SEC FOOTBALL: Mike Degory and Jarvis Herring

Over 700 media credentials were granted for this year's SEC Football Media Days - that's more than the SEC Football Championship game alone! Florida went today - here's quotes from Center Mike Degory and Safety Jarvis Herring. Coach Urban Meyer's quotes will be up shortly.

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Florida Center Mike Degory

On Coaching Changes:

"There is not a huge difference really. Ron Zook and Urban Myer are hard to compare. It is hard to compare two great coaches. I have the utmost respect for both of them. When a coaching change happens there is always a little bit of apprehension and with the guys we did not know what to expect, but from the day that he walked in, you could see and we knew that he was going to take us in the right direction."

On being an offensive player for an innovative coach:

"Every offensive player likes to score, even the big boys up front. Having a coach like this makes our job a little easier. It is exciting to be on his team. It is exciting to be on his offense. It is exciting to be on his defense and it is exciting to be in his program."

On contending for the national title:

"I hope we can. Of course, being a senior, the stakes are very high for me personally. I like to think that there is a chance. We really think we have had a turn around. We try to tell the other guys how we feel and what position we are in (as seniors) and tell them that they would want to go out on top. They understand where we are coming from and know how important it is."

On QB Chris Leak:

"I was here when (former Florida QB) Rex Grossman was playing and Chris has a different style than Rex, but I think he has really progressed and matured. And not just his performance on Saturdays; it is what he does during the week and in the off season. He has really matured a lot and I am sorry that I won't be here for his senior season."

On this year's schedule:

"In the SEC you always play big games, but we are focusing on out first game. Right now our biggest chal-lenge is getting through two-a-days and Wyoming. I always preach get through today before you think about tomorrow and get through this week's game before you start looking ahead. I tell that to the younger guys."

Florida Safety Jarvis Herring

On Florida's defense:

"Having two defensive coordinators (Greg Mattison and Charlie Strong) works out really well. There is more than one person to answer whatever questions that we may have. We don't have to always be waiting for one thing to get done."

On the cornerback position:

"We have to replace our cornerback and there are a lot of guys ready to take up that spot. The guys are really good and there will be some tough matchups and battles during two-a-days."

On this being his last year and Steve Spurrier not being his coach:

"I can remember my freshman year. College goes by really quickly. I thought that he would always be my coach, but it just didn't turn out that way, but I am very excited and this is a good place for me. I am confident and ready to go."

On playing against Spurrier:

"It really is not any different than playing any other school. You always want to win against whoever you are playing. It doesn't matter who the coach is."

On atmosphere surrounding new staff:

"The fans expect you to win right now and that's what they expect out of anyone. Now, the defense has not been changed a lot. We are not doing anything on the field that we don't need to do and that makes everything easier. The offense is fast and will be ready to go."

On the team:

"I compare any team to the one that we had my freshman year. There is a lot of talent here this year and we can see our true team come out because they are maximizing their talents."

On the similarities between Spurrier and Meyer:

"They are both extremely confident people. They are always thinking that there is a way around any situation."

On all the cameras at SEC Media Days:

"I never thought that there would be so many cameras here. I am used to only facing two or three. Before I started, my heart was pumping."

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