Top Georgia DE Looking out of State?

Jermaine Cunningham is one of the most hotly pursued defensive players in the deep south this year. The 6-3 and 210 pound Cunningham plays defensive end for the always potent Stephenson Jaguars, and that is where he is looking to play on the next level as well.

"I've got about 23 offers right now," said Jermaine Cunningham. "I like everyone that's offered me. I don't have any favorites yet. If I had to name a Top 7 or something though, they'd probably be Florida, Auburn, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio State, LSU, and Florida State. All of them have offered so far."

Conspicuously absent were the two schools from the state of Georgia. Is Cunningham looking to leave the state for sure?

"Not really; I'm just looking for what school fits me the best."

And what is he looking for in a school?

"I'll be looking at the coaching staff, and how I bond with the coaches. Also, I'll be looking at the Student/Athlete facilities; where we're going to be doing our workouts and stuff like that. I'll be looking at the Business Management part of the school, because that's my major."

At 6-3+ and 210 pounds, Cunningham could play defensive end or linebacker. What have the colleges been telling him?

"Everyone is recruiting me for defensive end. A couple of schools have talked about me being a Will or a Sam (outside linebacker), go down, and drop back in coverage."

Cunningham will likely play defensive end in college, and he is a standout in high school at that position. He had 115 tackles, 27 tackles for loss, and 13 sacks as a junior coming off the edge. With so many schools to choose from, has anyone really gotten his attention during the spring?

"Probably the coach from Florida, Coach Drayton."

Stephenson has at least five Division 1 prospects this year. Has Cunningham talked with any of his teammates about playing together?

"We haven't really talked about it yet, but it would be nice to go to school with one of my teammates to have someone I know."

With nearly 1,000 on the old SAT, Cunningham projects as a full qualifier for the Class of 2006.

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