RECRUITING: Transcript from Scott Kennedy Chat

Tonight's chat with Recruiting Expert went very well with over 177 folks joining us. Over two dozen questions related to Florida Recruiting were answered as well as a brief free-form chat afterwards. For those of you who missed a fantastic, chat, here's a transcript for your reading pleasure...

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:02:12 PM)
Scott, do you see Snead as a 5-star? Will he be considered for the Army All-Star game?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:02:25 PM)
802, I think he's getting to be that way...

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:02:39 PM)
I talked with Jamie on the way home, and said... "Jamie, hes ahead of Tebow"

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:02:51 PM)
and I know Tebow was pretty much considered a lock for a 5 star a month ago...

GATORooski (Jun 14, 2005 9:02:57 PM)
Scott, thanks for chatting with us tonight and sharing your thoughts on Camp Meyer. What one player really impressed you the most and why?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:03:11 PM)
they took 6 QB's to the Game last year... he'll certainly be in the running

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:03:55 PM)
one player that impresses me the most? I'm a big fan of Ryan Hill. I think I'm a little higher on him than some coaches, but he just loves to compete. Ricky Gary was probably the best overall player out therer

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:04:02 PM)
not the best prospect, because of his height, but the best player

gatorbogey (Jun 14, 2005 9:04:10 PM)
scott, how are some of the other SEC teams doing recruiting so far this year? how are the new coaches doing at ole miss and LSU? how is shula doing at bama and/or croom doing at miss state?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:04:59 PM)
Ole Miss is generating a lot of Buzz with Orgeron. They sent out a lot of early offers to get the momentum going. Mississippi State has been a little slower. They have 5 commitments from two schools. The two Pensacola kids are solid players.

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:05:15 PM)
LSU is going about things a lot slower under Miles. We'll see how that works

blissgator (Jun 14, 2005 9:05:23 PM)
Scott, we are in with some bigname CBs. Who do you think we're looking best for at the moment? Thanks.

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:05:29 PM)
Shula is a very good recruiter, and if Alabama wins this year, they should have a very good class

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:06:02 PM)
I like Florida and RIckerson if I had to name one right now. I still think Ryan Hill likes Miami, but they haven't offered yet... he missed their camp to take the ACT

GatorSwagger (Jun 14, 2005 9:06:28 PM)
Scott, Thoughts on how Meyer and staff are doing early in the recruiting process?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:07:28 PM)
Swagger, they're knocking it out of the park. They're unofficial visit weekend two weekends ago looked like an All-Star Team. I think they are poised to have an absolutely monster year this eyar

gatorboy23 (Jun 14, 2005 9:07:58 PM)
Where do you think CJ Spiller ends up?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:08:15 PM)
I think Spiller ends up a Gator... I'll keep that one short and to the point :)

aaagator (Jun 14, 2005 9:08:35 PM)
Scott what is your take on the DT in State if you had to rank them? Folks like Deas, Stirrups, Ellis and Odom?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:09:37 PM)
Several of the DT's I've seen look like OL's to me. Deas and Ellis are both carrying a little extra weight for the DT position and may end up at OL. I love Odom, and I haven't seen Stirrups yet.

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:09:48 PM)
Scott, what do you think of Tally CB Marcus Udell?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:10:17 PM)
802, he's a great football player, and he's probably the best prospect on that team loaded with good prospects. Great year in Tally this year

gatorbogey (Jun 14, 2005 9:10:37 PM)
Scott, how will the new ncaa rules affect how sponsors camps in the coming year?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:11:23 PM)
Bogey, it depends on the rules. I haven't seen them yet. If we need to move combines to high schools, junior colleges, or NFL facilities, we will. ONe of our best events this year was at a junior college

gatoriniowa (Jun 14, 2005 9:11:45 PM)
Scott, which top prospects from Georgia does Meyer and UF have the best shot at getting?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:12:41 PM)
The group at Stephenson looks to be up for grabs. I like FSU and Marcus Ball though, we'll see. Mario Fannin is listing 4 out of staters as well.

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:13:54 PM)
Yes they are. it was Florida and Georgia early, but Miami made a strong push and took Georgia's spot. The coaches there told him he'd get a shot at QB, but if it didn't work, he'd play WR, and he was cool with that....

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:14:48 PM)
Sam Young... right now, I'm in doubt... when in doubt, I go with the home team... I've said, Florida, Michigan or Penn State for a while...

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:15:01 PM)
I realize it's VERY, VERY early in the recruiting season, but at this point, are things beginning to shape up so that UF may have the #1 class? Might the talk be true? C'mon, make a gatorgirl happy!

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:15:52 PM)
I married a Gator Girl :) ... it's hard to say who is going to have the #1class.. the difference between 1 and 6 could be just one player... but yes... Florida is going to be in that position easily...

freeds (Jun 14, 2005 9:16:04 PM)
What is the word on DB Rickerson? Is he waiting on his brother and teammate for offers or will he pull the trigger by himself?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:16:54 PM)
I think he will do what's best for him and go where he wants to. A lot of that package deal stuff is just talk... but, since one is a brother, that could play a factor, but the only really big school I know that I see as a threat right now is Penn State for both...

tngatr (Jun 14, 2005 9:17:10 PM)
Scott, what did you think of the DT that surprised at the camp, Terron Sanders?

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:17:11 PM)
Scott I found out he was the one in the orange helmet and grey jersey at the swamp

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:17:50 PM)
he was quick off the ball, and he was eating people on on the line... I just posted film on him on Saturday I believe...

blackdiamondbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:18:27 PM)
I feel like we are in some covert operation. Had dinner the other night with a very influential booster, hell he called Foley 3 or 4 times during the baseball game on Saturday night. He thinks we lose 3 or 4 times this Year. Do the recruits give Meyer a pass on this season?

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:18:53 PM)
(Clarification - Booster, not Foley thinks...)

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:19:25 PM)
I think so... it's more about how you play... if they show up and work hard and show improvement without looking out of sorts, then recruits will listen to the "we need the right players to run this system" pitch should Florida stumble a few times.

gatorvet (Jun 14, 2005 9:19:31 PM)
Scott, we've heard alot about the success FSU has with their big football banquet held, conveniently, just prior to National Signing Day. Seems to make a big impression on kids who wait until the end to commit (usually a few big names). Any idea if Meyer plans on doing something similar at UF?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:20:23 PM)
GV, I don't know right now, and a lot of that "closing strong" thing by FSU is smoke and mirrors... most of the time they've locked up their class by Christmas, just like everyone else... anyone really think FSU "closed" with Fred Rouse?

GATORooski (Jun 14, 2005 9:20:33 PM)
How highly will Deonte Thompson of Glades Central be rated next year/

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:21:08 PM)
if he can play football half as well as he can run, he's going to be one of the top prospects in the country... I'll let you in on a little secret.... he can play football :)

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:21:25 PM)
Scott, is Hornsby and Tebow a package deal? Where might Hornsby go if tebow goes elsewhere?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:22:01 PM)
I don't think they're a "package deal" I think Hornsby ends up with Florida... I still think Florida is probably the team to beat for Tebow

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:22:15 PM)
Scott, any idea where Rolle lands?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:22:53 PM)
The first team I heard was Oklahoma, but a player like that is going to let it ride itself out for a while... he seems like an Army Game type of commitment

tngatr (Jun 14, 2005 9:23:00 PM)
Scott, what did you think of the DT that surprised at the camp, Terron Sanders?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:23:34 PM)
he was quick off the ball, but not real tall.... I posted film on him late last week playing DT...

JKush (Jun 14, 2005 9:23:51 PM)
Scott, what are your thoughts about the current status of Tebow? Do you think the commitment of Snead had any affect on his interest to play at UF?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:24:57 PM)
Kush, I don't think so... I think he feels comfortable enough with his ability to compete that if he wants to be a Gator, that's where he would go.... I mean, if Midgett still enrolls at Florida when Leak commits, then Tebow certainly isn't going to be afraid to compete with Snead :)

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:25:07 PM)
Scott, you have good taste in women! :) On another note, what do you think about Urban Meyer's ability to recruit? Thanks for your time.

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:26:17 PM)
Funny thing is that the knock on Meyer when he was talking about getting hired was that he would have trouble recruiting in this area... well, dang near every recruit I talk to says Florida is recruiting them the hardest now.... winning is the best recruiter, and you have a 13-0 Coach at one of the top programs in the country....

blackuf (Jun 14, 2005 9:26:25 PM)
Where do you think Daren Rose ends up?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:26:48 PM)
Rose was looking real hard at Duke for a while, but I think he likes Florida a lot.

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:26:48 PM)
Folks please remember that Scott deals mainly with the southeast in recruiting. Thanks

gatoriniowa (Jun 14, 2005 9:27:10 PM)
Scott, do you think UF could get Andre Smith or Tim Hawthorne from AL? Both a possibility? Who are the teams to beat for both?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:28:02 PM)
Smith is wide open, so it wouldn't surprise me if he were to go to a team like Florida... or auburn, or Bama, or Tennessee, or LSU, or..... Hawthorne was a big Tennessee fan to begin with, so they are going to be tough to beat along with Auburn and Alabama

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:28:06 PM)
Over 177 folks in chat, folks.

cpp1745 (Jun 14, 2005 9:28:17 PM)
Scott, are we close to Cunningham? DE georgia

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:28:47 PM)
I don't know if Florida is close to a commitment, but Florida is definitely recruiting him hard and doing a good job with it

freeds (Jun 14, 2005 9:28:56 PM)
Can you comment on Patterson from Santa Fe? Is he a legit WR prospect for the big three?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:29:05 PM)
I haven't seen him yet...

blissgator (Jun 14, 2005 9:29:08 PM)
Scott, who do you think are the best WR prospects in FL and the Southeast?Thanks.

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:29:29 PM)
I'm on record here:

DieAGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:29:42 PM)
Scott, do you feel Meyer and Co might be far ahead of other schools right now because of unusual and creative early activity but other schools will close the gap as they get their own recruiting house in order later in the year.. Or, does it strike you that Meyer and Co will hold these impression til next February? Thanks, I'll hang up and listen now

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:31:21 PM)
I think that Zook and his staff worked their tails off nationally and helped build on what Spurrier did with the program. The kids now grew up with Florida winning 6 SEC titles, just like the kids of the 80's grew up watching alabama dominate. Meyer is taking the ball and running with it.... Spurrier built the program, Zook kept it hot in the recruit's minds, and now Meyer is bringing it all together... that's how I see it any way

gator70 (Jun 14, 2005 9:31:31 PM)
Scott, does a 8-3 record this year hurt the Gators in recruiting.

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:31:59 PM)
I don't think so Gator... it's an easy recruiting pitch... "we were one play away from 10-1 this year, and you're that guy"

rajin (Jun 14, 2005 9:32:07 PM)
Scott, thoughts on Toyran Smith?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:32:37 PM)
Big middle linebacker... could end up at fullback on the college level... reminds me of a big 10 type of guy....

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:32:50 PM)
I think they might want to know where

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:32:56 PM)

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:33:45 PM)
I don't know where Toryan Smith will end up though... if Georgia gets serious about him, you have to watch out for them... his dad Blocked for Herschel...

DoctorV (Jun 14, 2005 9:33:58 PM)
Scott, has it been you experience that starting QB's would cliam to be "GOD" while lying in the middle of the road is good or bad for recruiting?

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:33:58 PM)
sorry I couldnt let this one slide.

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:34:19 PM)
couldnt resist that one

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:34:28 PM)

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:34:56 PM)
honestly, the bad press doesn't really seem to hurt that much.... it's much more important to us lunatics on the message boards than a 17 year old high school kid :)

GATORooski (Jun 14, 2005 9:35:02 PM)
Scott, can you give us 2 or 3 key things that make the Urban Meyer recruiting machine go?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:35:10 PM)
hard work and winning

rebekah (Jun 14, 2005 9:35:32 PM)
Scott, how do you compare Myer's ability to recruit as to Zook's?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:36:33 PM)
I think Meyer sells the ability to win, I think Zook sold the individual... does that make sense? Meyer sells Florida, while Zook sells the kid... that's been my impression anyway...

DieAGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:36:44 PM)
Scott, who does Micah Johnson seem to like?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:37:09 PM)
He likes a bunch of teams, but Louisville could end up keeping him in state....Michigan has recruited that state very well too

blackuf (Jun 14, 2005 9:37:17 PM)
What about the linebacker from Tampa AJ Jones?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:37:45 PM)
I don't know what he is thinking as far as schools go right now, but he's one of the best over all players in the south regardless of position....

Bocagtr66 (Jun 14, 2005 9:37:55 PM)
What would be the one recruit UF gets you would end up saying WOW!!!!

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:38:35 PM)
no one in state, because I always expect the best guys to stay in state... so, let's go with a couple of guys already mentioned... Andre Smith, Micah Johnson, Myron Rolle....

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:38:52 PM)
I would have said Carl Johnson

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:38:56 PM)
Scott, How good is CB Jai Eugene and is it true he is Ike Hillard's (former Gator receiver) cousin?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:39:11 PM)
yeah, that one was already a "wow"

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:39:40 PM)
Jai is one heck of an athlete... smooth... looks a lot like Fayson, but not quite as tall... I don't know if there s a family connection there or not

island8tor (Jun 14, 2005 9:39:50 PM)
Scott: give us a name of a kid you really like that's in the sleeper catagory right now?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:40:26 PM)
how about Zackery Handerson and Emmanuel Cook

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:40:45 PM)
I have a question from BlackDiamonBob which I deleted by accident - he wanted to know how you think the Florida Gators will do this year under Meyer in football?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:41:35 PM)
How do I think Florida will do this year? 9-2... that's a blanket answer for all 3 SEC East teams :) they're all so even I can see them all beating eachother and then maybe dropping one to a team in the west

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:41:48 PM)

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:42:26 PM)
5 more minutes, folks, and then we'll open the room up.

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:42:28 PM)
I always stick with the home team when I don't know what a kid is thinking... my gut says Michigan/Florida battle with Florida coming out on Top... but that's just a guess...

afghan56 (Jun 14, 2005 9:42:41 PM)
Do you think that FSU has any more non-qualifiers? What do you think of their strategy to recruit so many borderline kids?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:43:36 PM)
afghan.... if you can get them back in a year with 5 to play 4, I don't think it's a bad strategy as long as they are good quality kids... some of those kids have some character questions though.... and that worries me more than the grades...

Ron (Jun 14, 2005 9:43:53 PM)
Scott, It looks like the dynamics of recruiting has really changed the last few years, but Florida has pretty much stayed the same with its recruiting until this year. We have alot of top kids that are interested very early in tthe Gators. Would you comment?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:44:36 PM)
kind of what I talked about earier.... to me, Florida is the team that dominated while this group of kids were growing up... if you are a child of the 90's, Florida was the team....

JGrayhound (Jun 14, 2005 9:45:03 PM)
Scott, you mentioned Spiller looks good to UF...what other RBs do you think UF has a chance with?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:45:52 PM)
with Spiller and walker... not sure they'll need any more...

gatoriniowa (Jun 14, 2005 9:45:58 PM)
Scott, where do you see Justin Williams going? Seems like it is a UF-UGA battle

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:47:15 PM)
I think you have it right... I don't know how hard either school is pressing him right now though.... he got a lot of early hype and a lot of "foot in the door offers"

GatorAnger (Jun 14, 2005 9:47:36 PM)
Who is the better prospect on the OL...Sam Young or Carl Johnson?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:48:29 PM)
I like Sam Young better... but I'd take either... he's a bit taller, plays with leverage, and moves his feet better... if it weren't for Andre Smith, I'd say Young is the best OL I've seen in 4 years... and with his size advantage, he still might end up being the best OL

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:48:31 PM)
Folks, we'll be opening up chat now....Go easy on Scott! ;) Many thanks to Scott for joining us tonight...


hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:48:43 PM)
Thanks Scott

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:48:48 PM)
Have at it, folks.

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:48:50 PM)
thank you....

g8orbill (Jun 14, 2005 9:48:54 PM)
yes thanks

UFChrisM7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:48:55 PM)
Thanks Scott, good stuff

1200TURNS (Jun 14, 2005 9:48:58 PM)
thx Kennedy

GatorNav1 (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:01 PM)
thanks Scott

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:01 PM)
Thanks Scott

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:05 PM)
thanks for having me guys.... good to be here...

blackdiamondbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:05 PM)

Chrg81 (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:05 PM)
Thanks Scott

gatoriniowa (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:07 PM)
Thanks Scott, always a pleasure

DieAGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:07 PM)
Scott, what does a written offer have in it. Don't they tell a recruit where he stands and what it will take before the player can commit?

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:10 PM)
Thanks, Scott

Debary Gator (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:12 PM)
OL Sam Young a Gator? (Sorry - in late)

GatorSwagger (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:13 PM)
LMAO @ Wyatt sexton. You're crazy whoever you are.

UFChrisM7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:14 PM)
Scott, were you at Camp today?

rajin (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:15 PM)
Excellent job Scott

GATORooski (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:19 PM)
You da man, Scott

DoctorV (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:21 PM)
Lord, forgive me for my question

coolgatorSD (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:25 PM)
thanks scott

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:27 PM)
Scott, it was your pleasure

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:31 PM)
got here late........any news

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:33 PM)
DoctorV wins for funniest question!!! :)

1200TURNS (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:34 PM)
wussup FOO!!

blackuf (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:34 PM)
Scott, who do you think will be our next verbal?

Calcugator (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:35 PM)
Wyatt (btw, glad you could make it here with your busy schedule), you handled the pressure of creating the universe in just 7 how is it that you can't handle the pressure of being FSU's QB?

GatorAngler (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:35 PM)

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:39 PM)
Die... a written offer will tell them that they have to accept it in a reasonable amount of time or it is no longer valid

island8tor (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:47 PM)
Thanks Scott!!

DarthG8R (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:53 PM)
Hey Scott , how do we look for A. Smith the OL from Bama ??????

DieAGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:49:55 PM)
So they usually are committable offers in writing, correct?

g8orbill (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:00 PM)
what do they consider a reasonable amount of time

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:04 PM)
Darth, he's wide open...

tngatr (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:06 PM)
Scott, do you think Barrie gets a UF offer? How did he do in camp?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:17 PM)
depends on how bad they want him :)

MajorGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:18 PM)
Scott do you know anything about Phillip Taylor from MD - I know thats a little out of your area.

gcsgator (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:18 PM)
Scott who do you see UF getting on the OL?

Perdido Key Gator (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:21 PM)
Will it be Mon or Spiller? Which RB do we get?

youmustbegatorBAIT (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:25 PM)
for a ms gator: gators get anyone from here? quartet from olive branch?

wyatt sexton (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:29 PM)
Hi gator fans, from the hospital!

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:33 PM)
what are your thoughts on Barrie, Scott?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:33 PM)
Major, helluva player... that's all I really know...

GATORooski (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:36 PM)
Both, PKG

UFChrisM7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:39 PM)
LMAO Wyatt

MajorGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:42 PM)

Perdido Key Gator (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:42 PM)
Nice Rooski

blissgator (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:43 PM)

coolgatorSD (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:49 PM)

GATORooski (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:52 PM)

kbannon7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:52 PM)
Hey whats up with Tim Tebow

GatorSwagger (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:53 PM)

lg4uf (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:54 PM)
Scott, which DT's are liking UF, and which would make a great fit for us? Thanks

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:58 PM)
How ya feelin, Wyatt? LOL

Perdido Key Gator (Jun 14, 2005 9:50:59 PM)
I thought Bobby was God, not Wyatt

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:01 PM)
Scott, has any of the recruits visited Neverland?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:01 PM)
OL... could get Rose, Young, Wenger... could end up with Hobbs on the OL

Calcugator (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:03 PM)
you mean even God needs the internet?

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:05 PM)
Scott, what do you think of Mon Williams? and how much does Florida like him?

blissgator (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:05 PM)
Wyatt, are you seeing pink elephants?

guru (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:07 PM)
Wyatt, you got any more of that good stuff to shre?

UFChrisM7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:10 PM)
Ray, can you go back into the other chat room so we can PM if we want to??

biggynugs (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:10 PM)
Wyatt, I got a sweatshirt for you, in case it is cold.

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:17 PM)
I don't know much about Mon Williams

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:19 PM)
hey BOB......was good to meet you today.....though you never told me how i could help you

gatoriniowa (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:24 PM)
Scott, Hobbs seems like he is right on the verge of committing to UF IMO

wyatt sexton (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:28 PM)
No guru, i gave it to X Lee, sorry

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:35 PM)
He is a stud RB Scott and from what I am told, LOVES the gators

teddy57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:45 PM)
hi scott i didn't get here early maybe you already talked about spikes do you see him as a de or lb?

DieAGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:46 PM)
i guess it's fair to say fsu players get the best drugs.. is that hard to recruit against?

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:52 PM)
sorry 108, had to run and forgot anbout that

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:51:57 PM)
Hey jackie! Long time no talk

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:06 PM)
Hey 802

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:09 PM)
was trying to look for Dustin Doe and thought a second pair of eyes would help

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:13 PM)
BOB.....did you find Doe

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:13 PM)
how have you been?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:17 PM)
I don't know Spikes

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:17 PM)
went over and saw Charles Deas though

DieAGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:19 PM)

MajorGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:20 PM)
I think Spikes stays at LB

kbannon7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:25 PM)
Scott, who do you think will commit to the Florida GAtors next??

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:27 PM)
Good. You?

theoriginal14and0 (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:28 PM)
Did Wyatt Sexton take some laced mushrooms... that is what I am hearing was being passed around at the concert???

teddy57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:29 PM)
brandon spikes from NC?

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:32 PM)
Scott, have you ever seen Bob at Neverland?

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:33 PM)
Doing great

coolgatorSD (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:36 PM)
Scott, In your honest opinion do you think Tim Tebow will end up in UF?

help me (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:36 PM)
Hey sexton is the Davinci code correct? Is that why you seem to be manifesting all your problems?

MajorGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:37 PM)
yes teddy

UFChrisM7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:39 PM)
Bob, can we go back to the other chat room?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:40 PM)
NC is Miller Safrit's area...

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:44 PM)
lol i didnt even know they were at Flavet field

jay4gators (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:46 PM)
ray have you got my messages

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:48 PM)
I don't know him...

teddy57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:52:58 PM)
call him scott?

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:02 PM)
easy jp, or no more weight room interviews for you

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:12 PM)
I think Tebow ends up at Florida, but it's not the slam dunk that I thought it would be...

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:20 PM)
BOB.....i ended up talking to Brantleys dad for a bit

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:38 PM)
cool, yeah they thought I was Franz, but thats ok

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:40 PM)
Scott/Bob, do you guys see UF offering WR Quinton Hancock?

UFChrisM7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:42 PM)
did you get to see John 108?

help me (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:44 PM)
Lets all go to the regular chat room

g8orbill (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:44 PM)
Is that do to Snead having already committed

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:48 PM)
no 802

gatorjmd (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:49 PM)
108-Can you share?

MajorGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:49 PM)
i dont 802

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:50 PM)

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:52 PM)
I think Hancock is a bubble offer...

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:53 PM)

kbannon7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:56 PM)
Scott, who do you think will get to commit next?

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:53:56 PM)
Bob, Scott is pleading the fifth, lol

GatorSwagger (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:00 PM)
DoctorV, did you catch Boatengs final stats?

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:05 PM)
I think he is a major b-lister

UFChrisM7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:13 PM)
someone turn the other chat room back on, please!

Florida08 (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:15 PM)
Whats up guys?

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:20 PM)
I hope you are drinking one jp

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:24 PM)

dadx4 (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:24 PM)
Scott, have you done a "mock" class for our Gators if we have a 9-10 win year?

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:38 PM)
not after the Sexton thing

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:40 PM)
no... too many national kids that I don't know enough about...

lg4uf (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:43 PM)
Scott, which DT's like us and would be nice fits?

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:43 PM)
nice arm, motion.....has a frame to build on........seems like he will have a cannon when he gains the muscle

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:45 PM)
team effort at Scout...

dadx4 (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:52 PM)
gotcha, thanks

gatoriniowa (Jun 14, 2005 9:54:59 PM)
We need some more game film on J. Snead

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:02 PM)
Hobbs could be a DT... Reggie Odum is out three...

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:03 PM)
Scott, could UF wind up signing the best QB, RB, WR, OL and DB class in the country this year?

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:06 PM)
only shirley temples from here on out

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:06 PM)
Brantley has very good accracy

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:14 PM)
LOL 57

coolgatorSD (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:15 PM)
Scott, does UF stand a good chance with Demarco Murray? and in your opinion is he a better choice than Spiller? or do you think UF would try to get both?

Chrg81 (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:22 PM)
we should all go to the Gator Country chat. ray said it was open

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:26 PM)
hey guys Scott and Ryan came down here on a whim because of the big names we had here Monday, nice pics Scott

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:26 PM)
I don't keep up with what others are doing, but I think Ohio state is having a big year with RB...

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:35 PM)
For some reason, I don't believe you, 57, yet I don't even know you

kbannon7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:38 PM)
Scott, who pulls the trigger next and becomes a GATOR?

MajorGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:40 PM)
who was the WR to get offered by miami this weekend - matthews was one

IHateUGAlyDawgs (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:41 PM)
Scott, do you know anything about the 2007 OL prospect out of Chiles High School in Tally??? His dad is claiming a boat load of letters from UF and Iowa?

GatorSwagger (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:43 PM)
Where's Ryan?

GGD (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:49 PM)
Bob at Neverland lol

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:55 PM)

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:56 PM)
Chris chat was opened, it takes a few

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:56 PM)

help me (Jun 14, 2005 9:55:59 PM)
If sexton is God, does that make Bobby Bowden the Holy Ghost?

wyatt sexton (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:07 PM)
I am god

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:07 PM)
thanks Bob... lots of good stuff going on at the Swamp on Monday... glad we could be there for those that couldn't!

tngatr (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:10 PM)
Bob, you were talking right before this started about Patrick Nelson being out at camp. Is he a SR this year and what position does he play?

MajorGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:12 PM)

UFChrisM7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:14 PM)
Lets head in there guys

gatorboy23 (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:21 PM)
scott, who will be our next commit?

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:21 PM)
Scott, fantastic photos

Bocagtr66 (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:23 PM)
Major Travarus Thompson WR from Boyd Anderson got offer from UM

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:25 PM)
LOL jackie

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:25 PM)
no... I don't know a 2007 Tally OL

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:38 PM)
I like Thompson a lot... got to see him at a camp...

Calcugator (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:38 PM)
jackie, i wonder how many in here were biting their tongues after your "C'mon, make a gatorgirl happy!" quip.

IHateUGAlyDawgs (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:40 PM)
that's alright - figured I'd give it a shot - thanks anyway

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:41 PM)
catches everything

kbannon7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:45 PM)
Scott, who will be the next gator commit?

gatoriniowa (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:50 PM)
Miami also offered Tim Brown, the WR from Miami Northwestern H.S.

DarthG8R (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:51 PM)
There's half NEKKID WIMMIN in the other chat room

1200TURNS (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:58 PM)
i'm out then!

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:58 PM)
tough to tell when kids are ready to go public....

MajorGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:56:59 PM)
this kids name was brown I thought

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:02 PM)
Ooops, I didn't realize how that sounded, Calcu! LOL

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:02 PM)
jackie, flirts like that all the time. ;)

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:03 PM)
Brantleys dad asked me what i thought of Tebow.......and he said the same thing.....said Tebow was at their camp...and they were impressed by his footwork and speed, but were shocked with his throwing motion....

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:03 PM)
Jackie, ask bob if he rode the farris wheel

GatorSwagger (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:03 PM)
LMAO Darth

MajorGator (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:04 PM)
thx iowa

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:17 PM)
UGAly thats yur territory now, you are assigned that one

kbannon7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:22 PM)
Scott, do you think we get Horsnby?

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:22 PM)
said he would take Snead

IHateUGAlyDawgs (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:27 PM)
lol Bob - I'm working on it

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:30 PM)
I think Florida gets Hornsby

Calcugator (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:41 PM)
hope you don't mind a little friendly ribbin' at youe expense, i apologize if i offended

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:42 PM)
Scott hope you are right

gatorjmd (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:46 PM)
108-Sounds like us.

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:47 PM)
Bob, did you ride the ferris wheel?

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:48 PM)
Jackie is a flirt guy, it's alright :)

kbannon7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:52 PM)
Scott, you we'll get Fayson?

jay4gators (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:53 PM)
why the new chat

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:55 PM)

G8rzferbrainz (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:55 PM)

kbannon7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:56 PM)

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:57:56 PM)
ouch jackie

coolgatorSD (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:03 PM)
Scott, do you think Fayson will end up moving to WR?

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:07 PM)
He made me do it, bob. ;)

108 (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:08 PM)
was good to talk to you JMD

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:15 PM)
yes... Fayson to another position

gatorjmd (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:27 PM)
Me to. Thanks!

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:28 PM)
Scott, who do you see the gators getting next?

G8rzferbrainz (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:30 PM)
Fayson to UF? UM?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:31 PM)
unless he was at VT or something

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:32 PM)
just dont go in the dark room of the haunted house

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:34 PM)
802, I don't know

kbannon7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:40 PM)
Scott, do you think we get Spiller?

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:53 PM)
lol Bob

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:58:54 PM)
yes, I thin kSpiller ends up at Florida

youmustbegatorBAIT (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:02 PM)
any future gators from miss? its been awhile since daryl owens and coop carlisle

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:03 PM)
all right y'all... I'm outta here....

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:05 PM)
Scott, would it shock you to see UF land Rolle?

scottkennedy (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:08 PM)
see you on the boards!

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:10 PM)
Thanks a lot, Scott!

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:11 PM)
I've heard the Hall of Mirrors is a trip...

Chrg81 (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:12 PM)
later scott

GatorSwagger (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:14 PM)
later scotty

blissgator (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:15 PM)
thanks scott

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:15 PM)
thanks scott, we appreciate it

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:17 PM)
Guys, let's move to the other chat room now....

hollywoodbob (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:22 PM)
thanks Scott

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:24 PM)
Gonna shut this baby down.

gators802 (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:25 PM)
Thanks Scott

DarthG8R (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:26 PM)
Thanks Scott !!!!!!!

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:27 PM)
We'll post a transcript shortly.

jackie (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:29 PM)
What's wrong with this one?

GGD (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:31 PM)
how many were chatting in here

Florida08 (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:32 PM)
thanks man

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:37 PM)
Almost 180.

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:39 PM)
Pretty good! :)

jpgator57 (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:40 PM)
Where is Shelly?

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:42 PM)
Thanks, folks...

kbannon7 (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:46 PM)
Scott, who woould you say is the best Wr in the state

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:48 PM)
Have a great night and remember.....

coolgatorSD (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:51 PM)
thanks Ray

wyatt sexton (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:51 PM)
so whats the word on me now?

Solari (Jun 14, 2005 9:59:52 PM)

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