RECRUITING: Miami still leads for Fayson after FNL

Tampa Hillsborough quarterback Jarred Fayson was impressed by the level of competition and the unique atmosphere during Florida's recent Friday Night Lights Camp. However, the news was not all positive for the Gators.

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"They definitely had it set up differently from other camps that I'd been to," Fayson recalled. "It was like a mini-camp. It was a good time to see all of those guys in camp and see how they work. It was pretty fun. I thought the music and everything was really different.

"I would put this camp in the top five. The Miami camp was real fun like this. The coaches (at Miami) were going crazy during one-on-one's down there. It was just a Miami atmosphere."

One month ago, Fayson said that Florida was the leader for his services. It appears that a new leader has blown in from the southeastern coast.

"I would say that Miami is the team to beat with me," Fayson stated. "Everything fits for me. There's going to be competition everywhere you go, but at Florida there's five quarterbacks and in Miami there are only two, you know what I'm saying."

Fayson is one of the most heralded athletes in the country. He is magical with the football in his hands. He has the speed, quickness, athleticism, and strong arm that make him a particularly dangerous threat taking the center snap. The former second team Class 5A All-State utility player understands that the Florida system is one that would afford him the opportunity to make plays.

"It's very different," he said. "You're going to put up a lot of points and gain a lot of yards. The offense is based on match-ups and that's what works best, having an offense that gets you the advantage in those match-ups."

"I was playing quarterback, but after awhile I went out and played a little wide receiver. But, in Coach Meyer's offense, I'd be playing quarterback."

While Florida remains in his top five, the numbers are not in Florida's favor at this time.

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