VETTEL: Proof positive coaches should never vote

The SEC announced the Coaches' pre-season All-conference teams on Wednesday and it reinforced a belief I have had for years. Coaches should never be allowed to vote for anything.

That the coaches' poll is a crucial element in determining who plays for a national championship is laughable. Keep in mind that two college football coaches dropped the 1995 Gators from # 2 to the second team (#11 & #13) after the Fiesta Bowl loss to Nebraska. Those votes meant the Gators finished behind Tennessee in the final poll. Tennessee you may recall held the Gators to 62 points that year.

Well now the SEC coaches have made fools of themselves in a whole new way. They have chosen as the pre-season All-SEC quarterback Jay Cutler from Vanderbilt.

No I'm NOT kidding!

Comparing Cutler and Leak

By every objective measure except rushing yardage, Cutler is trounced by Florida's Chris Leak in head-to-head comparison.

Last season, Leak passed for 3,197 yards compared to Cutler's 1,844.

Last season Chris Leak threw 29 touchdown passes, while Cutler tossed ten.

Last season Chris Leak's passing efficiency was 144.9, Cutler's 134.8.

Last season Leak's offense scored 382 points, Cutler's put 212 on the board.

Last season Chris Leak's team won seven games, Vanderbilt won 2.

Maybe There Was Another Factor

I started thinking; maybe I'm missing something. Maybe Cutler's superior running ability was such a factor it couldn't be overlooked. After all, Cutler did run for 349 while Leak netted just 79 on the ground. That's a big difference --- 270 yards.

But how one earth does it offset Leak's 1,353-yard advantage in passing?

It doesn't.

Don't even think it came down to head-to-head play. Cutler was injured early in last year's game and went 0-for-3 passing while running for 12 yards. Leak threw for 307 and two TDs while running for another score.

Only an idiot would choose Jay Cutler over Chris Leak. Now we know the SEC has at least seven idiot coaching football teams.

Overall Gators Get Little Respect

Florida had just three first-team selections, all of them on offense. Randy Hand, Andre Caldwell and Mike Degory were chosen the best in their spots.

The second-team was loaded with Gators with Leak joined by Dallas Baker on the offense. Earl Everett, Jarvis Herring and Dee Webb made the team on defense and Eric Wilbur for special teams.

Chad Jackson and Tavares Washington were third-team picks on offense and Brandon Siler was listed on the defense.

Brandon Siler as a third-teamer is the biggest joke of all. The powerhouse linebacker from Orlando will be a first-team pick this year. I am also stunned not to see Kyle Jackson or Ray McDonald on the third unit. Chad Jackson belongs on the third-team based on merit, but I'm betting the house he has a super season.

The only guy who made it that has to raise eyebrows is Tavares Washington. The senior did not play last year and got only 25 snaps after opening day in 2003. How he can be a pre-season pick anywhere is mystifying. Meanwhile, the biggest slight is Lance Butler who is clearly one of the ten best linemen in the league and may be top five. His remarkable versatility probably worked against him here. Also, Dee Webb would have been a first-team pick, but the coaches chose ALL SAFETIES for that unit.

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