RECRUITING: Corddero Drummond's Stock Is Rising

Sometimes you just have to be at the right place at the right time in recruiting. For the coaches that attended the Palm Beach (FL) Lakes-Glades Central spring jamboree game last week they were wowed by a running back who began the evening ranked behind a number of running backs in Florida. By the time the game was over, however, the stock of 6-0, 195-pound Corddero Drummond was on the rise big time. Drummond put on a 10-play sequence that was highlight reel material.

Corddero Drummond profile

With assistants from FSU, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Vanderbilt, UCF, Minnesota, South Carolina and host of other Division I schools in attendance, Drummond rattled off 102 yards on 10 carries. It was a 5 yard run that got most of the attention, though, as Drummond showed speed, acceleration, power and explosiveness, ducking and dodging his way out of the grasp of Glades Central's fast defenders into the end zone.

"I had a pretty big game," Drummond understated. "I ran for 102 yards on 10 carries ... 53 yards was the longest run."

It may have been a bigger night, but several on the Lakes team started cramping up and had to come out of the game including Drummond.

"We need to get a little conditioning in," he said. "We all started cramping and we can work on that more in the fall."

Like any good back, Drummond is the first to thank his offensive line for the yards he gets every night. He knows the big if the big uglies do their job, his job is enormously easier.

"They are good guys," he said. "I love them boys, without them I am nothing"

He may be a bit modest but as we mentioned, Drummond was a hidden talent just waiting to get his big chance on the scene. Last year he played fullback behind three year starter Jetavious Best who has since moved on with a scholarship to West Virginia. Drummond is ready to seize the moment.

"They had me at fullback because of Jetavious Best," he said. "They tried to put him somewhere where he could do his thing. The coaches tell me I have should have been a tailback from the start. I think the coaches were saying he has already been doing it for three years, let him finish it out."

Drummond has 4.5 speed and he's built for endurance. He wants to be the team workhorse. When it's crunch time, he wants to take the burden on his shoulders and lift the entire team.

"I think this team is going to be excellent this season defensively and offensively," he said. "I want to carry the ball 30 times a game."

With the summer upon us, it is time for football camps to start up and Drummond looks to probably take part in a couple of them this summer.

"I will go to the Florida and Louisville camps," he said. "I am going to try and make it to the Florida camp. [Teammate and WR/safety] Brandon Heath told me he would be there … David Bedford, our defensive end, and our linebacker, Glenis Thompson, will probably be there."

Some coaches have already ventured over to Lakes to see the star in waiting tailback. The interest is certainly picking up for him. He also has his first two Division I scholarship offers.

"A few coaches of schools have been by to see me … UCLA, Minnesota, and UCF," he said. "I am getting a lot of letters from everywhere. UCLA and Louisville have offered."

Growing up, it wasn't just one team that he cheered for, but instead it was for all the Florida teams. Though he's a fan of all teams in the state, he won't let his love for his home state stand in the way of his collegiate decision.

"I was a fan of all the Florida schools," he said. "I am really just sitting back and waiting to see what happens (as far as recruiting)."

He also has started to make his list of criteria for a final destination decision. That list will most certainly grow as time goes on. He seems to have some priorities in order.

"Academically, I need to know how far I can go at that school," he said. "I want to make sure it is a team that fits me. I am looking for a team where I can bond with the team and the coaches. I want as soon as they see me they think I am the one. Distance is not a factor."

Corderro Drummond will be a rising star this year. He has waited for his time in the spotlight. His time has come and he intends to make the most of it.

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