Rose, I didn't get to see the linemen and a report from them will be coming later. Again, he was one of the better linemen in a pretty good group that showed up.

DEFENSIVE LINE: Steven Wesley of Bartow HS arrived at 6-2.5 and 232 pounds. He moved real well for a defensive end and showed his explosive legs with his 31.5-inch vertical jump. As with the offensive linemen, I didn't get to see much of him. More should be coming on the linemen in other Scout.com reports following.

LINEBACKER: A.J. Jones of Tampa Middleton needs no introduction. Jones came in light at 6-1.5 and 180 pounds, but 10 pounds were lost last week in the first days of spring practice. He had the fourth fastest 40 time on the day at 4.61 and his 3.99 shuttle was the fastest and in the top 5 for all of the combines so far. Jones can do it all. He plays linebacker and safety for his Middleton team and lined up against the best running backs and receivers in pass coverage and held his own.

Collin McCarthy of Clearwater Central Catholic was my surprise recruit of the day. The 6-1.5 and 207-pound linebacker had some of the best combine marks on the day and maybe the best overall combine stats. He ran the third fastest 40-time at 4.60 and had a good shuttle of 4.31. I believe his 35.5-inch vertical jump was the best on the day and he had an outstanding 7.2 L-cone and incredible 9.5 broad jump. He then turned his combine stuff to positive play on the field. He was able to cover backs and tight ends out of the backfield and has the physique to muscle his way to the ball through the offensive player. He has good make up speed after the ball is in the air.

Vincent Cheves of Pahokee measured in at 5-11 and 222 pounds. His 4.38 in the shuttle shows just how quick and agile the big man is at that size. Another of the Pahokee contingent of speed merchants, Cheves showed he can run with anyone his size and can muscle up with the bigger guys. He is a quality linebacker.

DEFENSIVE BACK: Bryan White of Miami Northwestern was the top defensive back on the day. The 5-10.5 and 158-pound corner was hard to handle. He showed up well with a 4.26 shuttle time. He outplayed all the other defensive backs as he locked down receiver after receiver coming off the line.

Nikita White of Pahokee measured in at 5-9.5 and 152 pounds. His 4.57 in the 40 yard dash was the second fastest time of the day. He had a nice 4.28 in the shuttle and scored a 32.5-inch vertical leap. With his sped he can make up ground in a hurry. He played aggressive and will be one to watch this year.

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