The Great Debate Goes Meyer

The 2005 Great Baseball Debate has been decided and the season isn't even over yet. I'm sorry to say that despite checking the stats, taking notes, and presenting a concise editorial, the race wasn't even close. It's time to move on.

One of the superb sports entertainment bargains in the south is found on the Gator Country message boards. It's found in the avalanche of fans from that other conference who venture over and in one fashion or another, champion their cause in The Great Debate.

Which conference reigns supreme?

It doesn't matter if it's football or fried chicken, tennis or tiddlywinks, there has to be a winner and a loser. On this day, it's baseball, and the boys from the Atlantic Coast Conference have been punked.

Tennessee and Florida sent home a pair of the ACC's best (Georgia Tech and Florida State) in the minimum amount of games necessary. Furthermore, look at the way they did it. The Vols beat Tech by a combined score of 16-5, while the Gators sent the Seminoles packing by a combined score of 16-6.

To add to the misery in Greensboro, Nebraska took College World Series regular Miami out in the two game minimum as well. Yes, the first three teams eliminated from the NCAA Super Regionals were all from the Atlantic Coast Conference. From this point forward, we shall refer to them as the Asinine Conjecture Corps.

Fans of our dear ACC enemies have turned their angst toward Urban Meyer, just as our enemies within the conference. With Florida State and Miami aboard, did you expect them not too? Obviously, the first game has not been played, and with the many changes in philosophy, you simply…Agh, but you can. And this is exactly what makes Gator Country such a hit. Sure, some of you consider the bantering idiotic regardless, but you still read the boards. It's great entertainment. Admit it.

The confidence Florida fans exude in The Tanned One who has yet to coach a game, makes some of them laugh, while others are totally bent out of shape. You can reasonably describe these as redirection and fear. These fans have seen Florida's success in recruiting. They don't want to see a similar success come to fruition between the lines, or it means they will have their hands full.

Many of our state brethren from the other conference believe the "gimmicks" will fail. Florida fans are full of false hope. Yep … as false as the recruiting locks from a certain Leon County Loser.

A highly successful Florida will only make the Great Debates that much more intense. If Florida becomes consistently better than the Seminoles and 'Canes, the ugly could turn downright hilarious. If you've spent any time on the boards in those Grand Spurrier years, you know what I'm talking about. There is a reason Spurrier publicly advocated a return to the SEC.

The Seminoles are already playing catch up to the Gators at Liver Spot Bob Field and in the recruiting battlegrounds. However, the work here will never be complete enough, and that's exactly what makes The Great Debates so much fun. A consistently maintained reinforcement schedule is in place though.

The Tanned One and his tanned family have traded their snow shovels for sand shovels. He and his staff are taking aim at the Ibis. The South Beach Dirty Birds are already agitated at Fat Phil and the Tennessee Vols for venturing into their neighborhood to land a few prized recruits a few short months ago. That generated attention (on the boards) like a Star Island yard sale. It was one thing to have thought the recruits were lost to Florida, infuriating to find out they were lost to a school in east Tennessee.

Florida didn't make many friends either, especially those of the ACC variety, when they received a verbal (last week) from offensive lineman Carl Johnson of Durham, North Carolina. Johnson lives minutes from Duke, North Carolina, and North Carolina State and about 50 miles from ACC headquarters. Perfect.

Waging the conference war is great for southern football. It's great for college football. It's great …because right now the ACC has lost the last battle before the brief summer break. The Tanned One will soon take his spot on the sidelines. And we have all summer to continue debating it.

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