LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Was It Something I Said?

It appears that my Monday column entitled "The Meyer Effect: Did The Earth Just Move?" rattled a few cages and forced more than a few fans from The School Out West and the School Down South to endure a daylong wedgie. Some of these very articulate fans have been kind enough to write. It's the least we can do to run a few of the better ones.

From sfmiller:

Franz Beard's article about "The Meyer Effect" --- I understand he's entitled to his opinion, but where does he get off verbally trashing the other instate schools? This type of thing is why the media has such a bad reputation. This is horrible, and scout.com, and specifically gatorcountry.com has lost my respect. This is terrible.

Dear SF:
Okay, tell me please where I trashed the other state schools? To trash the other schools means I would sully their reputations with something that was untrue. Is there anything in the story that is untrue? Well, okay … Bobby Bowden didn't serve with General Grant but we do know that he served with General Black Jack Pershing as an aide de camp.

Now did I call the School Out West the Harvard of the Panhandle? Yes I did. Is it the best university in the panhandle? Yes it is. Is it anywhere close to the University of Florida academically? It's not light years away, but it's in another galaxy.

Did I call the School Down South the University of New Jersey at Coral Gables? Yep. Even most Miami people laugh about that one.

From fsunole21:

Outrage, disgust, annoyed. These are just three of the many words I could use to describe my feelings after reading the article you posted by Franz Beard. I can understand the "excitement" that Gator fans and homers are feeling after the hiring of Urban "Stay 2 Years and Bolt" Meyer, but come on, that article is tasteless, classless, and flat out ridiculous. You call yourselves a media outlet, but there is no journalistic integrity in that article.

First, the complete and utter bashing of the Universities. I am NO fan of UF or UM, but if I were a "journalist" I would NEVER write an article trashing those two institutions. You can say what you want about FSU and UM, but if you, for one minute, believe that UF doesn't have different "standards" for their football players then you are sadly mistaken. You think Channing Crowder (that upstanding citizen) was a straight A Student? How about Jabar Gaffney? Oh and Ciatrik Fason? Those who live in glass houses, should not throw stones.

I am an alumus of Florida State University, and in my 5 years since graduation have had zero trouble finding jobs. And now, as I enter my last year of Law School at FSU, I have no doubt that I will be in high demand in the job market again (That is if I turn down a job from the firm I am currently working for).

The fact of the matter is, your article was nothing more than a piece of trash defaming two great coaches who have more National Championships between them (3) than does the entire University of Florida football program (1).

Funny how excited y'all are about Urban Meyer now, but I remember Notre Dame licking their chops when Ty Willingham was hired.....hmmmmm, didn't work out so well, did it?

Dear 21,
I almost don't know where to begin with this one. Again, tell me what trashes the two schools? Are either in the academic league with the University of Florida? No. Can you go to the School Out West and become a circus clown? Don't know of another school that has a circus, do you? Have you ever been on the campus in Coral Gables. Even the most diehard Himmicane fane admits that pretty it isn't.

Now, as for Channing Crowder … not straight A's but he has a 3.5 GPA. Jabar Gaffney had to have a 3.0 in the classroom before Spurrier would give him his scholarship back. Ciatrick Fason was nearly a 3.0. He's a solid citizen all the way who decided to go pro because he wants to be a good husband to his wife and father to his two kids.

How did I defame Bwana Bob? Defame means I said something libelous and slanderous about him, that I sullied his reputation. Now, I did say he hasn't the guts to fire his incompetent son and you talk to 100 Nolettes today and 99 will tell you the same thing. He's admitted it himself! And does he forget names? You bet. Does he look old? Yes, because he is.

Does Larry Coker look old? He's only 56 but he looks 70. Does he have to try to sell an ugly campus? Absolutely. Has he proven he can win with his own players and not those recruited by Butch Davis? Absolutely not. So tell me where he's been defamed? Also tell me what's not truthful about what I wrote.

What's Notre Dame got to do with Florida? If you're going to make analogies, at least make them relevant. Oh, glad you've got a job and making money. When you're doing real well, give to your boosters so our taxpayer money isn't required to support your athletic program. We don't need any at Florida so why does the Harvard of the Panhandle?

From bobbyforprez:

Typical Gayturd propaganda, lies and distortions. What a low blow to start talking about Antone Smith, Matt Hardrick, Fred Rouse and Geno Hayes and their mothers. What a low blow to bring up Peter Warrick and Julian Pittman. Whenever the Gayturds want to show how envious they are, they do just what you've just done by lying and distorting the facts. Get the facts. They probably didn't teach you that at UF.

Dear Boobsie,
What's low about mentioning the FACT that Antone Smith's mother cried for hours because she didn't want her son to go to the School Out West? Was Fred Rouse's mother so upset that it took her a long time before she would agree to sign his letter of intent? Yep. Were Matt Hardrick's uncles and brothers upset that he was signing with FSU? Yep. How about Geno Hayes' mom? Yep again.

Did Bwana Bob tell the media that he was "praying for a misdemeanor" because there were "millions of dollars at stake" when Peter Warrick got caught stealing from Dillard's in Tallahassee? Yes he did. Another fact.

Julian Pittman? You really don't want me to go into that one, now do you? Another embarrassing moment for the School Out West and I didn't even mention the one about Deion playing in the Sugar Bowl when he hadn't even been to class for an entire semester, Free Shoes University and a few other goodies like that.

You may not like the column I wrote, but with the exception of a few humorous jabs like calling it the Harvard of the Panhandle or the University of New Jersey at Coral Gables there's nothing in there that isn't factual.

Envious? Of the School Out West? Why would Gators be envious?

From Nole17:

Just wait till signing day baby! FSU will close on signing day like we always do and you'll be eating our dust! Oscar Mayer hasn't ever won a game in the SEC so let's see how many recruits want to be Gators when the Noles have their typical season and the Gators end up about what they would have done with Zook. You guys paid Zook and his staff all that money then you hired this guy. You could have saved a bunch of money and just kept Zook.

Dear 17,
Oh, are we talking about the same Ron Zook that's 1-0 on Bobby Bowden Field? And are we talking about eating the dust of another recruiting class that signs 25 and only 17 or 18 qualify … kind of what's going on right now. Hate to break it to you big guy, but by the time the dust settles on this most recent recruiting class there will be a whole lot of FSU recruits either in junior college or prep school. I think I would also be quite concerned with the dust that Meyer is leaving with the Recruiting Class of 2006. It's going to be monstrous and I don't think there's much you guys can do to counteract it.

We're quite happy with Coach Meyer. We think it's money well spent and if you think for one minute that the Gators are going to lose five games this year, think again. On the other hand, since Jeffy's running the offense and it appears most of your defensive tackles will be trying to pass a few classes in junior college somewhere I'd be a bit concerned with what's going on with your team. As for our team, we're quite happy.

From 5MNCCane:

In case you haven't noticed Larry Coker has a 3-0 record against the Gators. Miami does a lot more with far less. Gators always talk about all their money but what has all that money got you? One MNC? We've got FIVE. When you've won as many national championships then you can talk. Until then you're just another wannabe.

Dear 5MNC,
Yep, Coker is 3-0 against the Gators and he's also 6-0 against the School Out West. Not a bad record at all. And yep, you guys have five national championships and Florida has only one. You are right about one thing … Florida does have all that money and it has better facilities and better academics than either the University of New Jersey at Coral Gables or the School Out West. We also have a coach doing a bangup job of selling those things to recruits. Don't look now, but there's a freight train bearing down on you.

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