Confident Udell Has 15 Offers

Confidence is the name of the game for Tallahassee (FL) Godby cornerback Marcus Udell. Steadily his name rises on the recruiting charts and his offer list stands at 15 at the moment. Even he is a bit surprised by the attention he is getting these days.

It isn't that he doesn't think he is good enough because the 6-1, 180-pound cornerback talks confidently and plays that way on the field. It's just that coming into the spring he felt he wouldn't be given much chance to show his abilities enough to get noticed.

"I didn't expect to get too many offers and all the calls," said Udell. "I pretty much expected to be underrated. There were a lot of players getting talked about, so I figured they would just pretty much underrate me. I knew if the coaches came to watch me at practice, they would offer me a scholarship. A lot of kids get put out there with the hype and the schools haven't even watched them yet."

Don't let that little doubt about the proper publicity he might get fool you. Udell wears a hand-cuff around his neck because his coach decided to call him a lock down corner last year. On or off the field you will hear his confident chatter.

"I like to play physical," Udell said. "I like to have fun … you have to have fun. I like to get in the ear of the receiver and talk most of the game, but do my job at the same time. I want to talk him out of his game so he will get off track. On defense you can play with reckless abandon a little bit. I like hitting and there aren't too many receivers that like contact anyway."

There are plenty of people that notice his confidence and are willing to let him know. Maryland and Georgia seem to be the most in contact with Udell these days.

"Maryland and Georgia are recruiting me the hardest, they send me a lot of stuff," he said. "(Georgia running backs coach) Kirby Smart met me at the LSU camp when he was there with Nick Saban. They pulled all the defensive backs together and he told me he liked me from the get go from that camp. He told me I was the best defensive back at the camp. He said he liked my work ethic and I was a competitor. As soon as he got to Georgia, I found out he still wanted me. The next week, Coach (Willie) Martinez, the defensive coordinator came to watch me.

"Maryland Coach Al Seamonson, he sends me a lot of hand written stuff. He told me it doesn't matter how many offers I get he still wants me in his secondary. I get at least one or two hand written letters every week."

Udell's childhood favorite though was the Florida Gators. Udell explains growing up in Suwanee, Florida most people are Gator fans. He has had his share of contact with the Gator coaching staff.

"I know I like Florida a little bit," he said. "I got a chance to see Urban Meyer. He and Coach (Chuck) Heater came by to watch practice. I found out after practice that they were going to offer me a scholarship. (Godby) Coach Crews didn't want to tell me that I got the offer, he said he didn't want me to get overly excited. I knew Coach Meyer was watching me pretty hard at practice. Then he told Coach Crews he was offering me. As a matter of fact, I just talked to Coach Heater last night. He told me to ask Coach Crews if I can get a ride down there to camp. He was telling me there was going to be some receivers down and he knows I like to match up against the best. I like Florida and I am going to try and get down there at least one time this summer."

The offer list stands at about 15 for Udell. It is growing all the time and will continue to grow. He is surprised at some of the offers and maybe even more surprised at some that haven't offered.

"I have about 14-15 right now," he said. "Alabama called and offered me a scholarship and North Carolina was the latest. I got their (offer) in the mail the other day. Coach Cignetti (recruiting coordinator) from NC State said they were going to offer.

"I just got something from USC today, they are just sending me some information, I haven't even sent in a questionnaire for them yet. They came by the school to see DeAndre McDaniel and saw me.

"Miami called. The coach said he liked my size and said I was physical. He said he liked that I could play corner or safety, pretty much corner though. Tennessee called, a bunch of schools that I didn't think would call, did."

Then came a couple of doozies.

"Auburn doesn't like me too much I guess, they said they want me to come to camp, but that is it," he said. "FSU, they haven't called or sent too much either and I am right own the street."

He likes the path this recruiting season is going. He has a lot more options than he anticipated at the beginning of the spring and he will certainly have more. He can take his time making a decision because he has so many choices to make.

"I don't have a favorite's list, but I should have one by the end of the summer," he said. "I should have a bigger offer list by then and I don't want to leave anybody out."

Marcus Udell had confidence coming into the recruiting process in everything he does. He lacked the faith that he would be recognized for his hard work but has seen that change. The world is at his hands and he plans on putting cuffs around it and owning it.

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