RECRUITING: Daron Rose Starts Paring Down Schools

Tampa (FL) Jefferson offensive lineman Daron Rose has some of the best technique you will see from a high school lineman. Because the big tackle understands the game is played with feet, body, hands, and head, he's a commodity in this recruiting season. He has 11 favorite schools, but that list is about to be trimmed down.

There are no slackers among the schools that have made the list of 11. Each school stands out whether for football supremacy or for academic superiority, and some of the schools do a good job of both. But there will be some disappointed coaches when he starts paring away at a list that includes Florida, USC, Duke, Oklahoma, Michigan, Notre Dame, FSU, Alabama, USF, South Carolina, and Maryland.

"I don't really have any favorites and I have it narrowed down to those 11 schools," he said. "I am going to take it all from there. Those are the 11 schools I am really going to have to stick to through the rest of the recruiting process."

Rose recently made a trip to Gainesville where 15 or so of the elite rising seniors met on one day. He really liked the trip.

"Yes sir I was in Gainesville last week and last night I just got back from Alabama," he said. "I couldn't make it to Auburn because of the storm. The trip (to Gainesville) itself was amazing … the atmosphere. The coaches took us to Lake Wauberg. We got one-on-one time with every coach … you know it wasn't just the position coach. They came up and talked to us and introduced their families to us. We met with some current players and some other recruits. It was an amazing atmosphere."

A lot of the players in Gainesville turned out to meet the recruits and Rose was quite impressed with the guys he met and just how well they got along.

"Chris Leak, Mike Degory, Brandon Siler, Tavares Washington … there was about 20 players out there," he said. "They were cool guys. You know you go to some teams and there is separation between the players. They were all a real tight knit group and real close, like brothers."

Then there were the list of recruits that were on hand. It was a star-studded class that was kept pretty quiet. Rose was a little out of sorts.

"I was just kind of awestruck being around all these guys I heard about and read about," he said. "It was kind of amazing being around and hanging around all of those guys."

He also just came off a trip from Alabama. As he entioned earlier a tri to Auburn was cut off due to inclement weather, but he really enjoyed his extended stay in Tuscaloosa.

"We were there for Friday and Saturday, we got there Friday and toured the campus," he said. "On Saturday I took part in a little mini-camp they had going on there. Then they had a little cookout back at the stadium."

The tradition at Bama was evident and he was impressed with more than just the people there.

"It was great … the facilities just blew me away," he said. "It caught me off guard how amazing the facilities are. They had six practice fields, an indoor practice facility, a top of the line weight room, a great coaching staff and cool players."

It is just the start of the summer and he has plans to visit elsewhere before the end. Rose is probably done strapping on the cleats to perform for college coaches though.

"I am possibly heading up to South Carolina, Notre Dame, and Florida State later on," he said. "I will just be visiting those schools and probably no more camps."

Daron Rose is going to make some staff very happy when he signs. His instincts and technique at the tackle position are second to none and he has the body frame to compete at the highest level. He is highly intelligent and can probably play early if conditioned right.

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