RECRUITING: Atkins Ready To Get To Work In G'ville

Daytona Beach Mainland defensive back Avery Atkins can't wait to pack his bags and join his teammates in Gainesville. The high profile cornerback recruit is expected to have a legitimate shot at starting in Florida's defensive backfield as a true freshman. Listen to him talk and you can tell he is genuinely excited about being a Gator.

I believed him the first time he told me how ready he is to be a Gator but that didn't prevent the All-American from reinforcing his statement two other times during our brief conversation.

"Yes sir, I'm ready to get everything together and get to Florida," Atkins emphatically stated. "I can't wait to get up there. I'm going over tomorrow and hang out with Dee Webb and some of the other guys. We're just going to hang out. I'll work out and head on over."

Avery Atkins is sold on the workout program put together by Strength and Conditioning Coach Mickey Marotti.

"I haven't gained a lot of weight," he said. "I'm around 190, but I have definitely gained strength, especially on the bench press. I was benching around 275, but now I can just about press 315. It has really helped. I'm doing all of the things that he outlined in the program."

He also said that he is looking forward to rooming with his cousin, Jon Demps (linebacker), of Pensacola Washington. Recruiting became a family affair during the recruiting process back in January when Atkins and Demps found out they were cousins along with he pair found out that they were cousins along with Brandon Siler, Florida's freshman All-America middle linebacker. They have all formed a bond that will certainly spill over to the rest of their families once the season begins.

"I'm just ready," Atkins said. "I finished up real strong academically, better than I thought that I would, and better than I started, which was real good. I wanted to finish strong. I won't get my test score until August, but I feel good about it. Please tell everybody that Avery is ready to get to Gainesville and get going."

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