Gator News And World Report (8/7/2005)

The Gator News and World Report for Sunday, August 7, 2005. O-line tightrope; Recruiting never rests; Gators Coaches To Close Practice After First Week; MAINTAINING CONTROL: If it's a new season, it must be a new offense Bears QB has faced a slew of different systems: Play It Again; Gators Anticipate Turn Around and more...

Florida Gator Football

O-line tightrope
Seasoned and experienced starter. Young and inexperienced backup.

Gators Coaches To Close Practice After First Week
Anyone looking for a sneak peek at Urban Meyer's revamped University of Florida football team had better act quickly, because Meyer and the Gators will go under wraps after only a week.

It's the phone call every college football coach dreads. An athlete is in trouble and the voice on the other end might be a policeman, athletic department official or the player himself. One of the next steps is for the coach to become judge, jury and punisher.

Just a couple years ago, Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom was directly in the split-second decision-making tree on whether or not to ask for an instant replay review.

Gators anticipate turnaround
Fall practice has returned to Gainesville, and for all the lofty expectations -- including a No. 11 preseason ranking in the coaches poll and a new head man coming off back-to-back national coach-of-the-year honors -- the Gators are simply relieved to see sweaty towels and jockstraps.

Florida Gator Football Recruiting

Recruiting never rests
It doesn't seem too long ago that summers were slow and easy, giving Allen Wallace a chance to put his business to sleep for a few weeks every year and take a vacation.

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