NEW FEATURE: It Happened in Hogtowne blog

Gator Country is proud to announce another blog called, "It Happened in Hogtowne" in which Swamp Gas forum gadabouts MrsVeridicus and Veridicusgator relate their adventures both Gator and otherwise as they experience life in, around, and outside of the World Headquarters of GatorNation-- Gainesville, Florida.

It'll definitely give unique insight to what it's like to live at ground zero in the Gator Nation. You'll also read a lot about things from a Gator perspective, especially when they take on the road for various Gator road games.

To visit (and bookmark) their blog, mosey on over to:

It Happened in Hogtowne...

You'll be able to access the blog through our front page menu as well.

We have more blogs coming to join our Gator Country network of blogs. If you're a consistent writer and would like to offer a unique perspective on Gator sports (or at least related to such), give us a shout!

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