Practice Update and Photos: 3/20/2002

UFI takes a look at Wednesday's practice:

Some tidbits from practice: 

  • The DBs had a real good practice.  During some of the scrimmages they played excellent.

  • The special teams got A LOT of work in today.  Especially the kickoff coverage team.

  • The O-Line did a great job pass blocking, but struggled in run blocking.

  • Willie Green has a world of potential and needs to stay healthy.

  • Matt Leach Seemed to be lining up and working at punting and place kicking.

  • There were several times in which the quarterback had rollout pass plays called, a new wrinkle in this offense.

  • Ingle Martin showed good mobility and it seems as if the coaches are intent on trying to take advantage of his athleticism.

  • On a comical note, Zook was wearing a visor at practice today.


Inside Linebacker coach Jerry Odom talking to Henry Campbell.


Earnest Graham and Aaron Walker setting up blocks.


The special team squad walking through their lanes.


Kelvin Kight coming back for a pass being covered by Marquis Westbrook.


Todd Johnson waits for the next drill to start.


The special teams unit worked out a lot today.


All 3 QBs that UF currently has.  See Zook with visor in the back?


Taylor Jacobs waiting for Rex Grossman to tell him the play.


Matt Leach worked out a lot with kicking.


Junior Punter Sean Morton practicing.


Rex is waiting for the play to be signaled in from the sidelines.


Todd McCullough trying to tackle Willie Green.

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