Practice Report: 3/20/2002

UFI takes a look at how the team did at today's Spring Football Practice.



Practice today followed the intense theme of the spring, as expected. The team ran scrimmages for the first 10-15 minutes before moving into warm up.

After warm up the team went into position drills. The QB's and recievers worked a lot on deep routes today. Ingle Martin looked much improved, but still has some work to do. Rex struggled a little bit as he adjusts to the changes but it looks like he will be fine.

After position workouts special teams received some attention. Coach Odom was his usual self...very intense. He had some rather choice words for Larry Kendrick at one point.

The team then went 11 on 11. They didn't scrimmage really, as they ran plays from the same spot over and over. They seemed to be really working on the no huddle, as there was no stoppage between plays.

Some items of interest

-Todd McCullough is back at strong side LB

-The starting OL for now (from left to right) is Starks, Snell, Degory, Colon, Mitchell

-Chris Reynolds is back at DT, possibly due to the Dowdy move

-Ronald Dowdy is doing well at RG, possibly into the 2nd string behind Colon.

-Rex Grossman ran the option once. That's interesting enough on it's own.

-The 1st string DB's at this moment are Cromartie, Scott, Johnson and Ratliff.  What's surprising is that DeShawn Carter and Vernell Brown appear to be manning the nickle and dime back positions.

-2nd Team DB's are Carter and Brown at corner, with Corey Baily and Lester Norwood at safety.

-David Jorgensen and Kearly are out with injuries.

-Reggie Vickers had an up and down day, but still looks much improved. He's looking more confident on kick off returns.

- The kickers struggled today. The punters were inconsistent and the kick off men all had trouble putting the ball where coach Odom wanted it.

 -Matt Farrior is still running first string at MLB, but Travis Harris is pushing him. Nattiel and Hardmon, as expected, are 1st unit, with McCullough, Kendrick and Harris on 2nd.

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