Scrimmage Report: 3/23/2002

UFI had a chance to take a look at the Gators second scrimmage. Find out whether the Defense or the Offense won the day. Find out who got hurt and what players missed the scrimmage.


Saturday's scrimmage was a day for the defense. After warm up's and position drills the offense went against the defense in situational scrimmaging. They began by having the offense starting at their own one yard line.  The offense did pretty well in this area, only getting stopped a couple of times. Ian Scott picked off an Ingle Martin shovel pass and returned it for a touchdown.

The team then went and reversed situations, giving the offense the ball on the 20 for goal line drills. The offense really struggled here, only managing one score on about 15 possessions. The lone touchdown came on a 1 yard run by Earnest Graham.

Next full possessions began, and once again the offense had trouble moving the ball, minus a few big plays here and there. Ran Carthon had the run of the day, a 60 yard cutback down to the 10. The offense failed to capitalize on the chance, though. Keiwan Ratliff intercepted Rex Grossman in the end zone to end the drive.

All in all the defense once again dominated. The team is doing some very interesting things right now. An example is the use of Bobby McCray. He's doing a lot of standing rush, but moving around. Sometimes he comes off end, sometimes in the tackle/end gap. He'll line up on one side and the run to the other. It's very hectic to watch. The defense is getting almost constant pressure on the QB's.


 -Todd Johnson was not out there today.

 -Ian Scott injured his hand but returned

-Mike Nattiel got rolled up on an offensive lineman and was down for a bit in a scary moment, but left on his own power and returned later.

-The punting game was just bad. Shanks and line drives made it impossible for any work to get done on the return game.

-Matt Leach had a nice day, going 2-3 on field goals with a long of 42 yards. He also put his kickoffs 2 yards deep into the end zone.

-Carlos Perez was not among the top four receivers today. He did play and dress, so it is unclear if this was because of his heel. The top 4 receivers today were Jacobs, Kight, Jackson and Small

-The offensive line is struggling. Part of it may be the result of Thompson's defense. Its very confusing with the pressure coming from different directions. Degory had a high shotgun snap that went over the QB's head.

-Sly McGrew showed flashes of greatness today. Look for him to be a playmaker.

-Its official. Our nickel package is signaled in as "Gator" with the nickel back being the "Gator Back".

-Reid Fleming played well today, displaying a real nose for the ball. I wouldn't say he's contending for a starting spot just yet though.


"HOW CAN WE NOT GET A FIRST DOWN ON 3RD AND FOUR??!!" -Coach Zaunbrecher, in an obvious moment of displeasure after a failed 3rd down. They went for it on 4th and missed that also.

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